Value of Accredited Certification


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The number behind accredited certification usage and value.

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Value of Accredited Certification

  1. 1. 10%6%TÜV SÜD GLOBAL STATE OFACCREDITED CERTIFICATION THE NUMBERS BEHINDACCREDITED CERTIFICATIONUSAGE AND VALUESurvey findings demonstrate accredited certificationis a manageable process with significant sales,regulatory, and customer relationship benefits.Craig Casillas,TÜV SÜD America, Vice President, Management ServicesDRIVER FOR SEEKING CERTIFICATIONCERTIFICATION PROCESSBENEFITS OF CERTIFICATIONInternal and external desire to improve qualityManageable process and outstanding valueSales up, regulatory requirements met, and customers pleasedInternalBusinessImprovement47%CustomerRequirement32%RegulatoryCompliance13%Others8%ACCREDITATION VALUETIMING COMPLEXITYNearly an even splitbetween an average orcomplex process.71%62% of respondersagree or strongly agreethe certification processprovided value forthe money.62%51% 80% 81%REQUIREMENTS CUSTOMERS81% indicated thatcertification is importantto theirÜV SÜD1%7%41% 41%8%VerysimpleFairlysimpleAverage FairlycomplexHighlycomplex3%33%40%NotimportantAverage Fairlyimportant84%47% of respondents stated the primary driver was to improve internal business operations and processes.32% reported their customers required it, while 13% stated it was to satisfy regulatory requirements. Otherreasons cited included using it as a marketing tool or to achieve a competitive advantage.84% agreed or stronglyagreed the certificationprocess added value totheir organization.80% stated achievingcertification helped meetregulatory requirements. Inaddition, 35% agreed and46% strongly agreed this isimportant to their customers.The Accredited Certification Survey Report was conducted by The International Accreditation Forum (IAF) a global association of Accreditation Bodies, Certification Body Associations and other organizations involved in conformity assessment activities in a variety of fields including management systems, products, services and personnel. A total of 4,191respondents completed the survey from 41 different economies. The majority of respondents (60%) have a responsibility for managing quality in their organization, however there was a large response from senior managers, purchasers, finance managers and marketing personnel. 86% of those who took part in the survey confirmed they hold theresponsibility for certification related activities.Not Average Fairly Very Essentialimportant important importantVery Fairly Average Fairly Highlysimple simple complex complexNearly every businessconsiders it highly importantthat their certification iscovered by accreditation.71% found process metexpectations with only7% precieving theprocess too long.51% confirmedincrease in sales as aresult of certification.