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Lipton vs tapal by tusbeeh 2nd semester


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one of my best presentations

Lipton vs tapal by tusbeeh 2nd semester

  1. 1. INTRODUCTION: Tusbeeh Ullah Muhammad Kashif Hayat Ullah Rabia Khan
  3. 3. TEA:A trulyinternational beverageA way to enjoy
  4. 4. _____________________A product of UnileverHas became number one tea in the world todaybecause of Sir Thomas Liptons vision to provide thebest quality tea.Offers an option to tea lovers to enjoy their favoritedrink in an exciting and refreshing way.
  5. 5. HISTORY OF LIPTON:Createdat the end of the 19th century by a grocer, SirThomas Lipton, in Glasgow, Scotland.In 1893, Thomas J. Lipton Co., a tea packing company wasestablished.Acquired by UNILEVER in 1972In 1991, Unilever created a first joint venture with Pepsi Co,the Pepsi Lipton Partnership.
  6. 6. Sir Thomas Lipton, founder of LiptonTea.
  7. 7. TAPAL Tea (Private) Limited is one of the largesttea companies of Pakistan.Have number of brands both in black & green tea.Alsoexporting tea to North America, Saudi Arabia,Oman, UAE, Spain, Italy, Greece.
  8. 8. HISTORY OF TAPAL TEA:Mr. Aftab Tapal, founder of TAPALHe shifted his father’s ordinary tea shop into a large teaselling company.In 1979, he went to Sri Lanka to spend time with M/s. Hebtulabhoy & Company to get professionalinformation about the world of tea trading and blending .
  10. 10. MARKET SEGMENTATION: Geographic segmentation  Geographic segmentation Demographic segmentation  Demographic segmentation• Age and life cycle segmentation • Age and life cycle• Gender segmentation segmentation• Social class • Family size• Religious Segmentation • Social class • Religious segmentation
  11. 11. TARGET MARKET TARGET MARKET OF LIPTON:Lipton has targeted its market successfully and it hasselected the following sections of the internationalmarket to be targeted. GeographicallyAge groupGenderSocial class
  12. 12. TARGET MARKET OF TAPAL:Tapal has targeted its market successfully and it hasselected the following specific sections of Pakistanimarket and some sections of international market:GeographicallyPeople of all behaviors in PakistanAge groupSocial class
  13. 13. MARKET POSITIONING POSITIONING OF LIPTON:Some of successful steps taken by Lipton in orderto position its target market are following:Acquired by Unilever.Joint ventures with PepsiReceived a Corporate Green Globe Award
  14. 14. POSITIONING OF TAPAL:Tapal has positioned its target market by its excellent performancefrom the very beginning. Some of its achievements, due to whichpeople started preferring Tapal’s products are: Pakistan Advertising Society (PAS) Award 2011- Campaign ofthe Year: Tapal Danedar “Har Mizaaj se Ashna” All Pakistan Newspaper Society (APNS) Award 2010- Best Print Pakistan Advertising Association Excellence Awards 2005
  15. 15. CONT… Export Excellence Award of Sri Lanka 2003Mr. Aftab Tapal was made Chairman of thePakistan Tea Association
  16. 16. THE MARKETING MIX:The Concept of the Marketing Mix, consists ofthe four categories that today are known asthe 4 Ps of marketing, depicted below:
  17. 17. PRODUCT: PRODUCTS OF LIPTON: LIPTON YELLOWLABEL TEALipton Yellow Label has been sold since 1890, whenSir Thomas Lipton created the first version of theYellow pack with a red Lipton shield, which to thisday typifies the Lipton Yellow Label brand.
  18. 18. Lipton Iced Tea:Lipton Iced Tea, in many markets knownas Lipton Ice Tea, is an iced tea brand sold byLipton.Lipton Pyramid Tea:Lipton also produces tea using the pyramidbag format as seen in other tea brands.
  19. 19. PRODUCTS OF TAPAL(DIFFERENT BRANDS):TAPAL Danedar:Tapal Danedar is the flagship brand of the company.TAPAL Family Mixture: Tapal Family Mixture continues to be the pride of thecompany.
  20. 20. SHADES OF GREEN:In the year 2000, Tapal became the first teacompany to launch a range of flavored green teas inthe country, which is available in refreshingJasmine, Lemon, and Elaichi flavors,Tapal tezdum:The taste and identity of Tapal Tezdum is deeplyrooted in the culture of the Punjab.
  22. 22. PRICE:PRICES OF LIPTON’S PRODUCTS:The products of Lipton are costly.Their are no discounts and allowances on the products.The tea is available only in large packets and that costshigh.PRICES OF TAPAL’S PRODUCTS:Pricesof TAPAL tea products are much less ascompare to Lipton tea.LIPTON’S 1kg packet costs Rs.600, while Tapal’s 1kg packetcosts Rs.375.
  23. 23. PLACE:LIPTON:Available in 110countries b/c of itsaccossiation with TAPAL:UNILEVER. Main office is in KarachiIn Pakistan, Lipton is Pakistan.largely available in Have a strong network ofsuperstores but not in all distribution all over theoutlets. country. Available almost in all outlets in Pakistan.
  24. 24. LIPTON: PROMOTION:Initiallytheir was no effective promotionalstrategy for their products.Now Lipton is emphasizing on advertising oftheir products to change the negativeperception about some of their brands , e.g.Lipton Ice Tea.
  25. 25. PROMOTION OF TAPAL:A large part of their advertisement andcompaigns reflects its local market Pakistan.They have got a strong position in Pakistan b/cof their strong advertisiment.
  26. 26. STRATEGIES FOLLOWED BY LIPTON:Market development:availablealmost in 120 countries of the worldcontinuously introducing their current productsinto new marketsProduct Development:introducingnew products time to time in order to create new customers,introduced new amazing flavors in Lipton iced tea,Lipton tea and honey and green tea with super fruit tastes.
  27. 27. STRATEGIES FOLLOWED BY TAPAL:Cost leadership Strategy:Has reduced costs due to having the best teamanufacturing technology in PakistanProduct development:Introducing new products into new areas of Pakistan
  28. 28. SURVEY ANALYSIS:A Survey Was Conducted Through QuestionnairesQuestionnaires Were Distributed Amongst 50 People vs.
  29. 29. WHICH AGE GROUP DO YOUBELONG TO? Age Frequency Percent Valid 12_19 8 16.0 20_29 13 26.0 30_39 21 42.0 40_49 4 8.0 50_59 4 8.0 Total 50 100.0
  30. 30. ARE YOU:MALE OR FEMALE ? Gender Frequency Percent Valid male 30 60.0 female 20 40.0 Total 50 100.0
  31. 31. WHAT IS YOUR OCCUPATION? Occupation Frequency Percent Valid student 6 12.0 Govt employee 16 32.0 self employee 20 40.0 private employee 8 16.0 Total 50 100.0
  32. 32. WHICH BEVERAGE YOU PREFER TO TAKE IN ORDERTO GET RELAX? Preferred beverage Frequency Percent Valid tea 45 90.0 cofee 3 6.0 soft drinks 2 4.0 Total 50 100.0
  33. 33. YOUR FAVORITE TEA COMPANY: FAVOURATE TEA COMPANY Frequency Percent Valid Lipton 22 44.0 tapal 23 46.0 anyone available 5 10.0 Total 50 100.0
  34. 34. WHAT DO YOU THINK, THAT PRICES OF WHICH COMPANY’S PRODUCTS ARE SUITABLE: Suitable Prices Frequency Percent Valid Lipton 10 20.0 tapal 35 70.0 both of them 3 6.0 Don’t know 2 4.0 Total 50 100.0
  35. 35. ACCORDING TO YOU, PRICES OF WHICH COMPANY’S PRODUCTS BEST MATCHES ITS QUALITY ? Price Vs Quality Frequency Percent Valid Lipton 22 44.0 tapal 20 40.0 both of them 6 12.0 don’t know 2 4.0 Total 50 100.0
  36. 36. WHICH OF THESE PRODUCTS IS EASILY AVAILABLE TO YOU IN THE MARKET: Availability Frequency Percent Valid Lipton 20 40.0 tapal 28 56.0 both of them 2 4.0 Total 50 100.0
  37. 37. WHAT DO YOU THINK, WHICH COMPANY’S PROMOTING STRATEGY IS EFFECTIVE? Promotional Strategy Frequency Percent Valid Lipton 12 24.0 tapal 32 64.0 both of them 6 12.0 Total 50 100.0
  38. 38. WHICH COMPANY’S ADVERTISEMENTS ON TV ARE ENTERTAINING? Entertaining Advertisement Frequency Percent Valid Lipton 17 34.0 tapal 23 46.0 both of them 6 12.0 don’t know 4 8.0 Total 50 100.0
  39. 39. WHICH COMPANY OFFERS YOU THE DESIRED PACKAGING SIZE? Desired packaging size Frequency Percent Valid Lipton 13 26.0 tapal 17 34.0 both of them 16 32.0 don’t know 4 8.0 Total 50 100.0
  40. 40. IN YOUR POINT OF VIEW, WHICH COMPANY IS REFLECTING OUR CULTURE? Cultural aspects Frequency Percent Valid Lipton 6 12.0 tapal 34 68.0 both of them 3 6.0 don’t know 7 14.0 Total 50 100.0
  41. 41. IN PAKISTAN, WHICH COMPANY PARTICIPATES IN SOCIAL ACTIVITIES? Participation in social complains Frequency Percent Valid Lipton 19 38.0 tapal 23 46.0 both of them 5 10.0 don’t know 3 6.0 Total 50 100.0
  42. 42. 2- 43 BCG MatrixBCG Growth-Share Matrix for Lipton High Market Growth Lipton Lipton Iced Clear Tea Low Market Lipton Lipton Tea Growth Yellow and Honey Label Tea High Relative Low Relative Market Share Market Share
  43. 43. 2- 44 BCG MatrixBCG Growth-Share Matrix for Tapal High Shades of Market Tapal ice Growth Green tea Tapal Danedar, Low Market Tapal Family Tapal Instea Growth Mixture, Tapal Tezdum. High Relative Low Relative Market Share Market Share
  44. 44. ________________________________Lipton has large international market share, whileTapal has large market share only in Pakistan.Lipton focuses on the quality of its products, whileTapal focuses on the segmentation of its products.Lipton has got a very strong financial position,while Tapal is developing now.Todayin Pakistan, Tapal has the best teamanufacturing technology as compare to Lipton.
  45. 45. Lipton is making tea for people all over the world,while Tapal is producing tea for Pakistani people andfor some other countries.Products of Lipton are for upper class people,while Tapal’s products are for people of middle andlower class.In Pakistan, Tapal’s products are easily accessibleto customers as compare to Lipton’s products.In Pakistan, Tapal has strong promotional strategyas compare to Lipton.
  46. 46. plants all over the worldRECOMMENDATIONS FOR LIPTON:make an effective network of distributors in orderto make its products available in maximum rural and urbanareasFor every country separate advertisements shouldbe made.
  47. 47. RECOMMENDATIONS FOR TAPAL:Should also concentrate on KPK MarketKeep the prices as they areStart online sellingAdvertisements should be of internationalstandard.
  49. 49. THANK YOU 