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  1. 1. Japanese „Hi-tech Tsunami“ Surfing on or Sinking under? Opening remarks by amb. K. Žebrakovský, TUESDAY Business Network, April 3rd, 2007, Prague
  2. 2. Japanese Hi-tech Wave - Opportunities for Czech Business - welcoming VIP guests - hi-tech tsunami-wave into CZ - to demonstrate on real-life cases that it is possible „to surf on“ instead of „to sink under“ - appreciation for all VIP guests, speakers, attendees, sponsors, guest and organizers
  3. 3. Expected outputs - presentating successful real-life cases of hi- tech co-operation with Japan - boosting interest in cooperation of Czech institutions with Japanese partners - NETWORKING!! creating informal network of companies and people interested in hi-tech and Japan and sharing excitement in both …
  4. 4. Possible (desirable) future - continue nurturing hi-tech cooperation (with Japan etc.) - extending scope of interest to other hi-tech Asian countries, e.g. Korea, Singapore, Taiwan, India, China etc.