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Ww Napster Mobile


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Ww Napster Mobile

  2. 2. Introduction – Company History Nov. 2002 Roxio, a leading digital media software company, known for Easy CD Creator and Toast, purchased the Napster brand out of bankruptcy May 2003 Pressplay, the joint venture digital music service owned by Sony Music Entertainment and Universal Music Group, was purchased by Roxio to be the basis of Napster 2.0 With the Napster brand, the Roxio and Oct. 2003 pressplay software and content, Napster launched a LEGAL music service in the US. 2004 Launches in Canada and UK Thorsten Schliesche Re-Naming of Roxio into Napster Inc. Jan. 2005 and listing at the NASDAQ Academically trained engineer of chemistry Born on 8 November 1970 in Duisburg Napster starts Napster To Go the Feb. 2005 worldwide first portable subscription Since 01/2005 Napster Inc. service General Manager Germany VP Marketing&Sales Europe Dec. 2005 Start of Napster in Germany 2000 – 2005 T-Online International AG Senior Manager Digital Shops & Music, responsible for Musicload Oct. 2006 Start of Napster in Japan
  4. 4. Digital Music Market The market for legal digital music is still a fast growing segment – globally as well as in Europe
  5. 5. Digital Music Market On a local level we see significant difference in the usage type of digital music by consumers
  6. 6. Digital Music Market Even with significant difference in the usage type we see a high forecasted increase in revenue for all markets Trade Value ($M) 3000 Online Mobile 36.1% 2500 750 37.8% 24.6% 2000 689 % Of Total 1500 Music Market 1508 1000 1996 8.9% 1363 213 2.3% 6.7% 500 445 99 602 255 101 23 0 USA Western Japan USA Western Japan Europe Europe 2010 2005 Solutions
  7. 7. Digital Music Market Also the digital market has already left his niche additional distribution channels and models will be needed to attract the mass market Piracy is still alive and more people get Availability and function of devices has music via P2P instead of legal download proven as key driver – the new generation of handsets will bring many music devices Users for legal music services still tend to be male and 30+ Teens and younger grown up are already used to order ring tones via their mobile Different formats and standards in the PC and therefore more open to full track environment (Apple vs. Microsoft) downloads compared to PC PC is still not a living room device in the Mobile has not seen piracy and free majority of households contents in the past
  9. 9. Napster Mobile Launch OTA: Announce availability of November, 2006 Napster Mobile and 1st carrier - Suncom Launch O2 Ireland Launch TMN Launch Europe December 7th, 2006 December 16th, 2006 Q II 2007 February 2006 June 2005 August 2006 November 2/7, 2006 December 11th, 2006 Napster signs deal Launched SunCom Launch Cingular with Ericsson AB (Samsung A707, i607) Launch Dobson January, 2007 Ann. & Launch au/KDDI Branded Music Solution for the Operator + Spirit of Partnership = Positive ROI for Operator Well-known branded music offering Marketing Plans / Opportunities Integrated offering Economics for Operator: Total solution for content and technology Revenue share Content: 3 M songs Bounties Best in Class Technology Accessories, data plans and usage Hosted Solution w/ scalability Prompt deployment w/ global reach
  10. 10. Napster Mobile A fully hosted solution will guarantee highest service level and no technology cost for mobile network operators Wireless OTA Ericsson Servers Content Aggregation Full length Content Aggregation Pers. Prod. 2nd / 3 rd Level Technology Hosting & Billing & Customer Platform Operations Charging Content Care Management Styling Prod. Content Napster Mobile Management Branded Portal Full length Napster Ericsson Joint Napster/Ericsson Activities
  11. 11. Napster Mobile Usage of standard formats (AACplus) and DRM (OMA1.1) ensure combined with WAP and Client solution ensures broad handset support combined with device optimized usability WAP/XHTML Browsing Support for more than 400 phones from all major manufacturers Over 50 OTA full length audio compliant phones (EDGE/UMTS) available right away J2ME Basically all J2ME MIDP2.0 compliant phones with Multimedia API1.1 (JSR 135), RMS memory greater 15MB and PDA Optional packages for the J2ME platform (JSR 75) after passing compatibility tests and possible customizations, e.g. Sony Ericsson K600, W800, W550, W600, W900 or Nokia 6680, N-Series (N70, N90, N91)
  12. 12. Napster Mobile Napster mobile offers a modular state-of-the-art mobile music service with fast integration into portal/service of MNO and significant benefits: No internal costs/head counts for content acquisition, licensing and programming Revenue share will offer operator pure margin Building music experience by using the strongest global brand Technical knowledge of Ericsson combined with on of the biggest music catalogues Future business models like track packs, mobile Search and browse Napster and listen to 30-second clips subscription or combined mobile/PC subscription will be developed on platform level BUY WHAT YOU WANT: – no additional costs A la carte dual delivery- 2nd copy delivered to your PC in Napster Client Available Clients: WAP / xHTML, J2ME, Symbian and PC application
  13. 13. Napster Mobile As dual deliver is already a state-of-the-art service Napster and Ericsson have already agreed to vision and have started to develop a mobile subscription services. “Duet” “Symphony” (Ala Carte Purchase, (Unlimited Subscription Dual Delivery – Mobile and PC) PC and Mobile) Content Types Full Length Songs, Ringtones, Images Content Types Full Length Songs, Ringtones, Images News, Community, Personalization Recommendations, Ratings, News, Community, Personalization Artist Info, New Releases Recommendations, Tell/Send to Friend, Codec Ratings, User Profiles, WAP Chat, AAC, aacPlus v. 2, WMA (PC) Artist Info, New Releases DRM Codec OMA 1.0 Sep. Delivery (mb) WMA, WMAPro (PC and Mobile) WM DRM10 (PC) DRM Delivery Models WM DRM10 (PC and Mobile) A la carte - dual delivery Delivery Models (Mobile | PC) A la carte - dual delivery Napster PC terr. - Unlimited subscription PC purchase available downloads Non-Napster PC terr. - Editions Editions (Mobile | PC) Content management only Sideload - Native support Symbian WAP | J2ME Possibly J2ME Others 2006 2007/2008