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Wei Hai


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Wei Hai

  1. 1. The (not so) secret to building a successful Mobile organization Wei-Hai Chu, 12-9-2007
  2. 2. Agenda 1. “And thus I am who I am” ….said the jester 2. Slice of the pie 3. The Marathon 4. The crystal ball
  3. 3. Wei-Hai Chu
  4. 4. A slice of pie
  5. 5. A slice of pie Market Niche •Core strengths •CVP •USP’s (competiton) •Market segmentation •Distribution •Business plan If you can explain these’re halfway to funding!!!
  6. 6. The Marathon
  7. 7. The Marathon The game plan Operational execution and excellence n Strategy n OP (clear goals and targets) n Sales and marketing (customer service!) n Platform n Partnerships n Exit plan and strategy n Expert advice, network and board If you can explain and execute these clearly funding will come!!! And ofcourse the successful exit!
  8. 8. The crystal ball
  9. 9. The crystal ball Where is this industry going? n Is Voice still king? n Content and applications n B2B v B2C n Technologies n Operator or not The secret to success is in the pie and the marathon!!
  10. 10. Success