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TU Delft_Biomimicry_Bas Sanders_14 March 2012

  1. 1. 14-­‐03-­‐12   Bas Sanders •  Mechanical Engineer •  Product design •  Environmental Science •  Owner Sanders Innovation •  Co-founder biomimicryNL March 14, 2012 | TU Delft Bas Sanders Informatie + energie + tijd + ruimte + structuur + materiaal = vorm/product/organisme 1  
  2. 2. 14-­‐03-­‐12  Image © Dennis Kunkel Microscopy, Inc.! 4 . 6 b i l l i o n ye a r s 2  
  3. 3. 14-­‐03-­‐12   We a r e n a t u r e Imagine if we asked? How would nature…? h ow wo u l d n a t u re… b u i l d st r u c t u re s?h ow wo u l d n a t u re… h ow wo u l d n a t u re… c re a te co l o u r ? c re a te l i g h t ? 3  
  4. 4. 14-­‐03-­‐12   biomimicry a multidisciplinary field what is biomimicry ? bios …………………………... life biology design mimesis ……. imitate, emulate business engineering biomimicry the biomimicry design methodology n a t u r e a s   Integrating biology into design ATE ALU EV 1. DISCOVER Natural Models 2. ABSTRACT D Design Principles IS EMULATE CO 3. BRAINSTORM VE Potential Applications R 4. EMULATE BIOLOGY Nature´s Strategies T TO DESI AC GN R B T RA SModel   Measure   Mentor   B IN A STO RM 1. IDENTIFY ATE Real Challenge ALU EV 2. INTEPRET Design Brief ID EN 3. DISCOVERInnovative strategies EMULATE Sustainable benchmarks Natural Models Aspirational Ideas TI FY NGE CHALLE 4. ABSTRACT LOGY Design Principles PET TO BIO TER 5. EMULATE Nature´s Strategies IN AB T S R AC 6. EVALUATE T ER D I S C OV Against Life´s Principles f o r i n n ova t i o n , d e s i g n & b u s i n e s sBiology to design challenge to biology 4  
  5. 5. 14-­‐03-­‐12  Speedo fastskin 5  
  6. 6. 14-­‐03-­‐12   Volvo Locust Collision-Avoidance System Festo Bionic Handling Assistant is inspired by the elephants trunk www.asknature.org     6  
  7. 7. 14-­‐03-­‐12  GREEN DEAL biomimicryNL & Rijksoverheid 1.  Versterking Nederlandse biomimicry kennisinfrastructuur a.  Routeplanner biomimicry 2012-2020 b.  Platform/actie netwerk (Onderwijs-bedrijfsleven-overheden) 2.  Realisatie icoonprojecten (2012-2015) a.  Icoonproject water-based chemistry (i.s.m. o.a. TU Delft,, InterfaceFLOR) b.  Icoonproject gebiedsontwikkeling op basis van biomimicry (i.s.m. Brainport Industries, BELW Advies, draaijer+partners) 3.  Oprichten Revolverend Innovation for Conservation Fonds a.  Stimuleren van biomimicry projecten (innovatie & educatie) b.  Bijdrage onderzoek of behoud van organisme/leefgebied www. biomimicryNL .org 7