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20,000 leagues under the sea


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5th Graders presentation comparing a Classic Novel to the Graphic Version

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20,000 leagues under the sea

  1. 1. Classic by Jules VerneGraphic by Carl BowenPowerPoint by Emily
  2. 2. Pierre Arronox- professor in search ofthe monster they believe is a whale inthe classic and a narwhal in the graphicConseil- Pierre’s assistant and servantwho also came on the tripNed Land- King of harpoons. Has acannon as an arm and great eye-sight. Inthe Classic novel they call him theCanadian, This is not mentioned in thegraphicCaptain Nemo- crazy captain of theNautilus who takes them prisoner on hisship.
  3. 3. In 1866-1867Leave New York and travel onthe ship Abraham Lincoln untilthey are captured and taken tothe Nautilus. They traveled20,000 leagues on the Nautilus,hence the title of the book.Spend more time at places theyvisit in the classic novel though.
  4. 4. People have started to noticestrange events out at sea all overthe world so they send theprofessor and crew out to sea tofind what it was. They don’t find acreature but a submarine! This wasfascinating because in 1866 theywere no such things as submarines.They were held hostage on the shipby Captain Nemo. The only rule hehad was that when he said to go intheir cabin, they must do as theyare told. They went on manyadventures until they realizedNemo was a madman, and escapedin the moonlight. In the classicnovel it is much more descriptive.
  5. 5. They can’t leave the Nautilus andCaptain Nemo is a madman. There aremuch more small conflicts that happenin the classic novel. Squids attack inboth, but Lack of air, sharks, and otherthings are in the Classic.
  6. 6. Adventurous underwaterIt is sad at the end when CaptainNemo is crying before the picturesIt can be scary at timesIt is happy though because thecharacters are amazed at thewonders they see
  7. 7. The theme is Underwater Fantasy. Ithink this is also a bit of a Sci-fibecause it is in the future.
  8. 8. They solve the problem byescaping the Nautilus in themoonlight.