York Herald, Gloucester, VA BoS 2014 8


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York Herald, Gloucester, VA BoS 2014 8. Gloucester County Board of Supervisor's Newsletter from Phillip Bazzani. http://www.gloucestercounty-va.com Visit Us.

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York Herald, Gloucester, VA BoS 2014 8

  1. 1. July  2,  2014                                                  “A  publication  for  the  good  citizens  of  the  York  District”                                                                              Issue  No.  2014-­‐8   The  York  District  Herald   After  all  …  It’s  Your  Tax  Money!     What  went  on  during  our  7/1/14  Meeting  …  we  saved  the  taxpayer  $1.1  million!   Terrapin Cove Project Cancelled – Taxpayer Savings of $600K Due to a Lack of Interest Last night, common sense prevailed again. We were provided the results of 22 legally binding letters to Terrapin Cove homeowners asking whether they will make the financial commitment to hook-up to the system if it were expanded into their subdivision. The results were that 11 said they would commit and the rest did not by actually responding “no” or by tacit approval. This represents less than 50% of the response and an excellent data point for a cost benefit analysis – one that showed that it would not be cost effective to expand the sewer. Also, given that (1) we do not know how our upcoming real estate “Reassessments” will impact our County revenues and (2) financing for the project was uncertain, I felt that it would not be prudent to spend $600 for a system that will only benefit a few right now. The remainder of the Board agreed with me. As an interesting note, not one homeowner in Terrapin Cove were present last night to speak for expanding the sewer system their way Funding for Woodville Park – Taxpayer Savings of $500K Last night we voted NOT to support extending sewer to the Woodville Park. The Lanciano family donated on the Park and the prior BOS accept the donation in the hopes of building a “performance theater, meeting rooms, trails, gardens and a pond to provide information and education regarding the environment” without the use of taxpayer funding. Right now it is a great sports complex with a small nature area and trails, but I will tell you that I fully support the great things that Mr. Chris Clifford and the many volunteers who have donated their precious time and effort to make Woodville a great place to visit and allow our children to play soccer and football there – I THANK YOU FOR THAT! However, we felt that the County cannot afford to fund such an endeavor given that we are up to our gills in debt and we don’t know what our revenue picture will be given the impending Real Estate Assessment. Surprisingly, three Board members wanted to spend the money anyway despite the County’s financial uncertainty and our critical debt situation. Also, Parks and Rec did not provide a true economic benefit to the County by expending taxpayer dollars to provide sewer there. Soccer and football will continue at Woodville regardless of any taxpayer dollars expended at the Park. The BOS accepted the generous donation of the Park by the Lanciano family on the premise that no tax dollars would be expended to build the Park out. Although Ms. Carol Steel of Parks and Recreation was not present during our meeting, I commend her for her great efforts thus far. She should continue to do the excellent work she is doing to look out for the taxpayer and continue to find donated monies and labor to develop of the Park. When our economy and debt situation improve, I will endeavor to see how the County can help. But right now, expanding sewer is unaffordable. Oh, by the way … my wife Susie and I attended an outdoor concert venue on 7/2 featuring the Army TRADOC Jazz Ensemble at Port Warwick’s Central Park (about 4 acres). Folks brought their own food and their own beverages. There were some outside vendor concession stands present as well. This was a 3-hour event and attended by well over 1500 people by our own estimation. Interestingly, we counted only two “porta-potties” to accommodate this crowd with no lines or waiting. And, the facilities included a small, portable hand washing station. Oh well … just thought I’d provide some perspective. Perhaps we can accommodate the Lanciano’s family’s dream of a performance amphitheater using donated monies and labor! Hopefully Ms. Steele can direct her good efforts to make that dream happen! She’s raised $2 million so far! We Reduced the Size of the Planning Commission and Opted to Not Hire a 3rd County Administrator We voted last night to reduce the size of the Planning Commission and Not Hire a 3rd County Administrator. A 13-member Commission and a 3rd Administrator are not necessary. We decided that for now, we will not replace 3 members whose terms have expired and next year we will get the Commission down to 7 members through attrition. We believe that 7- members is an appropriate size much like the size of the School Board with its 7-members. I personally believe we will be better off with a PC that is smaller in size. We also decided not to hire a 3rd County Administrator – a savings of over $100K. I feel that the County Administrator can reorganize to absorb the slack – it’s what I did when I managed the Submarine Program at Newport News Shipbuilding to cut costs. The Highway Overlay’s Bite Will be Trimmed We discussed the Highway Overlay. As you know from my previous newsletters, I support repealing the overlay in its entirety because it imposes over-reaching restrictions on how business can locate into the County and do business along Highway 17. In fact, I am proposing to my colleagues that we rename the ordinance the “Highway Corridor Business Development Ordinance” or HCBDO. Next Scheduled Meeting The next scheduled meeting for the Board will be on August 5. Please come out and participate, speak out, hold us accountable; be a part of the decision making process! We will be discussing the Highway overlay.   PHIL BAZZANI – YORK DISTRICT SUPERVISOR www.philbazz.com Ladies and Gentlemen: My goal with this newsletter is to keep you informed. Therefore, please send me your email address at www.friendsofphilbazzani@gmail.com or my website at www.philbazz.com so you too can get a copy of this Newsletter. And please forward this Newsletter to your friends and family!