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York Herald, 2014 Issue #5, Gloucester, VA BoS


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News letter of Phillip Bazzani, Gloucester County Board of Supervisors. Gloucester, Virginia. Keeping everyone up to date on Board Meeting information and decisions. Used in news stories over at Gloucester, Virginia Links and News website. Visit us.

Published in: News & Politics
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York Herald, 2014 Issue #5, Gloucester, VA BoS

  1. 1. March  19,  2014                                                  “A  publication  for  the  good  citizens  of  the  York  District”                                                                              Issue  No.  2014-­‐5   The  York  District  Herald   After  all  …  It’s  Your  Tax  Money!     What  went  on  during  our  3/18/14  Board  Meeting  …     A Suggestion to Privatize the Non- Educational Functions at the Schools I did a presentation suggesting to the School Board (and the County for that matter) to look into outsourcing some school functions that have nothing to do with educating our children. Members of the school system presented their views on the idea before I presented. I proposed last night that the School System look at our transportation, custodial and cafeteria functions as candidates for outsourcing. The goal here is to save costs and use those savings to help our teachers in the county. I discussed many localities in the Tidewater area who are doing just that very thing because their budget shortfalls, and I asked the school system to “benchmark” these localities and issue RFP’s to determine if there are real savings. Watch me on and select Item VII.B on the left side of your screen. What do you think? Email me at A copy of my presentation was sent to you in the email for this Newsletter. Presentation on Economic Development Activities The Director of the Economic Development Authority (EDA) provided us with a presentation on business development activities here in Gloucester County. Aside from what has happened in the past, many of us asked questions related to how much money we spend on EDA activities and the results we get from that. We were dismayed when we heard that the Highway Overlay has hindered business growth in Gloucester County for the past few years. It was the primary cause for a multi-million dollar high-tech business to leave Gloucester County for York County. Now York County will receive the economic benefits. I provided some ideas to help the EDA solicit interest from businesses who may wish to locate to Gloucester County. But, the Highway Overlay must be drastically changed in order to do that (see next topic below). A Little More Homework for the Planning Commission’s Recommendation on the Highway Overlay At our January 23rd meeting, the Board of Supervisors directed the Planning Commission to review the Highway Corridor Overlay District (HCOD) Ordinance and report back in 100 days with recommendations for minimizing the scope and impact of the ordinance. The Highway Overlay imposes over-reaching restrictions for how business can locate and do businesses along Highway 17. We lost a high tech company just recently because of it. This ordinance has outlived its purpose and usefulness. The Planning Commission did not go far enough to lessen its impact and we asked that we meet with the Planning Commission to specifically discuss what we find objectionable about the ordinance. We will invite businesses in Gloucester to voice their opinion as well. This ordinance has hurt this County for a very long time – more homework needs to be done here. A Better Accounting for the Utility Development Fund We have delayed the funding to expand the County sewer system into the Terrapin Cove areas of Gloucester. As you know from my third newsletter, the Utilities Department was surprised when they received bids to expand the sewer at more that twice what was estimated. Moreover, it is still unclear how many households intend to commit and hookup to the system if installed. We are still waiting for a cost versus benefit analysis. But even more surprising is that the Development Fund contained within the Utility Fund does not have sufficient money to pay for this project because of the accounting method used to track it. The accounting treatment for this fund is confusing. We therefore asked the County Administrator to treat the Development Fund as a separate account to allow more visibility as to what can be spent. We can then determine if we have enough money for Terrapin Cove. But first, there still needs to be a strategic plan for sewer expansion in Gloucester – something that currently does not exist. Next Scheduled Meeting The next scheduled meeting for the Board will be on March 24. Please come out and participate, speak out, be a part of the decision making process!   PHIL BAZZANI – YORK DISTRICT SUPERVISOR Ladies and Gentlemen: My goal with this newsletter is to keep you informed. Therefore, please send me your email address at or my website at so you too can get a copy of this Newsletter. And please forward this Newsletter to your friends and family!