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Social media issues segment 7


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In this segment of Social Media Issues, we discuss using videos as an overall part of your social media planning and production mix. Why we consider it to be a very important factor and where you should consider publishing your videos.

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Social media issues segment 7

  1. 1. TTC Media Social Media Issues Segment 7 Where To Host Your Videos And Why
  2. 2. TTC Media Meta Cafe, MySpace, Vimeo, Facebook, You Tube Live Space are just some of the names where You can publish and host your videos. Picking which on line service to use or deciding If you should use multiple services become some Tough questions. At this point they are now Becoming even tougher.
  3. 3. TTC Media Some questions you need to ask before you Begin is how are you planning on using the Service? How do you want the videos viewed? What is the shelf life you want and expect of The video(s)?
  4. 4. TTC Media Free hosting or paid hosting? Time Limitations Or Unlimited Time? Commercial Interruptions Or Commercial Free? Publishing Limitations Or Unlimited Publishing?
  5. 5. TTC Media Search Engine Friendly Or Search Engine Free? Hosting Recognition? Anti Copy? Embedding Abilities? Sharing Abilities?
  6. 6. TTC Media These are some of the many questions that you Need to consider before you publish your First video. What are the most important Aspects to your company? Since we are talking about social media, the Most important aspects are, unlimited Publishing, unlimited time per video, unlimited
  7. 7. TTC Media Number of videos you can publish on any given Day or week or month, the ability to embed your Video, the ability to share your video between Social networks, email abilities and channel Design factors and search ability. You Tube is the clear winner when it comes to The vast majority of these factors.
  8. 8. TTC Media Let's start out looking at search ability. If You want maximum impact from your videos, You want them indexed in the search engines. Since Google owns You Tube, You Tube videos Are indexed in Google search. That means all Other search engines follow the lead of Google.
  9. 9. TTC Media None of the other video hosting sites are indexed By any of the search engines that we have ever Seen. Your video being indexed in the search engines Has the potential to increase the number of views Your video will receive. A very important factor.
  10. 10. TTC Media You Tube allows unlimited video uploads, The ability to design your channel, the ability to Share your video through directly linking You Tube with your Facebook page, Twitter Account, And a few other social media accounts. The ability for anyone to embed your video on Their site(s), the ability to share your video's Link with others and the ability to send it via email.
  11. 11. TTC Media Now here is the question of embedding. Do you Want others to have the ability to embed your Video on their site where you have no control Over what they say about it or how it is viewed? From a social media point of view, you do want Embedding as you never know who will pick up Your video and all of a sudden your video goes Through the stratosphere with hits.
  12. 12. TTC Media Of course the down side is that your video could End up on a site under attack for whatever Reason. You can block embedding if that worries you. Link sharing is also something you want from a Social media standpoint. You want people sharing The video link as much as possible.
  13. 13. TTC Media Meta Cafe, Vimeo, Facebook, MySpace and others Offer some of these benefits, but not all. None of these sites are indexed the way You Tube videos are. These other sites also have Restrictions on video size, length and even Placement on their sites that you do not have With You Tube.
  14. 14. TTC Media If there are reasons why you want to limit and Or restrict your videos or you are marketing to Very specific markets, then you may do better On one of the other video sites. There is always the option of posting the same Video on multiple sites gaining even more Exposure. A technique we have used.
  15. 15. TTC Media If you are a software manufacturer or camera Manufacturer, Vimeo is probably best for you. If you are a budding video producer, Vimeo or Meta Cafe may prove a better fit than You Tube. There are a number of considerations to make. Overall though, You Tube has our vote as #1.
  16. 16. TTC Media This ends segment 7 Segment 8 we will look at potential risks And pitfalls of Social Media Issues. Social Media Issues Is A Continuing Series Produced by us. Stay tuned for more.