Gloucester, VA BoS Meeting Notes for March 18th, 2014


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Gloucester, VA BoS Meeting Notes for March 18th, 2014. Gloucester, Virginia Links and News website.

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Gloucester, VA BoS Meeting Notes for March 18th, 2014

  1. 1. 18 Mar. 014 Supr’s Mtg. • As you review the Planning Departments recommendations on Interstate 17 tonight, you need to consider the following. Guinea Road is nine lanes wide in the north and southbound lanes. As you stretch these lanes north from the bridge to Ark currently, you will have to make some critical decisions. As you look at 17 today, envision it 5 or 10 years down the road chocker blocked with business and no room for the vehicles to travel unless you coordinate with VDOT and determine the required width and setbacks to expand your business efforts. As the corridor expands, the existing businesses will be forced out and will have to move elsewhere on the main stream. In 2002 I submitted a plan to provide for a series of divided highways in Gloucester that are necessary to provide for cross travel and ease of traffic movement around the congested areas of the county. It also identified the potential for development and an increased revenue base. It still lays dead in a drawer somewhere in Planning. You need to consider the possibility of our backdoor development process from West Point, coming into Adner and then south to Main. The potential is there since it is close to the airport and Interstate 64, a lot of space for potential development. •I looked at our Utility budget over time and it has budgeted 1.6 million for development fees and collected 1.4 million in revenues. The interesting side of this equation is I could not find a specific entry at the Treasurer’s Records that maintained an entry and expenditure specifically for utility development. Will you ensure the taxpaying public tonight a change in how we handle, invest, and obligate these funds to ensure they only go for their prior intended use?
  2. 2. As you are aware if you currently use these funds to adjust your budgeted records by June 30 of each fiscal year to determine a budget in balance. Then the department and the taxpayers will never know the true nature of the fiscal condition of the department, nor will our infrastructure ever have enough funds to accomplish their scheduled programs. Finally yet importantly on this department in 2013 they had 673 disconnects or 14 percent of their inventory to hookups. What is the fiscal impact to this process and do you recover within the same fiscal year? • Business opportunities in the county appear to always hit the hurdles and the applicants have a tendency to disappear, thus leaving the citizens and the county without new businesses and revenue enhancements. When the Director of Economic Development presents his program tonight, will it have within his presentation why companies change their minds and walk away? His comments to address education, regulations, accessibility to transportation needs and most critical our ability to provide broadband or electronic capabilities that would enhance a corporate to expand and create more jobs.