Gloucester, VA Judges Personal Vehicle Chambers


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Judge Long of Gloucester County, Virginia is asking for his very own private chambers for his personal vehicle. We support that move as what better place to lock him down? Gloucester, Virginia Links and News website. Very different.

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Gloucester, VA Judges Personal Vehicle Chambers

  1. 1. County of Gloucester County Administrator 6467 Main Street P. O. Box 329 Gloucester, Virginia 23061 (804)693-4042 MEMORANDUM To: Gloucester County Board of Supervisors From: Brenda G. Garton, County Administrator Date: October 30, 2013 Subject: Judge Long’s Request for Courthouse Security Wall Sheriff Warren was approached by Juvenile and Domestic Relations Court Judge Cressondra B. Conyers to discuss the need for a security wall around the Judges’ parking area behind the Gloucester Courthouse to enhance security for the judges as they enter and leave the building. Knowing that the Capital Improvements Plan (CIP) requests had already been submitted and that the Capital Improvements Plan Advisory Committee had already begun meeting, Sheriff Warren asked that she send him a letter outlining her request so that he and Garrey Curry could work up a CIP request. Judge Conyers send him the enclosed letter, dated October 15, 2013. Circuit Court Judge R. Bruce Long also submitted to Sheriff Warren a letter of support dated October 7, 2013, in agreement with Judge Conyers’ request. Garrey Curry worked up a quick, rough estimate of the cost of erecting this security wall ($368,574), and he and Sheriff Warren discussed this request with the CIP Committee. Sheriff Warren later called me to discuss the potential for funding the project now, as the judges would like the project expedited, and to provide Judge Long with a requested update. At that time, I advised that there are not sufficient funds in the County Administrator’s Contingency Fund to support a project of that size, that an appropriation would need to be made by the Board from fund balance to fund the project in this fiscal year, and that he suggest to Judge Long that he direct a request to the Chair of the Board. Ms. Theberge then received a letter, dated October 25, 2013, from Judge Long (included) requesting that the Board provide funds to erect a wall to enclose the judges’ parking area behind the Courthouse. We believe the estimate to be high; however, the cost cannot be determined unless the project is put to bid. This project was discussed at the October 29 meeting of the CIP Advisory Committee. Given that the CIP Committee may not decide to place this as a high priority in the projects the members recommend that the Board of Supervisors fund in next year’s budget, given that Judge Long’s request is that this request be addressed as soon as possible, and assuming that the judges would prefer that the project not be postponed until next fiscal year, Ms. Theberge asked that I place this request on the agenda for the Board of Supervisors’ November 6 agenda. Judges Long, Shaw and Conyers and Sheriff Warren are all in agreement that there is a security issue and that the wall is needed. Therefore, the Board may wish to Page 32
  2. 2. consider authorizing us to proceed with this project, using some of the excess fund balance to provide funding, so that we can begin the project in this fiscal year. A motion authorizing staff to proceed with the project would suffice, with an appropriation to follow later, once we know an exact amount. Should the Board decide not to approve proceeding with and funding this project from fund balance in the current fiscal year, the initial CIP request would be considered along with other such requests, all of which total $49,426,064. Note that action taken by the Board will impact the amount of excess fund balance available to the CIP Advisory Committee to make its recommendations. I have informed both Judge Long and Sheriff Warren that this item will be on the November 6 agenda so that they can be present at the meeting to discuss this request if desired. Nickie Champion has advised the availability of approximately $1.2 M in excess fund balance following the FY 12-13 audit, from which this project could be funded if desired. cc: Honorable R. Bruce Long, Judge Honorable Cressondra B. Conyers, Judge Honorable Jeffrey W. Shaw, Judge Sheriff Darrell W. Warren, Jr. Garrey Curry, Jr., Assistant County Administrator for Community Development Nickie Champion, Finance Director CIP Advisory Committee File: CIP Advisory Committee Page 33
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