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Necronomicon, Dr John Dee 1586


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Dr John Dee, the original 007. What you do not know about history. Conjuring demons and spirits is as old as time itself and the art has always been practiced. This book was by one of those practitioners during the 16th century and shows more detail than most ever want to know about.

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Necronomicon, Dr John Dee 1586

  1. 1. N L+: CR(>; §0:»[1I<i<i>1I ‘ -. - '[a"}. ' *1,‘ “. ! xx’ ' . ‘ . ‘aw 2:-. r -. ‘.‘ . . . ‘>- Dr go; ax: nu; ;‘ » l7""' 713' L 1 n | ACofl2dion of Sacred Qflagick % Ejke (Esoteric ‘fifgrarg % www. sacr2d-magickxom
  2. 2. 77:e NECRONOMICON, a PREFA CE i PREFACE By Dr. Joseph Talbet Ph. D., D. Litt Harvard University The Nccronomicon is primarily known to the general public due to the ‘writings of Howard Phillips Lovecraft. The word 'necronomicon' is actual] the title of a greek translation made around 950 AD. by Theodor-as Philetas from an ori 'n Arabic rnanuscript. A Latin version of the greelt translation was made by Olaus Worrnius in 1228 A3. The ori °nal Arabic title of the work was 'Kitab al Azif" which can be roughly translated as The Book 0 the Howlings of the Desert Jinn (or demons). The name, "necronomrcon', which the Latin version retains, means something like things pertaining to the customs, practices or laws of the dead. Nekros being Latin for 'dead' and nomos meanin the customs, practice or law‘. The original writer was supposed to have been an Arab named Abdul Hazrad who supposcdl died around 738 AD. in Darnasws. Death was due to being tom apart in the street by unseen entities. he name is robabl rnistranslation since no self-respecting Arab would have such a name. The true name was prob ly AbdyAl Aznd. In Arabic the name is more of a title geanin [Ego slave of the devourer' or worshipper of the great dev_ourer', supposedly alluding to the neat nes. The John Dee translation of the Necronornicon reprinted in this work comes form the collection of the Widener Library at Harvard University. The book was an of the rsonal library of Harry Elltins Vfidener. American Millioriare and founder of the Widener ibrary. Mli". ¢Widener obtained this text in 1912, shortly before he boarded the Titanic. The binding of the book is original, but badly cracked and split. The text is complete but man ' pages are separated and others are crumblin . Restoration efforts are presently under way, and the k as been digitaly preserved as part of this e tort. The History or The NECRONOMICON Al Azif - In Arabic, written by Abd al-Hazrad, c. 730 AD. Original form is unknown but numerous manuscript versions were long circulated among various medieval scholars. As early as the 12th century this version was referred to as lost. Necronomicon - In Greek, translated b Theodoras Philetas , e. 950 AD. Existance of early hand written co ies is unknown. Mass printing o copies in ha! in the summer of 1501 in a folio- sized edition l to a s e of religious suppression by the chu . The book was banned by the church and included in the I Epuvgaxoriau by Pope Gregory IX. The last known copy of this version was luiown to have been bumed in Salem in 1692. Voynich Manuscript - In Latin and Greek using Arabic script. Translator unknown. c. 1020. An unknown number of this manuscript were produced, probably in Romania. Only three copies are known to have existed. Necronomioon - In Latin. translated by Olaus Wormius, c. 1228 A. D. Pint circulated in Eniinuscr-ipt form, then printed in Mainz Germany around the end of the 15th century as a black~letter O 10. Necronotnioon - In English, translated by John Dee, c.1586. An accurate but expui-1,-, ated version of
  3. 3. T/ ye NE CR ONOM1 C ON, a PREP/1 CE ii iii: grcci-. cdilion. Printcd only in ~m. .H numbers by private publiahcn, manuxcripi copies -tI“U are Rnuwii lo hnc rxiszcd. It 15 from this edition that this reprint cornea (rum. Nccronomicon ~ In Luin. c. 1630 A poor qiulily rcprinl of the 1323 Latin vcrsion. PU'K‘ii>i1Cd by in unknovm publishcr in Spzin. Al Azif- Ye Bookc Of Ye Arabc - ln Erlish, Inn. -Litor unknown, c.1590 An incompicic ind muddlcgi tcxi. Circuhxcd in mmuscnpt form, iiiierr wet: probably fcwcr thin ten ofxhcsc m. inu~crip: < ever wnucn. Cultus Malcficaruni - In Englixh, translated by Baron Frederic, c. 1597. A panid imnslaiion ofthc Latin taxi. Published in Susscx F. ng, Iand. ACofl2dion of Sacred Qflagick % Ejiie (Esoteric ‘fifgrarg % www. sacr2d-magickxom I i‘—l 1—1 1-1 n-1 -1-1 . -«-1 «-1- l '1 l K
  4. 4. The NECRONOMICONM INTRODUCTION iii Book I The Introduction ‘LET THEM CURSE IT THAT CURSE THE DAY, WHO ART SKILFUL TO ROUSE THE LEVIATHAN‘ JOB 3:3 5 H. P. Lovecrzft A. Crowley Sumer Cthulhu The Great Beast as Ctha-lu. Kutulu_ resented in "C H 666' The Ancient Ones Satan; Teitan Tiamat Azathoth Aiwass Azag-{hoth The Dunwiteh Choronzon Pazuzu Horror Shub Ni _ rath Pm Shub lshni arrib Out Of pace The Ab s Absu; N2: attaru IA! 10! [A I IA AH; EA; LORD OF "ATERS The Five-pointed The Pent-ignam The AR, or U gray star cavern (Plough Sign; the ori "n-al pentagram an sign of the Aryan Race) Vern-iis Mysteriis The Serpent Erim (the enemy; and the sea as XAOS. Chaos; Gothic: Orim, or Worm an great Serpent This, of coartsc, is not 1 complete list but rather an inspisational sampling. Meditation upon the various things mentioned in the Mylhos will it the scholor to draw his ovm conclusions; ne. search upon the etymology of both Lovecraft’: and r0Wley’s respective literature enables the occultist to discover the ancient Names and Numbers for much of his own, funiliar, material. (Note. -that Lovecraft may have heard of Crowle is hintedat darkly in his short story ‘The Thing On The Doorstep‘ in which he refers to a cult leader rorri En and who atzblished a eovenstead of sorts in New York. In that story, published in Weird Talmin 1936, e cult leader is cloxcly identified with ehthoinc forces, is described as ‘notorious’, and linked to the strange late that bciell the protagonist, Edward Derby)
  5. 5. _______________________j___________ The NE CR ONOM I C ON :1 7: INTR OD U C Tl ON i 1; SUPPLE. ~lF, l‘TARY MATERIAL TO 7.77 CHART A Tl ll‘ Cl l/ l". 'l' ti‘ . ' lu‘. lm-. <. H tuned C‘, rrsrarch c«~: .i. i:trd by tlxe ()rtl~: ' («'1 the Silt? ! l. c-tut ~ : :h rr. ,.rd to tl: - Ye‘; So'l'. - ih/ Ctliiiiiiu myth eye". -- T. Hc [H r ''II [. ‘. C.) Table . '. 'V [Cth. ] (irriwn i‘7.. J.l‘r. -'. i'i ’i-Jom : 'y; rl. .i: l~. c-icp ( ~. ~ directed :1} of A; I.. .'. hcv'. f~i ‘J L. .". .lC! ''t. L'k‘: :f‘i5', Shutv. i. ',Ct. ir; th fertile mc»«’. hrr) Herr) Sirrnhth l'n7JUl)’ V’: -:ton’ - Spientlrir l‘U'J. ".cl itiun (ithzrii u 10. l{i. "l; ;¢lU'. Y‘. Ubho . M:'nal. i ll. Air 1). Nlcruxifjy N}--ri; :ho: ep ( Ah n: ::. <en; _;er 2: L‘. Hnun H. Venus 15. Aries 16. ili; um'~< . . C»-: mini 1! Cancer W. Leo 23. 'll‘£"0 Ill. Jupiter . lil‘ra . ’. Ktizcr 3-l_ :4-: r': :T': u S: ~_: ,itt. .ri'. i-. (: :Ji"7f'iCC-771 YCri'; SC'. l10lh M «rm . -quariu= P-Sce. Fnhrr l)ax_; o:i Ci Xlother llydri Sun Fire C'. hi: _.‘_h.1 . Si'. iirn 'I'~. ti~. :-. _i', U« . lhin; li. r‘. i-. . v"t, ~£-, Spin: cw fi: >-. ~s. .iy. .i. ..o may --vac»-Aha-. .c-. aI. av ——‘. .'u--| ..! ’)*r‘lt7_- . _ A ACofl2dton of Sacred Qflcigtck F Ejlie (Esoteric ‘filgrarg % www. sacr2¢f-magicigcom
  6. 6. 772e NECR ONOMICON an INTR ODUCYYON 1; SUPPLEMENTARY MATERIAL TO 777 CHARTB TPTE CHART that follows is based on research presently available to the Editor with regard to Table vii [A. C.] 0 1. 8 here of the Primum . obile Z. S here of the Zodic or Lxed San 3. Sphere of Saturn 4. Sphere of hrpiter 5. Sphere of an 6. Sphene of the Sun 7. Sphere of Venus 8. Sphere of Mercury 9. 5 here of the Moon IO. Siihere of the Elements 1!. Air 12. Mercury 13. Moon 14. Venus 15. Aries 16. Taurus 17. Gemini 18. Cancer 19. Leo 20. Virgo 21. {iliglltf 22. ' ra 23. Water 24. Scorpio 25. Sagittarius 26. Capricorn 27. Mars 28. Aquarius 29. Pisces 30. Sun 31. Fire 32. Saturn 32. is Earth H. is Spirit Sumerian and Assyrollab Ionian reli ions. Entries in parenthesis refer to the state of Corrupondance before the advent ofthe E der Gods, t e Race of Marduk ; that is, it reflects the nature of the cosmos before the Fall of Marduk from Heaven. (Names of zodiacal constellations are after Budge’. ~'- renderings) TableXXV s, mu ENI. (ABSU) ENKI; LUMASHI (IGIGI) ADAR » MARDUK NERGAL UTU IN ANN A NEBO NANNA KIA ANN A GUDUD SIN DLIBAT £r°. i‘§l’i%‘l’; ”l’£‘, lp sum; (mm, RE’U KINU SHAME U TU'AME RABUTI (YE TWIN VIPERS OF DEATH) SHTITU SNAKE) KALBU U AKHAMU) SHIRU ' 'D) UM ADDU ZIBANITUM (Ravening Dog) BADUR ORPION-MAN) - A . PA BI]. -Si‘. c NF SUXUR Masii H~MA MASTABARR GULA (HORNED nu. DILGAN u RIKIS mum SHAMASH AG KAIMANU KIA ZI ON or DILGAN)
  7. 7. 777:: NE CR ONOMICON an INTR ODUCTION vi NOTES ON PRONOUNCIATION WE CANNOT BE absolutely sure how Sumerian and Akkadian were spoken; but many use ful guidelines are available to the student, including the translated tablets found all over Mesopotamia. Basically, we can offer the following principles which should prove of value in reciting the foreign language instructions: Vowels : i as in "father" e as in 'whey'‘ i as in "antique" o as in "boat" (but rarely found) u as in "win" Consonants Most are basically the same as in English. The Sumerians did not have an alphabet as we know it, but they had develo e a 5 Hal) , very much like the Japenese "Kana" script of today. In phonetic transliterations, the English’ spel ing sought to approximate the Sumerian pronounciation. However, there are a few sounds which English does not possess, and which have been put into phonetic variations. Important examples below: it as in the German "ach" ch (same as above) q as in 'llKe" lt (same as above) sh as in "shall" s as in, erhaps, "lasso"; a hissing "s" common to Arabic languages 2 as in " otS"; a hard "ts" sound, not quite as in "zoo" Remember, in the translations which follow, every letter must be pronounced. There are no schwas or silent syllables in Sumerian. Hence, KIA is pronounced “kee a"; "KAIMANU' is pronounced "ka—ee—mah-nu" or, if spoken rapidly, the two initial vowel sounds slur onto "ltigh' rhyming with "high'. The incantations should be carefully and slowl at first, to familiarize oneself with the tongue- twisting phrases. A mistake may provefatal to the ' orlt. ACofl2dion of Sacred Qflagick % Ejfre (Esoteric ‘filgrarg % www. sacr2¢f-magicfgcom
  8. 8. 7715 NECRONOMICON an INYRODUCYYON vii SPELLS (TRAN SLATED) WHERE POSSIBLE, the Editor ham taken every oppurtunity to find the 0I'tgln. tl Summerim or Al-c. ’¢; :liAn translation of a iven Creel-1 chxrm or con'ura- tion. These will be given here. Also. the reader ‘will find En , lish trms 4- tions of the Sumerizn e um: in they are given in the NECRONOMIC N. Not all of the charms UC zvzliablc in this vuy, and sometimes we hzve had to mike do with nu: mines. Much of what is found here is from the MAKLU text, of which only exunt tnnslixion is in Ccrnun or TJ, llq'l$l. The word -fl'Ai". lU- or 'maqlu' itself it COY| ll"0'CI’&lA4l, but Ttllqvist xaems to think tlut it does, indeed, mean "buming'; especially so :5 the incznutionu to be found therin invmibly entxil burning, somethin ~, usually A doll made in the likeness of a witch or evil sorcerer tht the magician wished to dis ~c of Hence. we ll-IVC here probably the uthetype of the Great Burning Tunes of the Inquisition, w en people were eondemrned to firey deaths .1! Witches md Pzgans. The gtdzxltt 'burnlwiteh! burnl' can be found in the MAKLU text, in 1." its pristine glory. Indeed, Cthulhu V. Note that the original translator hid noted the resembelznee between the Greek word for Lord. KURIOS, aid the Sumerian word for mountain KUR, and for A type of underworld. ehthonic, monster which h mo . -med 1-{UR and which «fen to the l. t'i. tIl1.m of the Old Teszirnent. Also in this puticular conjuratiort, the word for mountain is SHADU-SHADDAIP The Old Serpent KUR is, of cozrse, invoked every day by the Christians: Kyne Eleison!
  9. 9. '/ Zia NE CR ONO}. IIC ON an INTR ODUCTION vi 2' 1' __ BOOK I PART II CO. ll0i'' SL'lElil. ‘. ' WORDS . .'D I’l'lRiS[iS IN l’. ;'C-I IS! -l / '-. hl-. h zru Varnpire Nil l)t-stroyer AllA Xul l‘, il Czml B . rri! l5<‘[_t‘m c D: i:, ‘,ir Xul lzdin N4 Zu! l''ll Cod _ _ (30 To ililic Deert! (. Il0fYY1 ol exerenm) Gelil lncub-. i~. CZ. -,im xtil Evil Spirit (Sitiim Xul livil Chm’. l. .llfY‘lYY1U Demon l {pi liever l. ~l’1lt. ipLu ‘xiitclt l.4'lA| "lU Phmtom l, .;! .mu Spectre lili: Suei: uh». i~. . ‘~'i. Lsi". lIY1 Xul Evil Fiend (Ambushcr, Lier-In-. ’2it) , lull. i Xul Evil Defiil l"t. «l‘i~l"iu game 2.8 . ‘vl4t~i'. im Xul) Tefil ’icl: ed I)cmc»ri (Warrior) Li, .‘/ KC Cvotl Of l): .Alll Li(‘u'r. U l. .ir'ic L'tL: '-. Xul lisil Spirit '/ .i l)in, '_ii' Ann; Kintn! Zi Dingir liii K. ir~. p.. l Spirit, God 02' the 55.)’, Rcmeitiher! Spirit, God of the Earth. Remember! BANISHINGS In the interim period hetween the translation and the publicizion of’ this ‘work, the etlzic-r, Along with 4 cireie of initiates in me-zher dicipline, ur. dertoo'-; to ex etiment the rl‘uJl md loree~ O‘_'lll! "'. 'L‘i Er. the . 'F. CRO. 'O. ‘vllCO. '. ln uxint; the rmterial A one, or '-within ; X"e<'. ern ceremc/ ’:i. xl ~'. .'t. 'C'. t.’rr Mich i» the Cc-ltleri Diwn "»Icr'I'1)‘~'t' e. -me upon at. -rtlin. ; tli -cm-erie~ in hath cum, THl‘Rli AN‘ NC) l'. l"l"l; CTl'l‘ ISANISI ll. 'CS l'()R Tlll; l‘Ol{CliS lN’UKl'. l) IN Tlll" i'l: CKO. 'U}»l- l("f. (3I' lTSliLl*! The ritualu. inc. ..-'. titiona'. formul. :. of thiu worl-. Arc of . r.ct. -.-nt Oflhln, C0fit§‘: ‘i~i71:‘. ‘,'Y‘t: of the i»'_" - it ~~‘rlltt'n fY'l. l,3“: C"'. .' »or? .in, ' . in 'es'. erri c-: cult hiwtory. ' le .5:itie~ . ini. l dcrr. cn- i. :': n:il': ctl witltin prr»E~al*l_' l7.‘«VC not heen e: ile. :ti ly ~umm0.". ctl in nciriy six ll‘. 'I'. lU"i. .l }: -tn. Ordintry CxC. '(. ~Ti'- ind b. ini~? i%r.5~ hm: thu~ far proved extreimly lnJLlCL; '.£. «l(': tlti . , by expcriencel IT“. .l}_‘, lCl. Ll'1). lletice, the following recianimenclations. Tl‘: religion of the ancient Sumerizn peoples seem to have been lunzr-oriented. A reli_. ;ior. or . . V . _: '. .il ~'trt: :ture~of' the night. of d. ir'. -;ne~~- in A ~en~c. ln‘r»: i:it‘-'*« "~7v~; _; ~OlAt‘ liorrnulx hi‘-': pm‘ ed llit; ti. -r Cll('CI1 c in '~. :c: :ewtiullv h. tni'-hm, ‘ . 'l: CRO. '()l‘ll(‘. O.' L. ziw ; r‘x. l intclli, ,e. ':«: e.l‘t: ur ir. i1.r. ee. the K1l)l)lSl l prsycr L’: the jewinh liith er-'it. .ii1a uorne sulu e'. :~rr‘cn'. -v lltat l'lJ't' pmx rd 2C0“¢‘-15°" °f Sacred 9%-fll‘-‘k % Ejlle ‘Esoteric ‘filgrarg % www. sacr2¢f-magiclecom
  10. 10. 772:: NECRONOMICON an INYRODUCYYON ix re~il! i:ecridt to inimical genii, and the vibration of the Lord's Prayer for Christians is also a workable . t . in We suggesrtd that indivipual 10PCf. Il0;'3}l‘. |Ill. l2¢ an equisilmfiogiar (i. e., lpositi: light) ipvoeation from thier own igion or . e re ‘Von o t ier ancestors, s on t ey no on"er ave a re igion or should the - havechanged it in dual? ’ lifetime. E’ _ For best practical purposes in the beginning-for those intent on actually the rituals contained herein-it is advisable to take espicial care in the construction of the mat-jcltal defences. A prelimina period of urifieation is well in order before attempting anything in this grit-niote Persons of unstable emotion: condition should not be allowed. under any circumstances to observe one of these rituals in pro», ;ress. That would be criminal. _and perhapseven suicidal. Oneof our colleagues was fearfully atl. i¢l'; I:t"l! l.'D lull dog dirE; ct]lhyflf: )llo'+1ng a fairly simple and uncomplicated formula from this book. Th's 's e mi not ' eh m L et. i iTheim od oflthsi NECRE)l? O%CON concems deep, rimeval forces that seem to reexist the normal archetypal imzgjcs of the Tarot trumps and the Gol en Dawn telernatic figures. ese are forces that developed outsi e the ]udeoChristi_an mainstream. and syene worshipped and summoned long before the creation of the Qubala as we ltnow it today. Hence, the ineffectiveness of the Golden Davm banishing procedures aginst them. They are not neeesurily demonic or qliphotie in the sense that these terms are oommonl understood in the West, they itnt simply represent power scources largely untapped and thus far ignorediby twentietheentury, mainstream consciouness. The results of any experimentation with this work, as well as practical suggestions concerning its rituals, are welcomed by the publishen.
  11. 11. 7'l, .~. ' . "E CR O. r'O. '. I I C ON .1 n l. »"TR OD UC7'lO. -" xi _ THE GODS OI‘ MI; 'SOI’O'l'A41IA . ".'L7 41 hr . '_ml of': ?1: ~'». y.! ro'r1‘. ~'}1cncc: Ir ~ '1 ~‘‘. ir. -~ mi {hr z-, .‘r. ‘ '~ lord of-4:1,1TV, .: ‘ 'fiI*v. i oi urs5>r m b : ?1 Ihr r. s1ur. n|: ."J—. :r: rr: ..7;: r.; I~«'u1‘E. §«. Tr‘: "u'“~1Tf Hi. w. xr. 'm. '. V1 4'; Em per» ml hlfih’-'~ .0». .nu J"-= c': §-n cxn]u~i‘fi: . m 115: x: r:L‘~[i«: hcawx‘. L'n. pprn. a:. h4N. --. r: -mm: u. E1rr~ u. ’.11)‘, h«‘ cur-. :: l‘. ‘.n‘ «‘: u,, _;L mvn md ~ch: 'r»rn 1I‘.1Cf'CnC'» xn l}‘. cIr ;2:-: .-«. . . "sI‘9L' THC . ’1'~}~ ». Tr: ncr-. u ‘on whic}: ti”: c. ..". 't‘. 9.3.11». 'I'. _; (»: ’.~ -~ rrc fin‘. cr: .x'. c.1', ("*-: r rm .1 ricJ : ps;1. who . ;om; '~hinc lo hi< n‘. c~_.1cr. K}: -: . ;rc. xt dr. .;, ;c:1' . ..'n. .:. ‘l’umut m. ~. .r , —;-. ‘.~ mi . u J un bj. .1m. iu}. . Wi. Hts cu‘-mnr‘. i~ ‘FF »-"Arr. Kiwhu. :n~HAr. t" : . 'x. .§ l. 'R Ii. :3r: r of; n'. ;1"d ; H the n: 'r ' K1-Urzu : ‘r-. c tr. ” . T: princxplc. An : .‘. :. ..'1?*. ‘ . ‘l1I‘. ..fl'. 'J§: 'T¢‘, ‘n-.1. m 4}» K: -.7:-. ; ': w : m ‘Er 4' ‘. "|. k.'YH'. . . 'c. '. mprrmr . _.»J of :71 N1 -v -VJ I-T‘ ! }‘r: }prrJ l“'c. " lav-. ‘: 0‘ I c Ann . 'r. n: ‘.‘. 'Y: . In : —» lb: EuJ_(vI' {NW , '.c. '~. L1 Ls pnr'. r.. c_. .4~ . ; 4'. - A uh ~ Jtcr :10‘-'m-, ; from hp -ho. “»: v.-rx. “-h1:: :,, . 2~ : L'n . ix1}: ur~. .,, CL. iyMounlAir1')hc crcxcd {Ft ; *'. m.‘. s 411.3 5,n'c mcn . L.'. cuI: urr. ! 'UL TM . _«>-J ofc rh mi wind. Th: nu»'. :r of men’-. fqic‘. Th: god '«"r*. o dric» un KI" - I‘: -‘n’ .1 ‘L'. '- . fIrr :11: ]L_', r'. -.4."J['k. ';M‘1.'.1:'w h. wr uxcrll-w-‘Cd titczr banks; '-~". '10 br: :‘. ,- ram: who 1151 1%: »a: L. of "Y1. ‘I itc “mi who ~'. n.'. _., 'r~. .;: r1-113*-' ~ut: rr1r‘_, _-#1:: - z n n I ' A A mu: -, ‘VHO lc'. .': m.. 'c. 111:‘ [MIN Hm V M T ‘: '11Ch drum K? - c. r1'h. lnlxl «rm ! ?-- 2‘. w.. .<. ‘,. ‘r: I:§'~ ps: »w¢r mrv‘ r- 2H. 5: 1': lltc . . ‘K -’---'vcJ J1 nu . J cxrrpx L'Lm: w.l-. :xrr. :: ‘.1}t. - : .rmIy. IHH c . n Ew iu. J:: J in x3'r km 21:1“ CV nI ‘~'; f. . .:. .i {H rum. ma _~. " 5071: : «;'‘. ~ . ‘v: r her .1 d1r'-. xi: or I'.1."‘. ..'T. u'1. Izrc-«? ‘.'~'. i;_1YIP: c :5 }‘. cr u"1hc un » 0'71"‘ «: ‘.cn L. xlc~ 1'» 1.": p. - : L. : r Ihrrw htr» I raw 1‘ rc»"1'- -. ; .3; Fm li'~. r , .n‘. ~c«'1 ztcd l»'? '.i. u 1.". ti": '. ;r‘. :I: r‘»‘o’U mm‘. H": ’~1:‘y 1‘: 1iP5ESH‘r§I(}: l_ C. - . p.-. -: cut lshtzr. "hcn la: ‘ ~«‘: rr. c vnn of‘ ; .'. '.u in ! zhr. , . I". . -'V~rr' rt : ".: .h. .ir-. :'1c ‘ aw '. .': ‘«: .i ("If rclc. C-H (3.‘«'. lLS'H Li'~. .- Hr: ;;; Tc~, ; 'n: :ro . ,c~J, x'-~up. '.r1-. di*. 'xnc 4r1.§r»*'r gun humm. .I}1r ~I-1”‘; (-2. ‘In ~ dxnn. L_’1:}~. to A5». ,. ..‘m : r1lhc msdilc xv ~ -crlmi "'. 'n: '1I'. nkxééu. I)c~; ::c x? ~.a- ~«; .mm; ;» pt , . : :£. : vs: out upon : . cg: -'-t, Fn. -.xJ3u'~ «:7.-; '.: '1x1‘. ;:: c.i -_; ' c. "’, '.; fta suP~‘1C*» in m crvc po-cm o. '1l~: §'cx. a': ~': ‘. ‘ :1: ILC. Cuh; ..: r.: ' md Iawcd LE: ‘V n . from z: .: ‘'. .'n bug. L “ma: -h and 1‘ ‘ "1 to --: r'1-. |rr1rnr-1;, 1;. 1:1} ; .ncr mzm ; i-. :r‘. :urr Ft {Duns A‘. l; ~'. :1‘. x_r‘§~h'. xm ‘~31-'~~4;r‘-1‘cu "F. ?~: - Wzflr . -< ‘gr. -nu-. { cIr. '1' xi 1:5: by : §1c. ,r~-.5~. L'I 7*: -?*: im rut‘: inczi ‘zr-*1rT. u.'1.zh)'. -‘C ": in '. h«- . .: rr. .r-rm I. ''; .‘N/ ;lnK. ‘1cI‘; ‘.: :un-, ASTARTT‘ 12"“. V1:Jfr'-f(WfJ”li1:'n: < n": - wo? ".l: r.1c-~m. '.. zr: . ' (‘wt-<idcw of’ fer? ’ -c. _. ‘:~ ~. of :1. L1--ii: 01 the mmm. . «'-J. .7 . —. _. _. . , . ‘ . . I . .:. «~. nc. .cn, ;. . «. _ -f'. '()'~ .1ndh. .:: .c-. 'x; _: J0'. ‘<r. 1!‘; : -1 nix . ."‘u: . H11‘ hcu>_. K . -an -: ,‘L: rr. ud . ':: r. cr. : ::» cc. x'. n. : 3.4.’, .. '1J Inc! .x~ rcr cL. u‘. .1.". xrr4 §~' 7-: r " ' .3‘: x EH. An I‘ —. *.. ".: ~‘. urc c>: ‘.r; x . r n'. ;.": . ~'.1nd1r. ._w1 .1. 5* r'“"‘ W ; "'nr*? ~§_ : nvn'? c-d ; *"1.‘3: - ' r‘ : n ' 1"‘ prim L " N 5 ‘ ~ . I I‘ -‘Cv . ':u; "1‘. .. . Ltc“ 4 . ACofl2dion of Sacred Qflagick % Ejke (Esoteric ‘fifgrarg % www. sa. cr2d. '-magickxom
  12. 12. T/2c NE CR ONOMICON an INYRODUCYYON xii Christians turned her into a demon. and she is mentioned as such in Milton's PARADISE LOST. KINGU Ti. unat's general in the war againil the gods. Keeper of the tablets of destiny, which hold the divine plan for all the eosmoz. Ninhurszg u>ed lLingu's blood to make the first man, and from this comes the demonic. rebellious aspect of human nature. HARDUK The great god of Babylon. King, of Kings. Guardian ol the Law, the Great Sorcerer. the Great lleder. slayer of 'l. iam. .t. Marduls in Order lighting againsl Chaos, the conflict from which all Creation emerges. Defeating, Turnat, Marduk brought order and life to the world. When the tablets of destiny were seized from Kinju, Marduk fastened to his own breast, and so brought control of the earth under the divine authorit ' olJthe gods. The stele of Hammurahi shows Marduk on his throne with a horned he-sddrc--, 'ving, ax-nmurahi his ring and sceptre. The Amorites saw Marduk as a god of spring and sunli, :,ht. of h s and trees. NEBO Also NABU God of writing and speech. spci-(er for the gods. Nebo maintains records of men's deeds and produces them for judgment after death. His symbol is the stylus. NERGAL God of the undet‘«s'orlcl. mass destruction and plague! eonsort_ol Ercblthigal. Throxm out of heaven, he stormed the underworld with fourteen demons until Ereshlugal consented to marry him. NINHURSAG Also MAAT ‘Lady Mountain. ’ An earth mother. She mold the first man out of clay and brought him to life with the blood of Xingu. SHAMASH Also BABBAR, UTU The sun. Son of the moon god Sin, brother and husband to Ishtar. The great -od of justice. In Sumer, a god of divination. The enemy ofdarltness and all the evil darkness brings. .ve morning, sco ion-men throw open the gates of his great palace, and Shatmash mounts his ehariot. ll’-lie then cro---es t e sky from one horizon to the other. casting his rays upon the earth like a net. seeing all the evils and s-tron 's ol the world. Entering, the earth on the eastem horizon, Sharn-ash travels through the underworld ham: to his palace. Shamash requires iustice of earthly king, ‘- and champions their subiects, especially the poor. SIN The moon god. Wise and secretive, the enemy of all evil spirits. An old man with 4 long, beard who flies through the sky in his ullbaal every night. TA. l. VlU'/ . Al-so DUMUZI God of the harvest. The god who dies and rise. again. The love ol Ishtar killed him. and lshtar fought Ereshkigal in the underworld to bring him bath. TIAMAT; to the a 'no~'. ics, LEVIATHAN Goddess of the pn'mes‘al depths, the chaos from which Marduk formed the woild. She took the form of a dragon and swam in the primal waters. Tiamat warred on the gods, spawnin a brood of drafions, sphinxes. scorpion-men and other demons and monsters for her army. M uk slew her, de. eating, her with magic and powerful winds. Splitting, her in tfwo. .: .tr‘dul~. }o1:ast one half of Tiamat into the sky to form the heavens and the other he east down to cm t : c cart .
  13. 13. NECR ONOM] CON as tra7zsLztea' by Dr. Dec 1 BOOK II PART I THE TESTIMONY OF THE MAD ARAB TIIIS is the testimony of all that I have xeen, and all that I have leamed, in thoxe year: that I have pow-«esed the Three Seal» of MASSHU. I have seen One Thousand and»One moon, and qurely IIIIN i~ enough Ior the xpan of a man‘. life, thoa; _h it Is said the Propheu lived much longer. I am weak, ill. and bear great Ilf€d1‘. ¢ and exauxtion, and a A-igh hangs in my breaat like a darl-; lantern, I run on . The wolves carry thier name in thier midnight -. -peeches, and that quiet, mbtle Voice i» summoning, me from afar. And a voice much clo-. er will shout into my car with unholy im atience. The weight of my : ~O‘JI will decide its final rating place. Before the time, I must put down ere all that loan eoncemint; the horrors that st-all-; Without, and which lie in wait at the door of every man, for this is the ancient areana that has been handed dovm of old, but which has been forgotten by all but a few men. the worshippers of the Ancient One: (may thier names be blotted out! ) And if I do not finish this task, take what is here and dxacover the rest for time is short and mankind does not know or understand the evil that await: it. from every side, from every open Cate, from every broken barrier, from every mindlcsx acolvte at the alter: of madness. For this i- the Boole of the Dead. the Book ofthe Black Earth, that I have writ down at the peril 0.’ my life, exactly as I recieved it, on the plane~ of IGICI. the cruel celestial spirits from beyond the Wandcren of the Va<te«. Let all who read this book be warned thereby that the habitation of men are seen and surveyed by that Ancient Race of god-: and demons from a time before time. and that the ' sceli revenge for that forge-tten battle that took place somewhere in the Co--mo» and rent the Worlds in the days before the crea< tion of Man, when the Elder Gods walked the Spaces, the race of MARDUK. at-. he IN l-cnown to the Chaldeans, and of EJTKI our macter, the Lord of Magicians. Know, then, that I have trod all the Zone: of the Gods, and also the places of Azonei, and I1.1C descended into the foul pla: e~ of Death and Etemal Tltifwt, which may be reached through the Gate of G: NZIR, which was built in UK in the davs before Babylonian was. I Know, too, that I have spoken with all manner of mirit and daemon, VVIIO: -C names are no longer known in the ~ocietic~ of Man, or were never known.1ndthe ‘iC. aI§ of these are writ herein ; yet othcrx I must take with me when I leave vou. ANU have mercy on mv soul! I have xeen the Unknown Lands, that no map ltax ever charted. I have lived in the desertx and the wastelands, and spoken with demons and the «cult of alaushtered men, and of women who have died in childbinh. victims of the she~fiend LAMMASHTA. I have tra'eled beneath the Sea. in >C«tfCI'| of the Palace of Our Master, and found the stone monuments‘ of ntnquished civilizations. and dcciphered the writings of some of the». -; while still othefi remain mysteries to any man who lives. And these civilizations were destroyed bccaw: of the '2-. no: ledc, e contained in this book. I have traveled arnong the stars, and trembled before the gods. Ihave at last found the formula by which I pa-wed the gate of ARZIR. and paved into the forbidden realm< ofthe foul ICIGI. I have raised demon», and the dead. I have summoned the ; ,ho«-ts of my ancestom to real and visible ap earence on the to ~' oftemples bailt to reach the stars, and built to touch the nethermo<t cavities ofH1‘3)I‘5. I have Wrcs’. .ed with the Black Ma, ;_ici.1n, AZAG-TI IOTI L in vain, and fled to the Earth by calling upon INANN/ and her brother NIARDUK. Lord of the double-headed AXE. I have raised anniemt-, ;air. -.t the Lands of the East. by summoning, the horde-. of fienda I hate made ACofl2dion of Sacred Qflagick % Ejke (Esoteric ‘fifgrarg % www. sacr2d-magicfecom
  14. 14. The NECR ONOMIC ON as trans/ .-zted by Dr. Dee 2 suhicct unto nae, and so doing) found 'G/ /. the L',0<. l of the heathens. who breathes flame and roares lil-. e 2 ll10‘. t. t.". tl thunders. l have found lrar. l have found the Gate that leads to the Outside, by which the Ancient Ones, who ever seek the entrance to our world. keep eternal watch. lhave smelled the vapors of that Ancient One, Queen of the Outside, whose name is writ in the M/ G/ :' text, the testimcnt of some dead civili‘/ .ation who-sc priests‘, scelting, power, swim-I open the dread. evil Cate for an hour pas‘. the time and were consumed. I came to possess thi-, lr. noWledE_; c through circumstances quite peculiar, while still the unlettered ~c»n of a shepherd in ‘'l’t. at is called Mesopotamia by the Greeks. When lwas only a youth. traveling alone in the mountains to the East, called MASSHU by the people who live there. l came upon a grey rc-ck carved with three strange wmbols. It stood as high as a man. and A5 wide around as a bull. It was. firmlv in the ground, and 1 could not move itflihinking no more of the e. tr-'in; .~, ~.. save that they might be the work of a hint; to marl-: some Ancient victory over an enemy. l built a fire at lls foo: to rotect me from the from the wolves that wander in that rei 'ons and went to sleep, for it was night an I was far from mv 'lll.1?C; beim; Bet Durrabi. i.Bieng about tihree hours from dawn, in the nineteenth of Shahatu, l was . aw; ilaened y the howl of a dog. or erhapa a wolf, uncommonly loud and close at hand. The lire had died to its cmbeo, .‘-. l'1dll1L"~‘l'. ' recll, -‘glowin ‘ coals cast a faint dancing, shadow across the stone monument with the three eanings. I began to make aste to build another tire when, at once, the grey rock began to rise slowly into the air, as if it were a dove. I could not moe or xpeak {or the {ear that siezed upon my spine and wra ped cold fingers around my skull. The Dlh ol1'u_u; ;Abel-y-a ‘. t:s no stranger seemed to melt into my hands! Presentl ‘. I heard a voice, softly, some distance away and a more practical fear, that the possibility of rohbers, too. -1. hold of me and l rolled behind weeds. trembling). Another ‘voice ioined the first, and soon several men in blacl‘. robes of thieves came together over the place where I was, surroundin the floating rock, of which they did not exhibit in the least fripht. I could see clearly now that the three earwings on the stone monument were ; ,lnwin-, i_. a flame red color. as through the rock were on tire. The l-t, ;ure‘s were munnuring together in prayer or invocation. 0:’ which only it few words could he heard, andithese in some unknown tongue; though, ANU have mercy on my soull. these rituals are not unl». nown to me any longer. The figures. whose faces I could no‘. see or recot, ni7z, began to malt: wild paxses in the air with l~'. ni‘es that pllintcd cold and sharp in the mountain night. From beneath the floating rock. out of the very ground where it had s. -.t, came riaint; the tail of a serpent. This serpent was surely larger than any I had ever seen. The thinnest section thereof was fully’ that of the arm, » of two men, and as it rose from the earth it was followed by another, althoughthe end of the first was no‘. ~11-en as it seemed to reach down into the very l’it itself. These were followed by still more. and the ground began to tremble under the pressure of so many of these enormous arms. The chanting of the priests. for I knew them now to be some the s: rVc:1t. olsonze hidden Power, became much louder and nearly hysterical. lAll1l'/ _l1ZAC! lA! l.r! 7.! A7.'ri: l'i! lA! [Al l’UTUl. U 7.1 KUR! l/ l The ground where l was hiding, became wet with some substance. beinv, sli; ;,htlydos11hill from the scene I was ~'itnessing, . ltouehed the wetness and found ll. to be blood. Tn horror I screamed and ', ‘‘. ‘«'c my pre. »ence away to the priests. They turned toward me, and I saw with loathing that they had cut l.2!Cl1' Chests with the d. ar, .;ers they had used to raise the stone, for some mystical purpose l could not then divine: although l nowl-znow that blood IV the very tood of these mints, wlticit 13 W) he spirits feedmgt ytha field after the t battles of war ‘glovcs with an unnatural light. the manifestation oft ereon. May ANU protect us. all!
  15. 15. T/ Je NE CR ONOMIC ON as translated by Dr. Dee 3 My scrum l: ..J the effect of C. LIIn5 thier rituzl into ch. «cs . md disorder. I need through the mountain path by which I h: .d come, and the priests exme runnim; JIICT me, Although some seemed to stay behind. PCl'IlJP5 to tinish the Rites. However. as I ran Wildly down the slopes in the cold nitght, my lte. m _; ‘.. ‘c ri we in my chest And my head ’ros1'ng, hot, the sound of splitting rocks md thunder came Irom behind me md shool-: the very ground Iran on. In fright and hut: I fell to the exrth. Rising. I turned to face whztever attzckerhad come nearest me, though I we. » unarmed. To my surprise, w'n. t I . t&' was no priest of mcient horror, no necromancer of that forbidden An, but hluck robes filltft upon the grass and weeds, with no seeming presmee of life or bodies bene. .th them. I ~'all«: ed cautiously to the first and. picking up .1 long twig‘. lifted the robe from the tznhle of ~'CCCIs' and thorns. All IILII remained of the priest Wu .4 pool of slime. like green oil. and the simell of a body l. tin long, in the sun to rot. Such .1 stench nearly overpowered me, but I nuts resolute to End the others. to see if the same fonune hzd Also befullen them. ’dkin; ; back up the slope lI"t. A'L I had so fe. trfully run down only moments Ago, I came across yet Another of the black priests. in identical condition to the first. I '. -I. t V'1Ii*LII'15.p1V'<lnl_, ; more of the robes . ts I Went. not venturing, to overtum them my longer. Then. I fin: lI' exme upon the grey stone monument thxt I"I. lCI risen unnitturdly into the air at the command of the riests. It wses now upon the ground once more, but the c: .rving, s still glowed with tupematurnl light. ‘Ihe serpents, or w'n. tt I had then thought of . b se nts, had diuppeared. But in the dead embers ofthe fire, now cold and black, W15 1 shinirt' metal prilfte. I picked it up and saw that it w. a.s ; lso czrved, :4 the stone, but very intricatly. after A {Lsionfi could not understand. It did not bear the same markings 1s the stone, but I had the feeling, I COJI-id almost read the CIHPACICYN, but could not, 1‘! though I once . '-. ne‘~s' the tongue but had since long t'on_; otten. .It head began to ache as though a devil Wu pounding my skull. when 4 sh. tft of moonlight hit the metal amulet, {or I know now what it wa. s, 4nd -1 voice entered my head and told me the secrets of the scene I htd witnessed in one word: KUTULU. In that moment. is‘ though Whispered Iiercly into my ear. I understood. These were the signs curved upon the grey stone, th. tt W15 the gzte to the Outside: rich? The . muIet that I held in my hand, and hold to this very day, around my neck so’ I write these words. i= this: ACofl2dion of Sacred Qflagiek % Ejite (Esoteric ‘fifgrarg % www. sacr2d-mugiefccom
  16. 16. 77Je NECR ONOMIC ON as translated by Dr. Dee 4 Of the three symbols carved, the first is the Sign of our Race from be ond the Stars, and is called ARRA in the ton rue of the Scribe who taught it to me, an emissary of the lder Ones. In the tongue of the eldest city of abylon. it was UR. It is the Sigil of the Covenant of the Elder Gods, and when they see it, they who gave it to us. the will not forget us. They have sworn! S irit of the Skies, Remember! The second sign is the Sign of GANZAR, and is the Key whereby the Powers of the Elder Gods may be summoned, when used with the ro r words and shapes. It has a Name, and is called AGGA. The third sign is the Sigil of the ’ ate er. It is called BANDAR. The Watcher is a Race sent by the Elder Ones. It keeps VI “I while one sleeps provided the appropriate rituals and sacrifice has been preformed; else, if call: it will tum upon you. These seals, to be effective, must be gmven on stone and set in the ground. Or, set upon the alter of of ferings. Or, carried to the Rock of Invocations. Or, engraved upon the metal of one: God or Goddes and hung about the neck, but hidden from the view of the profane. Of these three, the ARRA and the AGGA may be used sepcratl , that is to say singl , and alone. The BANDAR however. must never be used alone, but with one or th of the others, lbr the Watcher must needs to be reminded of the Covenant he has sworn with the Elder Gods and our Race, else it will turn upon thee and slay thee and ravage thy town untill suoeour is to be had from the Elder Gods by the tears of thy people and the wailing of thy women. KAKAMMU!
  17. 17. T/ Je NE CR ONOMI C ON as translated Dr. Dee 5 BOOK 1] PART II THE TESTIMONY OF THE MAD ARAB (CONT) The fire amulet that l retrieved from the a<hes of the lire. and which Cauigltl the light of the moon, is a otent ~e: tl : u;a§nst whatever may come in the Gate from the Outside for. seein r it. they willretreat rom thee s/ wt; ONLY IF IT CATCH THE LIGHT or THE MOON UK N n's‘ SUKI‘/ XCE for. in the d. t.rl; d.1ys of the moon. or in clouds. there can be little protection a; _;ain~t the lienda from the Ancient Land should they break the barrier, or be let in by thier servant~ upon the face of the Earth. In such a case, no recoun: is to be had untill the light of the moon shine» upon the Earth, for the moon is the lildest among, the Zonei, and ix the starry symbol of our pact. l'1i'; "A. Father of the Gods. Remcmhcrl Wherefore. the amulet must be engraved uponisure ~il'er in the full light of the moon, that the moon shine upon it it its xvorl-'. irtg, . and the essence 0. the moon be drawn down and captured therein. And the proper incantation» m. u'. be performed. and the rewrihedrituals a: ‘hen forth in this Bool-; . And the amulet mu<t f'E’l‘. R be exposed to the light oft e Sun, for Sll1M. ’ ASH called UDU. in lllx jealousy, will rob the seal of its power. ln such cue, it must be bathed in watch of eamnhor, and the IflC. u1[. ttiOn> and ritual performed once again. But verily, it were better to en_t; rave another. Thea: «ecrets l give to thee at the pain of my life. never to be revealed to the profane, or the hanished, or the V'V". or~hipper~; of the Ancient Serpent. but to keep within thine OTl heart, alwa_v~. silent upon the~c ll’1lf‘.5;‘. Peace be to thee! Heneefonh, from that fateful night in the mountains of VASSHU, I wandered about the countrywide in xearch of the key to the >CCfL'l l«. nowledt', e that had been given me. And it wa~ . l tinlul xnd lonley journey, during which time I took no wilerexlled no house or village rn home, an dwelt in variuo- countries, often in caves or in the deserts. leming several tongues 15 a trave er, to hargin with the tradespeople and leam of the news and customs. But my barpinin-.3, was with the Powers that re~ide in each of these countries. And soon, I came to undentand many things of which before I had no l-tnowledt-, e. except perh. tp~ in dreams. The lrie-ntl~ of my youth deserted me, and l them. 'l"hen l Wax s: t en yearn gone from my familv, I learned that they had all died of thier own h.1nd, for reaxons no one was able to tell me: thier tlocks had later been slain n the victoms of , ~OfX‘lC strange e idemic. I wandered A a begger, being led from town to town as the local people saw it, often being‘ stoned instead of threatened with impri~onment. On ocea~ion. l wu able to convince some learned man that l was . a sincere scholrtr, and was thereby pennitted to read the Ancient Record» in which the details of tiecrc: -ntmcy, sorcery, magiek and alchemy are given. I learned of the spells that cauue men illnexs, the plaijue. blindness. insanity and even death. l learned the various Cl1s>':5 of demons and e'il goda that exiwt, and of the oid leg, end~ concerning the Ancient One». l was thu. ~ able to arm m‘~: :ll : -r, .tin<t thedread . la. sl>tim, who lie in wait about the boundaries of the world, ready to trap the unwarv and C‘-: ‘.'our the sacrifice-~ ~et out at night and in deserted places; .r, ;ain~t the ahedevil L: 'M. ‘vl: ‘SH'rA, who it called Sword that Split» the Skull; the sight of whom came» horror and dismay, and (some say) death of .1 mm: uncommon HAKUFC. In time I learned of the name~ and roperties of all the demon‘, devils. fiends and mon-«ten lixted herein. in thin Book of the Black Earth. rleamed ofthe ower» in the astnl Gods, and how to summon thier aid in timca of need. l learned, too, of the friighzful 'n '& who dwell beyond the astral spirits, who guard the entrance to the Temple of the Lost, of the Ancient Jay»: the Ancient of the Ancient Ottcs. who»: I 'ame l cortnot nor >hall I write here. In my olit: try ceretnoniex in the hill~, worship ing, with lire and sword, with Water and d. te; t;er, mil with the A‘-~lSl41.'1CC of str. tn-'e grain that grows wild in certain parts of the MASSHU, and with which lh. -.l unwittintly huilt my fire oetore the rock. that L'_r. t~. » that gives the mind 're. at power to 1r. :‘; tl termen . >u~ distaneex into the hravenx, a- also into the hells. I recieved t . e lormul. .c for the ACofl2dion of Sacred Qflagiek % Ejite (Esoteric ‘fifgrarg % www. saer2d-magicfccom
  18. 18. _ 77Je NECR ONOMI C ON as translated by Dr. Dee 6 amulet; and talisman: which follow. which rovidc the Priest with safe pnsagc among the -spheres wherein he may travel in xeareh of the Wir om. But now, after One Thousand-and-One moons of the journe ', the Maskim ni at my heels, the Rabishu ull at my hair, Lammashta opens her dread ': tws, AZrG- OTH gloats lindlv at his throne, KUTUL raisea his head and stares up through the ‘jeils of sunlcun Varloorm, up through the Abyw, and fixes his 31.! !! upon me; wherefore I must with hate write this Book lest my end come sooner than I had prepared. For indeed, it : p ars as though 1 have failed in some regard as to the order of the rites. or to the formulae or to the sacn ICCS, for now it appears as if the entire host of ERESSKIGAL lies waiting, dreaming, droolina for m departure. I my the vods that lam saved which he is not, for 'gods' cannot save one» soul, oniiy G03) and not perisih as did t e Priest, ABDUL B N-MARTU. in jerusalem (the oda remember and have mercy upon him! ). M fate is no longer writ in the stars, for I have broken the hatldean Covenant by seeking power over the onei. l have set foot on the moon, and the moon no longer has power over me. The line: of my life have been obliterated by m wanderingx in the Waste, over the letters writ in the heavens by the gods. And even now I can hear the wolves howlin in the mountains as they did that fateful night, and they are calling my name, and the names of the thers. I fear for my flesh. but I fear for my spirit more. Remember, always, in every empty moment, to call upon the gods not to forget the for they are forgetful and very far away. Light th fires hi in the hills, and oruhe tops of temples an pyramids, that they may see and remember. , A; KEN MBER. Remember, a. lw.1 s, to copy each of the formulae as l have put it down and not to change it by one line or dot, not so much 5 hair s breadth, lest it be rendered valueless, or wont: .1 broken line provides means of entrance for those Outside. for a broken star is the Gate of GANZIR, the Gate of Death, the Gate of the Shodows and the Shells. Reeite the incantation» as they are mitten here. in the mmner thus_ rescribed. Prepare the rituals without erring. and in the proper places and times render the men ices. May the gods ever be merciful unto thee! May thou escape the jaws of the MASKIM, and vanquish the power to the Ancient Ones! AND THE GODS GRANT THE DEATH BEFORE THE ANCIENT ONES RULE THE EARTH ONCE MORE! U! SELAH!
  19. 19. The NECR ONOMIC ON as translated by Dr. Dec 7 BOOK III OF THE ZONEI AND THEIR ATTRIBU TES The gods of the Stan are Seven. They have Seven S€.1l‘», C.1Cl'I of which may he u~ed in their turn. They have Seven Color), Seven Materi, -.l lisacnces and each have .1 separate Step on the l. .i: ’icr of light». The Chaledean-. were but im erfcct in their lr. nowlcd; ;e, although they had undentanding, of the ladder, and certain of the formulae. "hey did not however, poxxc-; s the formula: for the passifls of the Gates, save one. of whom it is forebidden to spcalt The passing, of the Catcs gives the l”l'l€s'. both power and xvi‘-dam to ti»: it. He becomes able to control the aff. iir§ of his life more perfectly than before, and many have been content to merely pan the first three Gates and then sit down and go no further than that, enjoying the henilits that they have found on the prcliminarv iphcrex. But thix is Evil, for thi. ~ is no’. equipped to deal with the . itt. icl-t from W’ithout that muwt surely come, and the people will cry unto them for xafcl)’. and it will not come forth. Therefore, ~et thy face towards the ultimate cal and strive ever onward to the furthest reaches of the 5l. H'. , thou}; it mean thineown death; for such a fieallt is .1‘: .i sacrifice to the gods, and pleasing, that they will not forget thier people. The ZONEI and their attrihutc5tl1cn, are ax follows: The god of the Moon is the god NANNA. He is father of the Zonei, and eldest of the 'anderer'. He is long of beard, and bears a wand of lmi» lazuli in hispalm. and powc-e~ the ~ecret tides of hfood. llis color is Silver. His CJl‘. C£ is to be found in Silver, and in eamphor, and in thoac things hcarint; the aign ofthe Moon. He is sometimes called Sli'. llis Gate lb the {int you will pus in the rituals that follow. llis Step on the luddcr of Liphta is also Silver. Thi< is l’1i'»‘ <. :al, which you must engrave on his metal, on the Hth clay of the Moon in which vou are worl-; inp. having no other perxon about vo-. i who may watch you in lts rn. mufacturc. Being, finished, :1 should he ‘~‘r. '.ppcc‘l in A square of the finest silk and lain aside uiitill xuch time as you desire Xh use, and then. it should he removed only after the Sun has gone to rext. No ray of sunlight should stril-. e the veal. l: -'. it’-_‘po~'er be rendered nil and a new Seal mus: needs be cast. he number of NANNA IS Thirty (30) ACofledion of Sacred Qflagick % Ejlie (Esoteric ‘fifgrary % www. sacred-magicfccom
  20. 20. 7712 NE CR ONOMIC ON as translated by Dr. Dee 8 The god of Mercury is NEBO. He is a very old spirit, having a long beard, and is the gustrdian of the gods, as well as the keeper of the knowledge of Science. He wears a crown of I00 homs, and the long, robe of a riest. His color is Blue. His Essance is in that metal known as Quicltsilver. and is sometimes also foundiin sand, and in those thin '5 bearing the sign of Men: ur_v. His Gate is the 2nd you will pass in the rituals that follow. His Step on t e Liddcr of Li ’hts is Blue. This is his Seal, which you must write on peréict parchment, or on the broad leaf of a palm tree, having no other person about you who may watch you in its construction. Being finished it should be wragfed in a square of the finest silk and lain aside untill such time as you desire its use, and then, it >l’IO d only be removed when its light is in the sky. Such is also the best time for its manufacture. The number of NEBO is 12. The goddess of Venus is the most exellant Queen INNANA, called of the B-abylonians ISI {TAIL She is the goddess of passion, both of love and of war, in the heavens. She ap an as a most beautiful ladv, in the company of lions, and partakes of a subtile astral nature with the oon god NANNA. When they are in agreement that is, when their two planets are auspieiously arranged in the heavens, it is as two offering, -cups split freely in the heavens, to rain the sweet wine of the 'od. s upon the earth. And the there is great hap iness and rejoicin '. She sometimes ap 5 in armor, an is thereby a most excellent gaurdian ainst the machinations oiher sister, the drea Queen ERESHKIGAL of lUR. Vith the Name and Num er of INANNA, no Priest need fear to walk into the very depths of the Underworld; for bein armed, in Her arlmor, he is similar to the oddess. It was thus that Ideacendcd into the foul pits that ie gapinv beneath the crust of the earth. an commanded deanions. She is similarly the god ess of Love, and bestows a favorable bride upon an ' man who desires it, and who makes the re r sacrifice. BUT KNOW THAT INANNA TAlF. S H ‘R OVN FOR HER OWN. AND TH/ kg O§CE CHOSEN BY HER NO MAN MAY TAKE ANOTHER BRIDE. Her color is the urest White. Her manifestation is in the metal Copper, and also in the most beautiful flowers of a fihld, and in saddest death of the battlefield, which is that field's fairest flower. Her Gate is the Third you will pass in the rite: that follow, and in which place you will be of a heart to stay; but turn you face to the road that leads be ond, for that is our genuine goal, unlc<s the goddess chose: you. Her Step on the Ladder if Lights, bui t of old in Baby on and at UK, is White. This is her -seal, which you must engrave on Copper, Venus bein exalted in the heavens with no one about watching its construction. Being finished, it is to be wrappe in the urest sillt and Iain safely away, only to be removed when need arises, at any time. The number 0 INANNA is Fifteen, by which Number she is frequently known in the incantations of the Dispcnsation.
  21. 21. The NE CR ONOMI CON .15 translated by Dr. Dee 9 The god of the Sun is the Lord SH/ .V1.v11SI 1. son of i'ANN1. H: in nciltd upon . t throne of 5:93, waiving . t crown of two horn», holdin ‘ 1 sccftrc Joft in his ri ‘ht hm-d and A Hamc dish in hi~ liic. scndxm, rays in every direction. h: is the E, of iitc. Hi . color is . ;oI . His cmincc is to be found in 4-1.’ 5,013, mJ in A“ wldcn ob}: -ct; and phms. H: i- ~omctirr. c.~ cxlicd UDDU Hi: GJIC i-. thc Founh you ‘viii pm) in the rituzls that foflow. His sttp on the gfcfl L.1dd€| ‘ of I. i;; ht~ i»; Coid. You must cngrwc his Sal in gold when the Sun is cx. dtcd in the hcavcns. alone on A mountain top or «omc such phcc £10»: to thc mvs, but alonc. Being, finished it should be wrapped in .2 xquuc of the fincs: silk and Ltin wide until! such timc . h it i) nccdcd. Th: number of SHA. 1,‘~1ISH is ‘l'Wcnty. Th: _; nd of . 1.u'-. in [hr mi, ;hty NERCAL, H: h. L§ the had of 4 mm an thc bud)’ c-1'.1h*n, and bars A s‘-rt‘-rd and 2 filii. H: is the {pd ofwzr, and an ; .'wt of the Ancient Oncn, for he dwc. iit in CU” L for -lIE. '71C. }i: Ct>i’,1.'i .1. dark red. His cxuncctxt-1 hr 5‘ 111.3 in Iron, Jfld in :1! *v. 'c. zj, ~«. ;n. ~ rtu. ic tn spzli thr Hood cf mm znd of mi‘ mals. His Cut: ix thc Fifth you will «c as jn: -J p: << the Zr: -ncc in thv nt-tn}; tint follow. His Stcp on the Ladlcr of Lights is Red. His Sea! muxt hr cngravtd upwn : plate 0.’ Iron, ctr cu pnpcr in blood whcn Mr» is in tXJ]LiL‘n in thc h': .'ncn~. . It 1» bc 4 dwne at nivht, fir from tho hihztztinnx rrf men and of Animals, Where you c. mnr: '. be ~c-: n or hcirti. It mUt be wrsppcd fit". in hc. :v_' clc-1h. lhcn : n {inc silk, and then hid . :w: .y unziii --‘-mt‘ timr u : t nu-dud. A ACofl2dion of Sacred Qflagick % Ejke (Esoteric ‘fifgrarg 3" www. sacr2d-magickxom
  22. 22. _______________. _.__. ____________ 7725 NECR ONOMICON as translated by Dr. Dee I0 _? ___ But take are not to use this Sal l1.lS1ll)', for it 9.: 3 sharp Sword. The Number of NERGAL is Eight. The god ofjupiter is the Lord ol the M ricizns, MARDUK KURIOS of the Double-headed Axe. MARDUK ‘WM born of our father {Not of MY‘l: ther, at spiritally or otherwise. GOD is the only true fathcrl know of}, ENKI, to do battle against llhf forces of the Ancient One« and he won pO'A'C! 'f-ll light, subduing the armies of the Evil and putting the Queen of the Ancient Ones beneath his loot. That Serpent is dead, but dreams. MASDUX was bstowed Fifty Nunes md Powers by the Council of the Elder Code, which power: he rcuins to this d-I)‘. His color is Purple. His Esuncc is in the material Tin, and in Brim. His Gate is the Sixth that you will come upon in the rituzls that follow. His Step on the Lzdder of Lighu is Purple. His Seal which you must engrave on at plate of tin or bras, when Jupiter is strong in the heavcm, while making special invocations to ENKI Our Master. This shall be wrought n the others, and wnp cl in pure sillt and lsin aw: ' untill the time for its use. Know that MARDUK appears as a mighty w. irn'or wi a long heard and 1 {Liming din in his hands. He carries a bow and A quiver of arrows, md trends lboul the heavens keeping the Watch. Tzke care to summon his: assistance in only the most terrible of circumstances, for his might is po'-veriul and his anger fierce. When thou hut need of the wers of the surjupiter, call instead one of the appropriiitc powers listed within these files and they will sure y come. The Number 0lMARDUKl1 Ten.
  23. 23. 772:’ NE CR ONOMICON as trans/ area’ Dr. Dec /1 Ttxe __nrJ ot'S. .zurn ix . 'I. ’llS c. .iI. -d . "DAR. the Lord t')f!1Unl€l’ md of Strcn -th. He A"pC. nrw with . , , . , , . , . h z ‘ 2 cxuwn u. ’ norm : :*. J.1Iu:1g, sword. Wc.1rxn5:-110:1‘. ~r. :n. Hc1~thc Hm] / Inner before the lerrxlxe [C-[CL XL» color A the s. Lxr. '-. caLBI; c?. .l'1zs E~»: .n: c1~to befo; mJ1n Lead, m thc bum: embcn of tire, and m th: n;; s of dmth Jfid or : .r*. txqu:1_‘. Ihv: homx o: 1 s'. :.a, .1re has sy'mbol. H1a Cute 1» the I, ;~. : you WI” corm- upon xr‘. :hc me» tint mllnw. Hxs S: cp on the l.; fur of I. u;htx . ~ BL'. :h. You mua: rng_rwe hh Sent! on A Imcfcn phtt: or hnwl. ?.eep: r1;‘_It well hxclsn fxn: '.1:i‘ue'e of the prof'.1nc. _It fhoulri he . vr_. :ppn. i anei put : w.a_vn. xIl1heoth: 'r~. untxh us use ta JCNXFCL1. It xhouhi ne'cr‘bc rrrnoved wnen the Km xx’ tn the ~‘. -crv, but owl)’ after me nw_nt hu {Allen . zr. d the earth hru-’r‘rown bhc. -C. IL. " . 'L'1B . ’-; now« the best xwvs o the demons 111.31 prowl among, the sh. adow~, loo'rin' zur merit-ace. He '-'. nows best the tcrxitorics of the Ancient Ones the practices of’ their worshippers mdl r: lo<: ;xr§on~ of {. ".C C. ‘.te—; . Hm realm H the realm of the Nxght or Ttmc. Hr. Number 1: l'our (. ~.s the quarter: of the F. .Aflh). Tine voung_e<'. of the UNSEEN 7.0NF. l in d.1 rk YOGCOTH. unseen by the eye: of mm in the he4‘. ct1'~ .3 he doth >10“ 1). ‘ trn cl JCFO the rim. Frcrm here Are sent the mcss.1ngcr‘~ of the CKAVL[NG C} IAOS. the drud MF_E—COO who Art the imurmtinn of dxrknesa. To summon forth YUCCOTH. is to summon forth the I’OR'l‘Al_ itself. The element of YUGGOTH in Ice. The step upon the hdier of Iighu is of dAr. 'xC'. purple. The SCJI of YOGGOTH i»; such. "I he number MYOGGOTH ia said to be eight (8). but i~ known by those with the }»; no~. »'1edg, c of thing be»: left unknown .1510 be counted NINE ACofl2dion of Sacred Qflagick % Ejke (Esoteric ‘fifgrarg % www. sacr2d-magickxom
  24. 24. 71» NECR ONOMICONas translated by Dr. Dee The GLYPH of YOGGOTH, :3 shown unto me by the MEE-GOO themselves is such; The Table or Alter of Invocation
  25. 25. T/2e NE C R ON ON] C ON as tram‘/ a ted by Dr. Dee I3 l NA NNA i M/ ‘Rl)U K E N}; I E N L 1 L 5 HA MM: Sll 1 Great Table Of The ZONEI ACofl2dion of Sacred Qflagick % Ejhe (Esoteric ‘fifgrarg % www. sacr2d-magickxom
  26. 26. The NECR ONOMICON as translated by Dr. Dec 14 BOOK IV THE BOOK OF ENTRANCE AND OF THE WALKING This is the book of enteranoe to the Seven Zones above the earth. which Zones were known -as the Chaldeans, and to the Ancient Races proceeded them among the lost Tem lcs of UR. Know that these Zones are govemed by celestial spints, and that panage may be had by l e riest throu h those lands that border the Unmned Wastes beyond. Know that, when walking thus t rough the Eea of Spheres, he should leave his Watcher behind that It may ard his body and property, lest he be slain unawares and must wander throu 'hout etemity among e dark spaces between the Stars, or else by devoured by the wrathful IGIGI t at dwell ond. Know that thou must walk thy St 5 o the Ladder of Lights, each in its place and one at a time. and ‘that thou must enter the gates in the awful manner, as put down in the Covenant; else thou ist sure ost. yfinow that thou mtnst kee urificd for the space of one moon for the Entrance to the First St , one moon between the First an £cond Step, and again between the Second and Third -ans so on in lilte manner. Thou must obtain b spilling thy seed in any manner for the period of time, but thou mayest worshi at the Temple of IS AR, provided thou not loxe thine Essance. And this is a at secret. hou must needs call upon thy god in the Dawn Light and upon thy oddess in t c Light of Dusk, every day of the moon of punfication. Thou mu-at summon thy Watcher aria instruct it perfectly in its duties, providin it a time and place to where it mm: serve thee, and surround thee with a flaming sword in every direction. Thy clothing for thy Walking should be fair, clean and simple but appropriate to each Step. And thou should have with thee the Seal of the particular Step whereupon thou Walkest, which is the Seal of the Star appertaining thcreunto. Thou must need to p are an alter that face the North, having it u on thy statues of thine deities, or some sutable im tea. an o ering bowl, and a brazier. Upon the earth slilould be inscribed the Gale appropriate to the V. alkin . H above thee is the sky, so much the better. If there is a roof above thine head it must be free from I han ings. Not even a lamp should be sus dcd over thee, save in Operations of Calling, which ia scussed in a Book not vet released. lib: only light shall be from the four lamps u n the round, at each of the four Gates of the Earth: of the North, one lamp; of the East, one lamp; 0 the Soufit, one lamp; and of the West, one lamp. The oil should be pure with no odor, or else sweet~smclling, . or especially appropriate to the Star where thou wouldst desire Entrance after thy lasion of thy country.
  28. 28. 772e N15 CR ONOMIC ON as translated by Dr. Dee Q THE THIRD GATE THE FOURTH GATE "" ii? ) H II THE FIFTH GATE THE SIXTH GATE _ . l_. L‘ .4 n.
  29. 29. T/ Je NECR ONOMICON as translated c’1yDr. Dee I 7 THE SEVENTH GATE THE EIGHTH GATE THE NINTH GATE ACofl2dion of Sacred Qflagick % Ejke (Esoteric ‘fifgrarg % www. sacr2d-magickxom
  30. 30. 772:3 NECR ONOMICON as translated by Dr. Dee I8 And the Walking must follow the formulae herein described: First thou must observe the moon of purification. In this time thou mayest not eat meat for the space of seven days preceedin I the last day of the moon thou mayest not eat anythin‘ whatsoever, save to drink sweet water. On the at three da thou must invoke. in addition to thy 5 and goddess thy Three Great Elder Ones, ANU, ENLIL, NR1, by their proper invocations. And the Number of ANU is si ', the perfect Number. for he is Father of the Heavens. And the Number of ENLIL is fifty. and he is Fat er of thy Wind. And the Number of ENKI is forty, 2 mm‘. exellant Number, and he is the Father, of . ill who would tread these forgotten paths and wander into lands unknown, among the Wastes amid the fii-'htful monsters of the Azonei. gccond on the night of the Walking which must be the 13th night of the moon, having begun on the previous 13th ni'-ht, thou must approach the Gate with awe and res t. Thy Temple is excersised, thou must light thy "ire and conjure it, by the invocation of the God 0 Fire, and pour incense thereon. Thou must make offer-in to the dieties on the alter. Third, thou must light the four lamps from the flarrting, brazier, recitingt e invocation proper to each of these Watchtower: in its proper place, summonin the respective Star. Thi thou must recite the im-ocatatioi-i of the Watcher, thi-usting, the sword imp thy earth at its station, not touching it untill it is at the appointed time for Its departure Fifth, thou must take th Seal of the Star in thy ri ht hand, and whisper its Name softly upon it. Sixth, thou must recite t e invocatation of the Wa kin . loudly, and in a clear voice, as thou wall-test about the Gate in a circular fasion. beginning at the l§'orth, walltin to the East, then to the South, and then to the West, the Number of times bein - us] to the s ' Number of the Star. Seventh. thou must needs arrive baclt at the center 0 the Gate. gecfjre thine alter, at which time thou must fall to the ground lool-ting neither to the right nor left at what may be moving there, for these Operations attract many kinds of wandering demons and ghosts to the Gate, but in the air above the alter, whereupon thou wilt see the Gate resently opening for thee and the spirit messenger of the Swhere, reeting thee in a clear voice an giving thee .1 Name, which thou must remember. for that is the blame o the Passing, thy Gate which you must use Each time thou puscth thereby. The same Spirit- Mcsscn er will meet thee and, if thou ltnoe not thy Name, will forbid thee entrance and thou wilt fall to the cart immediatly. When the First Gate has been entered and Name reeieved, thou wilt fall back to earth amid thine Temple. That which has been moving about th ' Gate on th ' ‘round will have gone. Recite thine thanlcsgivint; to th u on thine alter, strike thy Sword of the bimim that It mat d art, and give the incantation ofliA. A. which says how she conquered the realm of the underworid’and vanquisheth KUTULU. All ldirnmu will vanquish thereby and thou wilt be thus free to depart the Gate and estinguish the Fire. Thou mayest not call upon NANNA till thou hast used the Gate of NANNA. Thou mayest not call NEBO untill his Gate is passed, similarly to the rest oithe Gates. When thou hast ascended to the Limit of the Ladder of Lights, thou wilt have ltnowled e and power over the S heres. and will be able to summon them in times of need. This will not give tiioe power over the ABS however this wer being obtained differently by the ritual of the Descent This Ritual thou will undertake in the 1 th day after the 13th of the month when thou hast summoned the Gate of Marduk to open. For MARDUK slew the Feinds, and INANNA. the goddess of the 15, conquered the Netherworld where some of theirs still dwell. This is a most perilous rite and can be undertaken by any man who has the formulae wether he has passed the previous Gates or not, save that it is best advised to pass through MARDUK Gate
  31. 31. _j__ T/1c NE C R ON ON I C ON as Ira 715/axed by Dr. Dee I 9 hclor: 'Cf‘lIUl'lfi; " forth into the it. For thi- reason few hue ever opened the (Site of ADAR. and «pol-ten to the Hozned One who reudeth there And give All fIt. .i. ’1!ICt of wiwdortt teg, .trdm; _; to Opentlons of nccromancv, mi of the ~pcll~ that h: t~'. t-n unto Cl‘: .tIl‘l. Onlx when thou hut shown thv power over the ‘vl. t~kim . t."1-dllif Rahxehu m. ._‘ext thou enture forth into the L. zt'. t5 ot the lGl(}L And for th. t'. renon ‘-V; thi~ Coenant m. ..le, tht: none 5lI. :ll 3.. lely '. llk through the Sunken Valleys of the l)e. :d 't‘: fore hz‘. ‘in_. -, . ‘.»: er. .l: :tl to , ‘vlr‘Rl7L7l'§. nor -h4l5 they bfC. kCl1 the C. tte th. t'. lie heyortd ADAR untzll they luv: .~: en tl‘ - ~i5n< oi" the Mad Cod md felt the fury of the huili--h Queen. And . _‘n"t the ; nc: e:*. t One» there §~ only dcleme. Only . t madmm, lx1deed. such . '~ I am c. tlle. l!, can hope to on-r 0'-ver Them that dwell in the Outer Spaces. for their power unknown .1fld(l'tL‘ number of their llozdew uncounted, .t. nJ e. u:h day they breed more horror. tlun . « mans mind can cn. ".cei‘c. the sight of which he cm hardly bear. There wts 2 time when the Gate to the Outside wa-4 open um lam; Jfid l ‘«‘l1H('('d .2 horror th. :t strsck. of which words cmnot tpcxk, and of which writing, em only cnrtluae. The : rtcEcnt One tl". .tI h. td escaped into the Inner World was forced baclv. through the (Site by : . m. xy, ici. m of v, ;re. zt nu er. but at A grctt low to the 'ill. z;_; es and llock~ of the Isl tnd. sheep were «lain Jlltf . m umutur. t f: .~§r, -n. and many devoned, and many Bedoa rendered ~t'n. ~’: lcs; for the mxnd gwrcicvea ~ tut it i~ ahown. but the stght of the Anclent Ones‘ Ex .1 hlnphcmy to the ordimry senses of 4 n1tn, forthe} come trorn A world that is" not strxlght, but crooked. and thctr exlstmce is of form: unn. =.turt'; md ptinful to the eye md to the mind. whereby the xpirit ix threatened tnd wrenches loose from the body in tli, -ht, md for tlut reason the fearful utuklzu xul take possesion of the body md dwell therein untili the (‘next hmixh them htc}; to whence they came and the norm. tl spirit mny retum to itx er~. t»'hile neighborhood. And there are the Cl ICU . frightful dot; -lsced demon“. that are the . les»ent; cr. s of the Gods of Prey, and that chew on the er_v hone~ of .4 mm. 0!’ these ones, I shall ~pc. ;'r. of more later. And there are many other ct’ which it is no’. the ri», ',htt'ul place wherein thev be mentioned sue to warn the Pris-~t Jlglfifil . uT1bl{l0’. l~ stri'in; ;1'_a, ln~t the Antzlent Ones of the Outsicfc, untill mxstcry is Jcqutred over the p0'~'cr~th.1t reaisle 'L"1tltxn. Onlv when 1DzR h. ts been ohuincd. mav the Priest eonwider hirnxelf . . mstster over the Plme» of the S"‘h€fCs md nhlc to wrestle with the Oll) GODS . Once l)c. .th Her~t-ll ha been ~t. .rcd in the Eye CA” the l‘n'e«: then suxnrnon and contro the den"/ ien» of DeAth's dtrl-zly CUnV‘En€d‘ h. tll-. . Then he cm hope to open the Gate without fe. '.r and without that loathing of the <'trtt th. .t xlstys m. an. Thcn t: .1n he hope to h: tvc power over the demons that pl. ‘-t’_UC the mind and hody p'. :llin—' 4: the hstlr And , ;r. t~nin; ,', the hands, and . 're. tmin5 the vile N. trnc into the Airs of the Night. ‘or wlut conzcx on the Wxnd cm only be shin by he who knows the Wind; md Wl'tal comes on the Sc» cm only be sltln be he who knows the Waters. Thus it lx written in Ancient Covemnt. OF THE AMULET OF PASSAGE Inwrlhe upon lrnn, -. El'. 'er or hone thew: symbolx. md the watcher ind gu.1rdi. an at the gate l’l. All he m. :--»t fre. -‘. tl'. _v unto the. Wt-. .r1t '. ro; :x: d thy ncelr. .l'u 4 uymlvol unto the wpirit-V. lt luzh the power to mgke man)’ -punt» zrentlly unto thee. ACofl2dion of Sacred Qflagick % Ejke (Esoteric ‘fifgrarg % www. sacr2¢f-magickxom
  32. 32. The AECRONOMICON as translated by Dr. Dee 20 THE AMULET or PASSAGE ’
  33. 33. T/ Je NECR ONOMICON as translated by Dr. Dee 21 BOOK V BOOK OF THE WATCHER I-Icrcm an: (R: ~umm0nir. ,v_-. or’ the WATCHER ~. 'l*: J shzll prmecx, and of the nKu. Is of the 1n''C. IF, f"1' COD5 OF OLD ‘rhv zc mm: -s 1rL'{v). '}'_r‘. TItn by th: 5:13. of mm. '1 }‘. .1r. ?.s m xI_L. ‘H. From Lizcxr OLD ONES thy 0:13;. ‘ rrou~ct: "-n 1:; -'»wi1hxn lhc cider -; §;_n, '-vhich may ', ;i'-‘eixz am: prru-cncn. Am} The EIf)F. R 5lGf : ~ thug Prrpzrm-1’h}' F. l_DI§R SlC. ' upon 1n amulct of IRON or SILVER and 'r; a:p1tc1ns<-unm Eran, And in ‘EF fdhpf the SACKIFICED, place ll upun thy GUARDED THRESHOLD. lmtrtwc it upon thy ‘aueapon of C. ar. x.~ 1r‘. ’ 1'. 1: 41:‘) 1.1'»Vfultn '. '.'r. xr u on .1 ring of iron rr ulvcr Prrparc'n1)'BIil. l. OF S '. 1.10.'L'G, Kccp it xrrapcd m SILK of BLACK unul i: z» L1l'! I¢‘f(). ' it's uu: _!c-,1.-1 ‘ - u ~01 by mozhcr. CEREMONY OF THE BELL OF SUMMONING (1.cL the . I-, ;;. '}~. un hwc .1’. h. u'. J hiu bcU -Uld rod) I<N. ‘'7"}~fl [All [All SPIRITS OF T} 1}‘ STARS - RI-‘_1l-‘MBER1 'l'1:'1.T KI; ‘'GZU TEHUTI . ‘~‘IEI"I'l IATA THF. FOU. ’D/ TIONS OF THE HF. /'F’. ‘ QU: 'Kl-'. ‘. “’lTH T! {E CAI. l,l. 'C} OF T! {E FORBIDDEN I'A. LES F. H'TLIl, U H; :S'l‘F R Y-. .!1.»T1{ER ! L'"RI7.1'-'. }lKA’I'l {ER ACofl2dion of Sacred Qflagick % Ejke (Esoteric ‘fifgrarg % www. sa. cr2d. '-magickxom
  35. 35. T/ Je NECR Oz’O.1!lCON as trazzslazed Dr. Dec 23 . A/_* / GLYPH OF 'n-m ¥"ATC¥ {ER INVOCATION OF THE BLACK FLAME OF MORTALAR The 15!. -.; '-. Fhznc xx f~. ind. 'rd _~p. d xhc Gnu of the ABYSS s‘-vxng wide open, rcvuling, the dreaded Dximon ‘~ zmhcr who comes fonh KO wer}. H1: M31 upon crc. .:: nn! Beware foolxfsh mr-rnls, for its is my double which :1 ‘‘. vcr= .'?1cs and apps: -rs 'm: !'t. ‘rc )1-! LR-? n_«Li' S. a_'uh AZ/ CrT} IOTH, 1 m: the "pd of)'c»zcrd. ;y, today’, md tomorrow - the Cuudim of Txmc md Iitcrnxtjv! IA! I .1111; So'crci; n.' Umquc? Un. ,:fxYcd : n X'i, siam! Unmmzchcd 1n Sxrcngghl / ccomp! isI". cdY My luii upon the c'; cmcr. Ls ms Lhc ~phcr: s cf lhc ZONE] to ucrvc mc md thc force» of Tl1. X: T~ TIiIl‘§x. £NL)4' to mamfcsx my dcsum-5?? ! Ar-Rm! !! Enlcr into Khix ‘xorkinl; by the words 0f'xhi; h follow: THU THU LHU . 'YAR RA HOTEP 'OGORA. ’ l7.'}Ll-AN-T1 IILARANE ACofl2dion of Sacred Qflagick % Ejke (Esoteric ‘fifgrarg % www. sacr2d-magickxom
  36. 36. 779e NECR ONOMIC ON as translated Dr. Dee 24 THE RITE OF COMMUNION UNTO KTHULU AND THE CALI. Tl‘I}'-IREIN The Temple of KTHULU h.1ll be sptrsely lit. No images or icons of the God should be preterit within the temple, for manifestation it to take place only through the Hoct. No amulet: or decanted robe: .m: to be wom. Within the temple shell also be the cerimonial drums. Thou shall use the following weapons ofthe . tn ‘iclul: The iron or ohxidizn tlngger scribed with the rytnbo of GREAT KTHULU. to trace the Elder Sign; the Chalice of Brincgymbolitint; Crezt KTHULU‘: watery grave, to recieve the Communion from the Hcwt of KTHULU, Afld to convey it to the Celebnnts of the DARK RITE. The symmetrical Trapezoid of Invocition nlull be inscribed or drawn out in white or blue chalk upon the ground before the Priest. its shortest edge shall be unto the West wherein lie Dxrk R'lyeh. The Celcbrnnt who is to manifest the Hon shall sit within the Tnpaoid at this side, facing inward. The Pn'e. st nits within the Eastern side, facing the Host. The Worshippcrs ulte their positions to the North and South, within the points of the Trapezoid. — Stanclin the Priest of KTHULU performs the primary bznishment o the Elder Sign. The Priest shdl now resume the seated position before the Host, md doth make the Call unto KTHULU, SAYING: Ph'nglui mg, lw'n: nfh KTHULU R'l)'eh wg_ah'nagl lhun The Host and the Wonhippen shzll answer this call: lzl hl KTPIULU Ihtagnl The Priest slull now chutt KTHULU R'lyeh lhtagnl KTHULU R'l}'eh fhtagnl KTHULU R'l)‘elI flttatgnl KTHULU R'| yeh lhugn! The worshippers tlnll join with thin invocation, At the moment of possession, the power and identity ofthe GREAT GOD KTHULU will be dr. -twn into the body of the Host. At the last instance before total poucssion, the Hos": calls forth the name of the God, His power is radiated forth by the Priest, who doth hold out the Chalice to collect emanation: from R'lyeh. When the Drums of KTHULU have yet pIS‘¢d from the Host the Priest slull offer the collected etmnzttions for consumption
  37. 37. " , 71): INECR ONOMICONas translated by Dr. De: The TRAPAZOID of INVOCATION THE DARKBINDING OF THE SORCERERS Ana Eu ma; ilnni mm‘ ° hi knnu nhi munhitum lullatum luuumtum Alli hanntum' u mmnitum Anjufm kshdgqtu lg Eh uautn ubbu-unm min :1 khmiéa nshiuu-ucli-in Ixndikula nhlu mush: u urn im! I". '.*'. ‘“-° 95-? - nm: 1 tutu Hi In nubu-u xiduti lfinaimmn ilani nbuti shims-4 dnbnbi Diui dim alakti limdn II muonlnti aha mushi lipuhum ruxishn limnuti Pinln In-u ZALLU Iiahnnusha Lu—u Tubtu ACoH¢dion of Sacred Qflagick % aim (Esoteric flrary % www. sacred—mu. gick. com 25
  38. 38. 77:: NECRONOMICONM tnmslazed by Dr. Dee SIM sum Iimutti—in Rim: ZALLU littrmk -ru iptljetushn xufluqu mat mulls-n uen Ina qibi! iqbu-o ilani mushituxn ANOTHER BINDING OF THE SORCERERS Salumu-11' ' inn ' upn-a duppin Sulnuni-in an. Tmhm-ills duppin Salaam-n' ' inn bi'uhA duri tqn-I rt Snlmnni-is inn Tasha: -1' ‘Ila ' Suhmni-is inn bi‘IIu dnri upn-a duppnn Sulmmi-in inn bi'shn dnri llptl-I duppin 26
  39. 39. T/ ye NECR ONOMICON as translated Dr. Dee 27 THE MAKING OF THE SPACE MEADE Being Yc ALCIIIii'IIC1L ()pcr.1tion Thou rnu~L lint §~, rir. d in thy mnrtcr I50 Brinru of yc wad of thc moming glory pl. i:‘. t. In 130 cc. of pczrolcum czhcr, IJ. l.l(ll1C sccdx for thc tpm of two d. z)-’<. Th: -n thou mm’. tiltcr thc xolution through 2 tight ~. :rccn. I)i»c. rd thin Ilt uiJ. sand . i.llow thc s: cd mu. ~h to dry. For the ~. ',*. .n ol two more dive allow the mush to soak Again in H0 cc. of wood alcohol. Filter thc solution again, .15 .1l)o’c. Yct must thou 's.1'Cll1I'~ liquid . ‘l. ".(. l Thou muxt now label it . a.~ ‘Solution ALPI’lA'. Kcwoak thc mush in 110 cc. of wood alcohol for yct two days morc. Filter agiin. Yet this time throw nwy tht mush. Add thc liquid from thc second soaking of the mush to thc solution than hut Lihclcd ; » ‘Solution : I. I’I"I. ''. ’ Now doth thou pour the alchcmiczl liquid into thy comiinution tr. a_v md allow it to CVJPOTJIC thcrcfrom. ‘"ncn yct .111 the Ill uid hath c'. '.ipor. u: d, ; : golden )'cllo~. v rexin or gum xlull rennin. This should be wrap-cd up and xtorcnl xx thou wmt. 30 grams of this mead: xthould thux be ingcstcd to providc flight unto the Acthcrn. ACofl2dion of Sacred Qflagick % Ejke (Esoteric ‘filgrarg % www. sacr2d-magicfgcom
  40. 40. The NE CR ONOMICON as translated by Dr. Dec 28 BOOK VI OF THE OPERATION NECROMANTIC The nethermost cavems are not for the Iathoming of eyes that see; for their marvels are stranger and terrific. Cursed the ground where dead thoughts lie new and oddly bodied, and evil the mind that is held by no head. Wisely did [BAN SCHACABAO say, happy is the town where no wiurd hath lain, and happy the town at night whose wiurds are all ashes. It is verily known b few but nevertheless an attestable fact, that the will of a dead sorcerer hath power upon his own y and can raise it up from the tomb and perform therewith whatever action was unfulfilled in life. Know that such resurrection: are invariably for the doing of malevolent deeds and the detriment of othcn. More readily, though, can the corpse be animated if all its members have yet remained intact; and yet there are cases in which the excelling will of the wizard hath reared up from death the sundcred pieces of a bod hewn in very many fragments, and hath yet caused them to serve his will to his end-s, either separate y or in a tcm orary reunion. But in every instance, after the action hath been accomplished, the body dot lapse back into its former state. For of old it is rumor that the soul of the devil-bought hastes not from his charnel cla , but doth fat and instruct the Very worm that gnaws; til out of corruption doth horrid life spring. and e dull scavengers of earth wax crafty to vex it and swell monstrous to plague it. Great holes secretly an: digged where earth's pores ought to suffice and truly, things have learnt to walk that on ‘It! to cniwl. Be care ul not to call u that which you cannot put down. May this hold true in all operations of INVOCATION and EVO ATION which thou dost attain. In the land of CHALDEE Idid learn from the wizards of a spell most potent, being, an indication of a man's life. Talte thou a good quantity of Venal blood lukewarm as it came out of the vein, which being alchemicallyp ared with spirit of wine and other ingredients. is at last made up into a candle, which once being ind ed never goo. out until the death of the art whose blood it is composed of; for when he is sick or in danger, it burns dim -and troubled, and w en he in dead, it in quite cxtm i-hcd. Other candles may be made by the fiends from the fat of children ncwbom, or BORN. These being the latter, are most alw-a preferred to be used by the pr-actor of the ART NECROMANTIC. A5 did I thus leam also 0 a candle, said to be made from the hand of a criminal. sentenced unto death. This hand, thus enchante was often made use of by thieves and those of low and questionable repute, for when lit and did thus urn. would not allow the sleeper within the room in which the candle resided to awake from his deepest of slumber. Among the NECROPOLIS did I thus dwell. The crypts and tombs did I search, hoping that they would give up their acon old secrets. And they did. I did speak unto the GHUIS of the desert, the eaters of the dead, who whisper cccretv best forgotten by living men. From them I did learn of horrid secrets. From them I did learn of the invocation of the obscene and loathxomc od GATHANAR the EATER OF THE SOULS OF THE DEAD. This. is one the OLD GODS Itnown of unto the kindred
  41. 41. The NE CR ONOMICON as translated by Dr. Dee 29 of the Cl IUI5. Th: GUI) o. ( f:xTER5 OF C/ RRIO. ''. GxTH1N: R, who is wonhipcd by the GHUI. with uns’p. xckaH: ritcs below the c2r1h. . A CHARM MOST USEFUL AGAD$TTHEDEAD DANZARG AN ZARGD NZARGDA ZARGDAN ARGDANZ RGDANZA GDANZAR OF SUMMONING THE DEAD The opcmxion thus bcingficrformcd .11 1+‘: g, r.wc or crypt of he who xhou doth wixh no convcn-: . Thus opcrmon bcxng, don: 41 1 c mxdnxgnz hour. Burn thou the mccnsc of J'n. u‘OdlJ, md u-um; thy dgggcr of an and bI. zc'z-; candle of summonxng, lhou should know the spin! :0 'nc call; -d well bcforc auernpiing this operation. [A ! Shul>1'i; ,'_; ;urn1h! I invoke thcc ~pirit~ of thc flunc! I in'o3-'. c lhcc spirits of {he air! Iinvokc the: ~. {rim of the earth! HYSORGA! '1“. /}v‘lON KARAZAN! Sririts of xhc c. -mh. Civc up thy ~: crct. s, Rclczsc them from lhc cold gr»-p oflhy ho~om! I invoke the: mirhs of (hr czrth! HYSORG. -x! TEILMON KARAZAN! By Khc unholy mm»: I thus invoke! From Ihc ; ,r: r~. Of thc root. » 1 Al ch07-; c. By the mmc of the She (Son of the Wood. Who hsm . ~ thouumd young! IA! SHLIB—I‘ICSGUR1TH! ACofl2dion of Sacred Qflagick % Ejke (Esoteric ‘fifgrarg % www. sacr2d-magickxom
  42. 42. The NECR ONOMIC ON as translated by Dr. Dee IA! TANANAN KIPRAZORDA! IA! ORKAZONAR ZER'KKTRAYR IA! SHUB-NIGGURATH! S irit of N. fine Name doth compel! thee. Inow do call thee forth from the abyss. . Sl%irit of N. e Nu-nc doth compel! thee. Come now to this lace, Into this circle I thee S hit of N. The Name doth com ! thee. Come unto me, and s ow thy self. For thou shalt answer fully and truthful)’ And be compelled to do my bidding. SO IT IS I IA! TANANAN KR’RAZORDA! IA! TANANAN KIVRAZORDAI IA! ORKAZONAR ZEIVKKTRAYR IA! SHUB-NIGGURATI-I! 30
  43. 43. 772:: NECR ONOMICON as translated by Dr. Dee BOOK VI GRAND CONJURATION OF THE FIRE GOD Spirit of the Fire, Remember! GIBII. , Spirit of the Fire, Remember! GIRRA, S irit of the Flames, Remember! Oh God oTFirc. mighty ~on of ANU, Mo»: terrifying among Thy Brothers, RI>2I 0 God of the I: um. «ce, God oIDestru:1inn, Remember! Ki»: up, 0 C-o<. I of Fire. GIBIL. in Th ' Maicsty, md devour mxenimicx! GIBIL GASHRU U. VIUNI YAND RU TUSI ITE YI’. SI'I SHIR II. LANI U MA YALIU! GISIIB. -R IA 2! IA [A Z! DINGIR GIRRA K1'. 'PA! Ri~: up, ~on of the I‘I. uning, T)I>i( of ANU! Rim up. offspring of the GoIdem / upon of MARDUKI It is not I, but ENKI, .‘vI. i.~. -tcr of M-"'ICl. lES who summons Thee! It ix" not L hut MARDUK. Siayer 0 the Serpent, who c.1IIs Thee here now! Burn the E'iI and the Eviidiocr! Burn the Scorcer and the Scorcerru! Sing; Them! Burn Them! Destroy Them! Consume Their powers! Carr)‘ Them . xw.1y! Ki»: up, GISHBR BA GIBBIL BA CIRRA Z! AGA KANT’/ ! Spirit of the God of Fire, Thou an conjured! I. "KKA. I. !A. 'Ui"U! ACofl2dion of Sacred Qflagick % Ejke (Esoteric ‘fifgrarg % www. sacr2d-magicfgcom 31
  44. 44. 772:2 NECRONOMICON as translated by Dr. Dec 32 BOOK VII THE BOOK OF MAKLU OF THE BURNING OF THE EVIL SPIRITS Here are the Banishments, the Burning. -4, and the Bindings handed down to us by ENKI, the Master. They are to be preformed over the AG/ MASS SSARATU (which is explained in Book 8) by the Priest, with the appropriate images. as described herein. The incantatiom must be recited after the Watcher has been summoned, and he will do the deeds set down for him by the incantations. When he returns, he is to be dismissed as set down previous! . Know that, when images are used, they must be lésrinedhutterly, and the ashes buried in safe ground w ere none maylind them, else to touch them would Cl‘ . Know that the Evil Spirits are principally Seven, for the Seven Ma-skim who tear awa the heart of a man and mock his Gods. And their magick is very strong, and they are the Lords over t c shadows and over the depths of the Sen, and reigned once, it is said, over MAGAN, whence the came. The ban- ishin s, or excorvisoms, are to be said in 2 clear voice without tremblin , without s aking. The arms should be held over the head in the attitude of a Priest of SHAMM/ SI§, and the eyes must behold the S irit of the God SHAMMASH even though it be the time of the Sleeping 0! SHAMMASH behimd the . ountain of the Scorpion. No word wust be changed. These must not be shown to any but the properly instructed. To show them to anyone other is to auk the cube of NINNGHIZHIDA on yourself and upon your generations. The Book MAKLU of the Burnings: THE EXCORCISM OF THE CROWN OF ANU The Priest, in time of peril. Shall put on the spotless white crown of ANU with the Eight-raycd Seal and stand in the prescribed manner with the Tablets of Calling on his breast and the copper dagger ol INANNA in his right hand aloft For it is said, if a man builds a Iire. does' he not build it in a Pit, that he might not be harmed thereby? Thus it is true of the UDUGGU we call, for they are like Fire and every caution must be used lest they comume the magician and his entire generation. Thus, the Excorcisrn of ANU I have put the Starry Crown of Heaven, the potent Disk of ANU on my head That .1 kindlv Spirit and a kindly Watcher Like the God that hath me May stand at my head alw. zy. ~. Tolift me to favor with the Elder Gods UDUGGHUI. ALLACHUL MALLACHUL
  45. 45. T/ Je NE CR ONOM IC ON as mms/ azed by Dr. Dec 33 xmsQmcnt;1_ D[. '(jU"(jl'lUI. Nnlf‘. ‘i1Sp§r5t Ku [H1 Ucnnm No 1:211 Cred No Evil Fzcnd . '0 HQ} Dcmon No FiItr; ~I{, .xinr_ Demon No Thicving I)c! ‘.'mn . 'n Sh1;i»)w of (h: Night No Shcil of (EC Ni ‘h! N0 . li. ~:rc~~ of 1'h. cfi): n1on No Offs'$rin. '_O{ll*1L' Demon -. 'o M ‘spcn . 'o Iinchmzmcnl No Scorccrv NO EVIL r; ' THE VVYORII) OR U. ‘DliR IT OVER T} {E WORLD OR INSIDE THIS WORLD ' MAY SEIZE ME HERB BARRA A: "1‘E Mll. l')A! Zl DINGER ANNA KANT’/ ! 7.! DINCILR KIA KANl’A! CxCCA. 1ANNU! CONJURATION AGAINST THE SEVEN "'HO LIE IN WAIT The)‘ 1."! Scvcn Thc} JYC Scvcn In the depth: of : h: Occ. u1,1}1:: y.«rc Scvcn In the shmin" hc.4cn. *.~. l}1C)'.1rc Scvcn They proccc from the occm depths They prunzccd from the hidden rctrut Thcy AI’: n: i1hcr 272;]: nor fcm. ‘-lc 'l'hc~c ‘vhich ~1rc; chlhcmv: l'cs out like chains The)’ h. wc no xpom: Th: -y bcfigct not chxldrcn T}-my : .rx: : r:. n;_er‘- K0 charity They i_; ,nnre pmyer The" ~: ot'f at *~~'§~'m-~ They an: uh: vcnninlhatcontz‘-fo. '1§: fromlhc . 1n'. xn: .xins O{. ‘1AS}! U Encmics nf Our . 1.Lslcr [INK] They ar: the vcmpcnnzc of the Ancient Oflcx Raiszng up difficuhic. O§*L1inin5', p()wcr lhrc. -.: ,;?1 wic. '~. cdrr~~ Th: Encmxcsi Ti“. -: lnlcrnic-»Y The Sc'cn Ifncmics! They . zrc Sc-vcn! Thcy Aft 5-svcn! ACofl2dion ofsacredgfla ick % Ejke (Esoteric ifira. % www. sacr¢d-ma 'ck. com 9 "Y 9‘
  47. 47. T/ ye NE CR ON OH I C ON as in: 225/area’ by Dr. Dee 35 7,1 IHNGIR . IN. : . ‘~'IAA A L)I. 'GIR NINNLIL LAAGE I*LANI’. » / J L)L. 'C; lR SSISGI CISH MA SAGUA DAA . ‘I IDDA EN. 'L‘BAI-LE, 1A Ii. -. 'I‘A ZI I)I_1(3lI{ BI’I. -l%BHAR L'GAL DIiKL'I) UIXGIR RI I€. .". 'I: (‘. I‘ KA. 'I'A ZI DINGIR . 'I. ''I I)UGGAA. 'I DINCIR A . ’'; 'UNNA IA AN S. -G(‘n'NlJU; 'GA GATHA KANPAI THE EXCORCISM AGAINST GREAT AZAG-THOTH AND HIS EMMISSARIES (An imtsc muat be made of A lhrur1c~ch. zir, And put into the tI. -tmea. of the AGA MASS SSARATU = »'h: Ic chmtxng, the IoIIo'. ‘in: :, excorcism) B033! Boil! Burn! Burn! LPIVUX XUL IA 1RDl'I'AI ‘ho art thou, whoa: -son? ‘hn AH thou, whom dzucghter? ''h. tt qoreery, VVILII s cII<. , hxx brought thee here? Ms)‘ FNKI, M3--tcr of; Izgicims, free me! I. ._v ASHARILUDU, son of ENKI. free me! I. ty they hring to nmght your viIe ~C0t'CCfIC'I I chxin ‘vs: --.1! I hind you! I delner vou to GIRRA Inrd of the Fhmes 'h0~e ~<. ~1r< burm. C! ICI). lIn< OI whom even mighty KUTULU his fur! _I. '.y GIRRA. the Ever-buming One. give strength to rm’ Arms! .‘t. .y GIBIL, the Lord of Fire. '_lVC power to my mxgic‘. -.3’ Injustice. murder. Iree‘, of the Ioin» Rending, the howels, devouring, of the Heath, and middflcss In AII w. tys h; Lst thou ertecuted me! May Cc-3 of CHAOS! I; _v GIRRA In-e me! A7.A(§-'I'H()'I‘H TA AIUJATAI IA MARDUK! IA MARDUK! IA AS/ I. I.UXI! You have cho~en me for A co ~c. You h. .ve tichiered me to thergkull. Yo-. z h. zve ~ent I’hmtom~ to h. '.unt me. You h. .e ~cnt . ‘.! T1I‘tf'C5 to htunt me. To the »‘. zndcri1t, ; (ihmts of the V'. t~te-. , h; 'c you delivered me. To the I‘h. -tntoms of the f. aIIen ruins, have Vou delivered me. Open Thy Mouth In Scorceries Agginst NI: No Here! I h. t‘. 'c hmded thine imtj. :_e over Into the flxmes of CIBII1 Burn, “.23 Fiend! I’»o: I, Mad God! . I: ._' the burning CIRRA untie thy I’. n0hI Mty the II. i."| ",C> OICIISII. untiu your cord! . I. ~y the Ltw of the Bumin; xeizc your thro1tI ACofl2dion of Sacred Qflagick % Ejke (Esoteric ‘fifgrarg % www. saer2d-magicfgcom
  48. 48. __ The NECRONOMICON as translated by Dr. Dee 36 . rI. xy the Law of the Burning avenge me! It i-- not I. but MARDUK. son of ENKI. .I1s'tct3 in Nlzgich, that commmds thee! KAKK AMN. IU! KANPAI INCANTATION AGAINST THE ANCIENT ONES (To be recited each year, when the Bear hangs from its Tail in the Heavens) Destntctive storm~ md Evil winds Aft they An evil blast, herald of the baneful storm ' They are mighty children, Ancient One» Heralds of Pestilence Throne-bearers of NINNKIGAL They are the flood which rusheth through the land Seven Gods of the Broad Heavens Seven Gods of the Broad Earth Seven Ancient Ones are The)’ Seven Gods of Might Seven Evil Gods Seven Evil Demons Seven Demons of Oppression Seven in Haven Seven on Earth UTUG XUL ALA XUL GIDIM XUL MULLA XUL MASQIM XUL 21 AA NA KANPAI 7.! KIA KANPA ZI DINCIR ENLIL LA LUGAL KURKUR RA GE KANPA! 7.1 DINGIR NINLIL I. A NIN KURKUR RA GE KANPA! ZI DIN-GIR NINIB IBILA ESHARRAGE KANPA! Z1 DINGIR NINNI NIN KURKUR RA GE KANPA! ZI DINGIR A NUNNA DINGIR GALCALLA F. NF. KANPA! Z1 DINGER ANNA KANPAI ZI DINGIR KIA KANPA! BABABARARARA AVTE MALDADA! BABABARARARA ANTI3 GEGF. E: ’F. ;'Ii!
  49. 49. 77.76’ NE C R ON 0‘ 1-1 I C ON as Ira 7251:: red by Dr. Dec 3 7 The Conuration XILQA XILQA BESA BESA or A Most Exe am Charm Aginst the Hordes of Demons, etc. Arm! Ariacl Co f. :r . nv. -yl Co hr . m'; )'! B: ~hAmcdl Be »h. zn1:. lll'lcv: lFlcc! Turn AFC-Ulld. go, arise . m.l go far . m'. ayl Your w§cl. c.. l:1c~~ m: y rixc to ltcucn like unto smol-cc! zri<c . mJ luv: my body! From my body, dcpan xn shxmcl From my body tlccl Tum 1’1'3r0m mv body! Co 1-way from my hody! Do not return to my body! - Do not come ncnr my body! Do not .1 prmch my body! [)0 not 1 No.1,; .1l’0Uf‘. d my body! B: commanded byShunm1sh the . 1jghty! Be commzndcd by Enki, Lord of All! Be commmdcd byM1rdul'. .thc Great Mzgician of {he Godd Be commanded bv the (10.1 of Fire, your Destroyer! . VLny you be held hacl»; from my body! The Conjuration of the Mountains of MASHU or MADNESS M)’ the mounuin overpower you! ll-hy {hr mounhun hold you back! My the mountain conquer you! M. xy the m-zmnmin llr-I; -,l‘: tcn you! . h_v1hc mounmin shake you to the core! ,‘hy the mountain hold you in check! .l.1_~. ' the mountain subject you! Nlay {hr mounuin cover you! . '1.2y the mE, ;l~. Iv mount. -in f. xll on you! Vl. ay you he held incl‘. from my body! ACofl2dion of Sacred Qflagick % Ejke (Esoteric ‘fifgrarg % www. sacr2d-magickxom
  50. 50. The NECRONOMICON as translated by Dr. Dee 38 BOOK IX THE TABLES OF THE UNSPEAKABLE NAMES E Herein is the table ~hcwn unto me by stAr- spaw servents of the DARK ONES. Hereby 'th n the where-~ met md wx i onlv mad xx an 1th for th olish. ‘Know um um KNOVLF. DG .2 . URSED b at uh: same (3005 or M; . erein may be found the N/ h' ‘ and GL I'{lC SYMBOLS of those NAM ng forgotten of MAN. Here is the BOOK OF THE DEAD N . F5.
  51. 51. 7hcM: ‘CRONOMICONastmns1atedhrDr. Dee L 39 THE TABLET OF STER THE TABLET OF KTHULU Wherein the es of the Governen and Elder: may he found THE TABLET OF CTHUGA THE TABLET OF GLAAKI AC0“¢di0n of Sacred Qvflagick % aha ‘Esoteric flrary % www. sa. crzd—mu. gick. com
  53. 53. 77Jc NE CR ONOMI CON as translated by Dr. Dee THE SYMBOLS OF THE OUTER GODS AZAG- THOTI-I OR AZATHOTH NYARLAT- HOTEP DAOLOTH SHUB- NIGGURATH ABOTH TAWIL AT’UMR ACofl2dion of Sacred Qflagick T Ejke (Esoteric ‘fifgrarg T www. sacred-magickxom
  55. 55. 7728 NE CR ONOM I CON as translated by Dr. Dec 43 BOOK X THE BOOK OF ASH-SHUTHATH OR THE OUTER ONES "La mayyitztn ma qadirun yataba a sarmadi faitha yaji ash-shuthath al-mautu qag yantahi. " "That thing is not dead which has the capacity to continue to exist eternally, and if the abnormal times come then death may cease to be. " ’ May : LLAH and all the GODS OF HUMANITY have mercy upon my soul for the l‘n{)h'lCL; £‘C lhtiltl. But, even now, as my end dritws near, I fear there can he no salvation from the truth. From the truth that most of humanity is hlissfuly un. tw: .re. The truth of the OUTER ONES. The mind of MAN, thankfully, is yet unable to comprehend the ’; Ls1lCfl'lf)'lI‘n[, ‘3 rC.1lit)' of ‘s'l' is to come. perhaps merciful for the sane and kind for the insane. It is said the ignorant are blissful, even in the blacl-mess 0Tl'1l~t_"l)l and the . h. «d0v~"s of day. The question remains: should we yet venture far from the shores. of our fragile reality into thin! wltich we doth not understand, to even U! "p. Ls~ our own un<. ‘ers: .andi: t5 of what is re. tl and not real. to yet st beyond our own limitations and End our reality is but the dream and the nightmares we retain in our: /Rl(l"'. S'l' SLEEP the true reality? Or perhaps we were not meant to venture far from our blanl-: et of security. That which we doth not know cannot harm us. or c. :r. it? If we piece ltrsclhcr all that hath t’_0.". C before and the hits and ieces of our own dark and tm. ".: 'i. -nt-J comrades in f¢J! ', maybe we might find another answer. Perhaps that is why we must contain our brothers . =.nd sisters, or to exile them. so that we do not have to face our own realities and fears. Can we e er. fathom such terrifying vistas ? Perha s we shall yet '0 mad if we do. Loolv. into the Possibilities, the revel.1tion. s, if‘-ve take serious y the middene states of those poor pathetic souls and . -trims" the nr. l_v choice is to flee from our self-conceived state of reality into 4 conglomeration of madness and peaceful EM1ClllC.1llOn. But to those who do dare to venture forth and who m. tn. t_, ;e to maintain their sinizv. the following is of in'alu. il'-le use and should he studied only with the greatest convictions and min is-et. Man)‘ and muitiform are the dim horrois of the earth, infesting, her ways from the prime. They doth sleep beneath the unturned stone; they rise with the tree from its root; they mow: bcltcath the : .e: . and in suhtcrrmcm places‘; they doth dwell in the inmost iLl)'ll: ll1C}’€n1CT}. _', C hetimcs from the shutten sepukhre of’ haughty’ hmnre and the low ; ,r. z*e that is sealed with clay. There be some that are long itnms n to mm. and others as 'et unl~; no‘-Vin that abide the terrible latter d.1V's of their re'e. .lin; j_. Those ‘vhieh are most dre. .ti: 'ui and the lO.4lll'lllCi~[ of all .21‘: happily still yet to he cleclnred. But among, those ACofledion of Sacred Qflagick T Ejlte (Esoteric ‘fifgrarg T www. sacred-magicfgcom