Stress management


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Stress Management workshop sponsored by Student Support Services at Trident Technical College

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Stress management

  1. 1. What is Stress ??!!The inability to cope with a “PERCEIVED”Threat to one’s mental,physical, emotional, and/orspiritual well being…
  2. 2. All Stress is not Bad!!!!!!!!!GOOD VS BAD
  3. 3. The Stress Response Fight or Flight Heart Rate Blood Pressure Muscle Tension Perspiration Metabolic Activity
  4. 4. Organizational Causes→ Lack of Autonomy or Creativity→ Unrealistic Expectations, Deadlines, and Quotas→ Inadequate Training→ Stifled Career→ Poor Employer Relations→ Keeping Pace with Technology→ Downsizing… Increased Responsibilities without Increased pay
  5. 5. Individual Causes Juggling Career and Family Responsibilities Economic Uncertainty Boredom, Job Dissatisfaction, Burnout Conflict with Co-Workers Inadequate Childcare Lack of Appreciation and Recognition of Work
  6. 6. Environmental Causes Poor Working Conditions (Lighting, Noise, Ventilation, Etc.) Racial Discrimination Sexual Harassment Workplace Violence Traffic To and From Work
  7. 7. What areYOURTop 5 Stressors ?
  8. 8. Negative Effects of StressEMOTIONAL1. Fatigue2. Alienation3. Depression4. Low Self Esteem PHYSICAL 1. Aches and Pains 2. Stomach Troubles 3. Nervous Anxiety 4. Disease
  9. 9. Stress Diet Breakfast Half a grapefruit 1 slice whole wheat bread 8 oz skim milk Lunch 4 oz broiled chicken breast 1 cup steamed zucchini 1 oreo cookie Mid-Afternoon Snack Rest of the package of oreo cookies 1 quart rocky road ice cream 1 jar hot fudge Dinner 2 loaves garlic bread Large pepperoni and mushroom pizza Pitcher of sweet, sweet, sweet tea 2 candy barsEntire frozen cheesecake eaten directly from the freezer
  10. 10. So ….How Do We Survive the Stress??? What Do We Do to Cope with the Stress??
  11. 11. Internal and External ResourcesInternal: External:+ Creativity + Time+ Patience + Money+ Optimism + Social Support+ Intuition+ A Sense of Humor+ Willpower+ Compassion
  12. 12. Personal Coping Skills1.Refrain Stressful Thoughts Positive… • Toxic Thoughts Positive… • Positive Attitude Positive • Humorous Outlook • Acceptance2.Creative Problem Solving3.Time Management
  13. 13. Interpersonal Coping Skills1. Communication Skills2. Assertiveness Skills3. Conflict Resolution4. Developing Support Network
  14. 14. Practical Tips1. Learn to Respond Rather than React2. Re-Define Your Expectations3. Give Yourself Positive Feedback4. Get Out and Exercise5. Balance Your Scale of Emotions6. Nurture Your Connectedness7. Diversify Your Activities and Interests8. Learn to Recognize and Become Comfortable with All Your Emotions9. Exercise Your Sense of Creativity10. Learn to Resolve Issues and Concerns with Others when they Arise11. Take Short Breaks in the Course of Each Working Day to Relax12. Dedicate Personal Time Just for You
  15. 15. ReviewClick here to answer “Stress Management"review questions.