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Pre-Nursing Registration Procedure


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Pre-Nursing Registration Procedure

  1. 1. How to Register for TTC Courses
  2. 2.  Step #1Click Portal
  3. 3.  Step #2Log In to
  4. 4.  Step #3Click on Registration
  5. 5.  Step #4Click on Register for Sections
  6. 6.  Step #5Click on Search and register for sections
  7. 7. The example in the following slideshows how to Searchfor three courses:Biology, English and Math
  8. 8.  Step #6How to Search for Courses2. Use the dropdownmenu to select eachsubject. You mayselect more thanone.1. Use the dropdown menu toselect the term.3. Enter thecourse numberhere.4. Click Submit.
  9. 9. The following slidesshow the list of allsections for the three coursesin the example(Biology, English and Math).
  10. 10.  Step #7Select the 1st Preferred Course and Section1. Click thebox next tothe 1st courseyou want toselect.2. Scroll down to viewthe next subject.
  11. 11.  Step #8Select the Lab Required for Science Courses1. Click thebox next tothe Labcourse youwant to select.Be sure toselect thesame sectionas the Lecturecourse.2. Scroll down to viewthe next subject.
  12. 12.  Step #9Select the 2nd Preferred Course and Section1. Click thebox next to the2nd course youwant to select.2. Scroll down to viewthe next subject.
  13. 13.  Step #10Select the 3rd Preferred Course and Section1. Click thebox next tothe 3rd courseyou want toselect.2. Scroll down toview the bottom ofthe page.
  14. 14.  Step #11Submit Your Preferred CoursesWhen selections aremade, click the submitbutton at the bottom ofthe page to go to theregistration screen.
  15. 15.  Step #12Selected Courses are Listed Together
  16. 16. The following slides showhow to Registerfor the courses selectedin the example.
  17. 17.  Step #13Register for CoursesTo register for ALL sections listedat one time, use the dropdownmenu to select RG Register.Scroll downand Click OK.
  18. 18.  Step #13Register for Courses (continued)To registerfor coursesindividually,use thedropdownmenubeside eachsection.Scroll downand Click OK.
  19. 19.  Step #14Check to be sure you are registered
  20. 20.  Step #15Close out of Registration Screen1. Scroll downand2. Click OK.
  21. 21.  Step # 16Check TTC Express Academic Profile
  22. 22.  Step #17Review Your Class Schedule
  23. 23.  Step #18Print Your Class Schedule1. Select Semester fromdropdown menu.
  24. 24.  Step #18 (Continued)Print Your Class Schedule2. Click the Printerbutton on the topright tool bar .3. Click OK.
  25. 25. REMINDER• Be sure to make arrangements to pay by thepublished deadline or you will be purged fornon-payment.• If you are purged for non-payment, youwill need to re-register.• Check your after the last dayto register for any messages concerning cancelledclasses due to low enrollment.