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(Remote) Pair Programming


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(Remote) Pair Programming as it was presented at 33rd Degree 4 charity at 13 October 2013, Krakow, Poland

Programming is often something that is done in solitude. Problem solving is something that often is done in a group. Programming is always about problem solving. It is therefore natural to do programming in groups. The group must not be too large and there must be at least two persons to make up a reasonable group. A pair turns out as the natural choice.

Some of the benefits with pair programming are
- Problem solving
- Continuous reviews
- Quality
- Learning
- Lower project risks
- Satisfaction

Pair programming is most efficient when the pair sits next to each other. This is not always possible. I will therefore show how to setup a remote pair programming session and then do some programming with a remote partner.

There is a myth that pair programming is twice as expensive as having one person solve each problem. The actual direct cost has been shown to be only 15% higher.

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(Remote) Pair Programming

  1. 1. (Remote) Pair Programming Thomas Sundberg Consultant, Developer Stockholm, Sweden @thomassundberg
  2. 2. Goal Introduce pair programming Show a live example Discuss problems
  3. 3. History Practised since the fifties – Fred Brooks as grad student 1953 – 1956 Author of “Mythical man”
  4. 4. Why Fun Problem solving Fast feedback
  5. 5. Problem solving One person – one problem Two persons – one problem
  6. 6. Your average developer?
  7. 7. Spread knowledge Introduce new developer Handover
  8. 8. Knowledge management “Our knowledge has legs – it walks home every day” Leif Edvinsson
  9. 9. Knowledge management
  10. 10. Knowledge management Keep you bus count above one
  11. 11. Learning New programming language New development environment New development techniques TDD
  12. 12. Teaching experience One student – Ok solutions Two students – Better Three students – Can work Four students – have never worked Pairs must to be equal – Not expert – Novice – Novice – Novice
  13. 13. What drives change? Feedback
  14. 14. Who does CI? Why? Feedback
  15. 15. Feedback loop Length? It depends
  16. 16. Bug report 6 months Water fall project in Stockholm
  17. 17. Time scales Customer Manual tests Code review Continuous Integration Test Driven Development Pair Programming Driving a car
  18. 18. eXtreme Programming
  19. 19. Conclusion Better software through faster feedback
  20. 20. How?
  21. 21. Exercises Katas !Production code Throw away after
  22. 22. Pair programming games Ping pong Far sight navigator Silent
  23. 23. Ping pong One driver One navigator Switch often ~Every second method
  24. 24. Far sight navigator One driver One navigator Switch seldom
  25. 25. Silent Ping pong No talking Perfect for remote...
  26. 26. Where? Coding dojos Code retreats Remote Want to pair with me? Adi Bolboaca - Code Retreat 20 October 2012, Turku, Finland
  27. 27. TDD Not necessary
  28. 28. ew Economy vi Two persons W ro ng One computer
  29. 29. Economy Two persons One problem
  30. 30. Cost of long feedback? Production bug Bad performance Car crash
  31. 31. Cockburn and Williams XP 2000 15% slower then independent developers 50% less bugs
  32. 32. Remote
  33. 33. Scheduling Doodle
  34. 34. Network Reasonable 5 MBit is ok
  35. 35. Tools Sound View Code
  36. 36. Tools Sound – Skype View – Skype Code – Github Ok, not great
  37. 37. Tools Sound – Skype View – Team Viewer Shared computer Great
  38. 38. Demo
  39. 39. Remote partner Peter Kofler, 'Code Cop' Vienna, Austria @codecopkofler Fanatic about code Quality. Currently on #CodeCopTour.
  40. 40. Exercise String Calculator Kata Given a string Parse it Calculate the sum Example: “1,2” 3
  41. 41. Live
  42. 42. Tips Second screen for personal stuff Line numbering Good headset
  43. 43. Problems
  44. 44. Remote Pairing Hard to sketch a solution Time zones
  45. 45. Local Pairing Personal hygiene Clean clothes
  46. 46. Focus Exhausting No micro pauses Plan for breaks
  47. 47. Pomodoros 25 minutes work No interruptions 5 minutes break
  48. 48. Manager forbids Pairing Critical bug in production Been there Tried that Got the t-shirt
  49. 49. Anti pattern Don't talk Leave the pair Don't explain what you did Don't say what you want to achieve
  50. 50. Anti pattern Rude Fight about driving Kidnap keyboard
  51. 51. Why Problem solving Feedback Better quality Fun Not a goal – a tool
  52. 52. Conclusion Better software through faster feedback
  53. 53. Resources Skype – TeamViewer – Pair programming illuminated Google may be your friend...
  54. 54. (Remote) Pair Programming Thomas Sundberg Consultant, Developer Stockholm, Sweden @thomassundberg