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A basic overview of the top 6

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  • WelcomeIn this webinar, I’ll introduce to social media and to some of the social networks. I’ll touch of it’s uses from both a personal and a business perspective. You can post any questions in the question box, and at the end we’ll go through them. This is just an overview, but if there’s enough interest, we might be able to run another webinar to cover more specific issues.
  • Social media is a term given to groups of people that connect online. It’s very much like a networking group, but in cyer-space. These social media networks have become popular in the past 5 years for personal and for business use.
  • As human beings, we are very social creatures and we gravitate to groups, traditionally these were local networks including family and friends. However, with the advent of the internet and technology that is available to almost everyone, we are now able to create these networks online where we can connect in real time. It’s an evolution, from snail mail, telex and telegrams, fax and email, now we can primarily stay connected and share information via social networks.
  • There are 100s of online social networks, but we’re just going to preview the top 6.
  • With around 1 billion users, including half of the Australian population, Facebook is the most popular. It’s an online community were people connect and communicate with Friends, family and colleagues, mainly on a personal level, however, small businesses can create Facebook Pages that all owners can use to promote their products and services to those 1 billion users.
  • There are 2 main types of profiles in Facebook. The personal profile and the business page. The differences between the two…
  • For personal use, Facebooks allows you to create a public area called your Timeline. You can control who you allow to see what areas of your Facebook Timeline.
  • Behind the Facebook Timeline, is a private area called the News Feed. This area is only viewable by you, and it is a stream of your Friends posts, and posts of businesses that you are following on Facebook.
  • Timeline
  • Twitter is one of the next most popular online social networks. Twitter is similar to text messaging on your mobile, but it’s on the internet and it’s viewable to the public. You have a public profile viewable to anyone, and you have a private area that is only viewable by you, this is where you receive the messages from the people you are “Following” on Twitter.Twitter is very popular with emergency departments, celebrities and politicians as you can get a message out to the public very quickly. Very effective during natural disasters.For businesses, Twitter is a great way to distribute your news quickly. For instance, if you’re a baker, you can tweet when a fresh batch of muffins are ready so followers can get them while their hot.
  • You create a public profile, and in the private area you can read tweets from the people you are following. Retweets are just another word for Share, and a hashtag is a way to filter and search on a particular topic. #YASI was a very popular hashtag during the cyclone, a great way to follow what was happening.
  • YouTube is the second most popular search engine behind Google, which by the way, owns YouTube. YouTube is popular for watching instructional videos. For businesses, they can upload videos of their products and services, helping to educate prospective purchasers.
  • A person or a business can create a YouTube Channel and upload videos. You also have the ability to add privacy settings to control who can see your videos.
  • Pinterest is one of the newer social media platforms on the block. Pinterest is ideal for personal and business use, for displaying and sharing images. If your business has products that are visual, then Pinterest could be a place to set your business up on.
  • Google+ is fairly new as well. It’s not as popular as Facebook or Twitter, and mainly used by techies and photographers. But because Google owns Google+ it’s a good idea if you’re a business, to set up a Google+ profile, to help with your search ranking in Google.
  • Similar to Facebook, Google+ has a personal profile and a business ‘Brand’ page. A great place to visit, but unless your contacts or target market are on Google+, I would suggest just creating a profile, but not spending too much time worrying about Google+ just yet.
  • LinkedIn is a professional networking site best suited to B2B businesses and individuals looking for a new job. I suggest that everyone should at least create a profile and start connecting with colleagues and friends.
  • Form personal users, it’s a way to control your online reputation and to promote yourself. LinkedIn can be likened to a digital resume, or a little black book of contacts and connections. Think about the power accumulated in the network of professionals you have either done work for or with over the years. 90% of employers now research LinkedIn before employing a new person to their business.For Businesses, it’s ideal for showcasing your business and collecting recommendations and testimonials for your products and services.
  • I hope this has give you a good overview of some of the social networks and given you ideas on how you can use them either in your personal life to stay connected with family and friends, and in your business, to create a place where prospects and customers can interact with you to development a connection that may lead to a transaction.
  • Are there any questions?A recording of this presentations, and the slides, plus some other information, will be posted on the website. Feel free to post any questions and I’ll try my best to get you some answers.Also, I’d love it if you could connect with me on social media when you there.Thank you
  • Social media overview webinar

    1. 1. Agenda1. What is Social Media2. Types of Social Media platforms3. Social Media uses4. Questions
    2. 2.  Groups of people getting together online to share common interests, discuss topics and give opinions. If you‟re a business, Social Media Marketing is about creating conversations and relationships around your product/service with your target audience.
    3. 3.  Social groups Share Stay connected Promote your business
    4. 4.  There are 100s of social media platforms. The top 6 are:- 1. Facebook 2. Twitter 3. YouTube 4. Pinterest 5. Google+ 6. LinkedIn
    5. 5.  What is Facebook and who uses it? Facebook for Personal and Business
    6. 6. Personal Profiles Business Page- Personal Name - Business NameNOT FOR BUSINESS FOR BUSINESS- Invite Friends - Fans “LIKE” to Subscribe- Mutual consent - One-way connection- News from Friends - Fans comment and share- Limit 5,000 - No Limit- „Like‟ business Pages - „Like‟ other Pages- News from Pages - News from other Pages- Few Apps - Many Apps
    7. 7.  Timeline Friends Privacy
    8. 8.  News Feed Read posts from Friends and Businesses you follow
    9. 9.  Business PAGES Connect and communicate with your customers and prospects.
    10. 10.  A micro-blogging platform Post short messages to the world You „Follow‟ people, or they can „Follow‟ you Excellent way to get a message out quickly Popular with emergency departments, celebrities and politicians
    11. 11.  Profile Tweets Retweet #Hashtags
    12. 12.  Second most popular search A great place to learn how to do something Videos are a great way to get your message out about your product/services People „connect‟ with videos Videos go „viral‟ easily
    13. 13.  Channel Upload videos Privacy Settings Learn & Connect
    14. 14.  New social media platform Great for business – to - consumers Very visual
    15. 15.  Very visual Great for promoting products Popular with Females High conversion rates
    16. 16.  New social media platform Google+ is GOOGLE Mainly Techies and Photographers Important for Business Google ranking
    17. 17.  Private and Business profiles More benefits for Businesses
    18. 18.  LinkedIn is a professional networking site Great for business – to – business providers and people looking for a job Most prospective Employers will search LinkedIn for details of applicants
    19. 19.  Living resume “Little Black Book”
    20. 20. For Personal Use:- Where are your Friends and Family Your privacy settings Connect and interactFor Business Use:- Evaluate your social media goals Decide on a social media platform Create a social media strategy Create a social media plan Listen – Engage – Interact – Influence - Followup
    21. 21. Visit www.townsvillesocialmediamarketing.comRecordings, slides and free downloads will be posted on this websiteI‟d love you to connect with me… You