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TSI Organizational PPT


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TSI Organizational PPT

  1. 1. Innovation tool or educational game? College Knowledge Challenge November 16, 2012Wednesday, November 14, 12
  2. 2. What we do: • Make digital tools to massively enhance and assess collaborative space • For learning communities • For communities of innovative practice • To change behavior, improve outcomes • Provides metrics and user generated media for marketing or fundraising • Gamified -- but real world impacting • Viral (or closed) © 2012 NuvanaWednesday, November 14, 12
  3. 3. Nuvana clients & partners © 2012 NuvanaWednesday, November 14, 12
  4. 4. Collaborative Space Share. Model. Innovate. Collaborate. Education. Health & Wellness. Non-profit. Private Sector. © 2012 NuvanaWednesday, November 14, 12
  5. 5. Gamified © 2012 NuvanaWednesday, November 14, 12
  6. 6. ...but a data mining toolWednesday, November 14, 12
  7. 7. Testimonials • “From gaming to broader on-line interaction platforms, Nuvana’s innovations have helped me to re-think the role of teacher and to re-design my relationships with students…They have not only helped me to harness the many opportunities technology provides, but they have invigorated my need to make ideas matter.” -- Sudhir Venkatesh, professor of sociology, Columbia University • “Ive never worked with a group that was so creative and competent. They delivered what was needed and exceeded expectations. Even under difficult conditions, they remained professional and seriously focused on reaching the goals of the project. If you can combine a serious approach to create effective products with an inventive and fun-loving way of accomplishing it, youve defined this company. These folks are inventive, while able to keep their eyes on the target audience and the objectives they are trying to reach. The response from those audiences are a strong testament to the quality of their work and the inspiration they bring to it. “ -- Saul Rockman, President, Rockman et al -- a research, evaluation and consulting firm • “I just want to tell you how incredible this game is. ... if you as the game makers want to measure the success of the G-Next game, check out Rosas comment: ‘This is better than Facebook!’" -- Elizabeth Lyda, Project Director, Grameen America • “Our long-term vision is having the Nuvana platform be a way of reinventing how the Nike Foundation looks at philanthropy. We need to be inspiring networks of other groups that will help drive the Girl Effect... We really see the Nuvana tool to be an essential way to do that.” -- Adam Day, The Nike Foundation • “Nuvana breaks the mold in its vision of bringing technology into education. Gaming takes place in the physical world, not just the virtual; platforms allow users from all socioeconomic strata to participate; spaces for creativity and social learning undergird designs for applications. Nuvanas approach to working on learning with and through technology is one of the most realistic and promising approaches I have seen in 30 years of work in educational research. “ -- Karen DeMoss, Director of the Institute for Urban Education and Associate Professor in Education Studies at the New School • “Nuvana has designed a teachers dream. Their standards-based educational games reinforce curriculum and concepts taught in class in an exciting, engaging and interactive way that gets students involved in their learning.” -- Dina Wright, AP American History teacher, Abraham Lincoln HS, San Francisco, CA • “[Nuvana] changes your life. It’s better than’s just really cool!” -- Katy R., New York City public high school studentWednesday, November 14, 12
  8. 8. Best of all! • DIY customer-controlled platform... • ...Nuvana constantly improves it...with: • new version updates • Mobile/Tablet apps • Nuvana E.Q. (engagement quotient) • Immediately deployable, and at sustainable costWednesday, November 14, 12