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Top Three Reasons Every CEO Needs Managed Services


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Find out why every CEO must pay attention to, and establish a managed service business if they want to increase revenue and profits, move toward the cloud, and reduce risk with existing customers. Visit

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Top Three Reasons Every CEO Needs Managed Services

  1. 1. Top Three Reasons Every CEO Needs Managed Services
  2. 2. What are the facts? Traditional tech companies are shrinking Product revenues are declining CEOs are worried
  3. 3. The data doesn’t lie. 2015 = $372B 2015 = $411B Tech Service RevTech Product Rev 2016 = $436B 2014 = $412B 2014 = $430B Source: TSIA Technology & Service 50 Index 3 2016 = $349B
  4. 4. Which CEO are you? “We don’t have an MS business, and are not thinking about it.” “We’re thinking about MS but haven’t pulled the trigger.” “We have an MS business, but it’s not producing yet.” “We’re doing it, and it’s growing like crazy. It’s profitable. We’re excited!”
  5. 5. Creates stickiness & reduces risk CEOs must pay attention to, and establish a managed services business. 5 1 3 Why? High growth & profitability 2 First step to the cloud
  6. 6. Managed services is a high growth business that is also highly profitable. 6 1 Reason
  7. 7. In 2017, 59% of tech companies saw flat or declining services revenues. However, MS revenues have jumped from 6% of all services revenue to 23% since 2013. This is a huge opportunity for tech companies that don’t currently have an MS business. Source: TSIA Managed Services Benchmark 7
  8. 8. 8 MS is growing faster than any other service line. MS Benchmark Service Revenue
  9. 9. And… MS is the second most profitable! 9 Service Line Financial Performance 27%
  10. 10. 10 Impact of MS Reporting Structure on Growth Rates 33% C-Level Exec 49% Global Service Exec 18% Other
  11. 11. Winning Play #1 If you haven’t already, hire a Head of Managed Services and have them report into your C-suite or Global Services. Fact: 33% of MS execs now report to C-level.
  12. 12. Managed services is a stepping stone to the cloud, and allows companies to make money as they move in that direction. 12 2 Reason
  13. 13. The cloud is disrupting the world… 13 Traditional Tech Company SaaS Company CHAOS … and it’s affecting everybody! Managed vs. Unmanaged Continuum
  14. 14. Traditional tech companies are moving to SaaS. 14 Traditional Tech Company SaaS Company CHAOS Customer On-Premise Unmanaged Customer Prem (CapEx) Managed Customer Prem Managed (OpEx) Managed vs. Unmanaged Continuum
  15. 15. SaaS companies are moving to hybrid. 15 Traditional Tech Company SaaS Company CHAOS Customer On-Premise Unmanaged Customer Prem (CapEx) Managed Customer Prem Managed (OpEx) Cloud Unmanaged Cloud Managed Hybrid-Cloud Managed Managed vs. Unmanaged Continuum
  16. 16. Despite disruption, managed XaaS is at the epicenter of revenue generation.
  17. 17. 17 MS Revenue Breakdown 50% Remote Managed 29% Managed XaaS 19% On-Site Staff Aug
  18. 18. Before diving head-first into the cloud, use managed XaaS offers to make money while you figure out how your business fits into the subscription economy. 18 Winning Play #2 Fact: 29% of MS revenues are now managed XaaS.
  19. 19. Managed services creates stickiness with your customers and reduces risk for you and your customer. 19 3 Reason
  20. 20. 20 Managed services stickiness at its finest! 95% MS Revenue Retention Rate 90% MS Client Renewal Rate
  21. 21. Sticky offers keep the money train rolling.  Managed services contracts are typically 3-5 years long  Premium services capabilities can be made available as easy upsells, like: – Adoption Services – Optimization Services – Best Practice Consulting 21 – Migration/Transformation Services – Enhanced Reporting – Business Continuity Services How?
  22. 22. Managed services reduces risk. Managed services removes the customer risk for solution performance to a vendor that is much more skilled at operations. 22 For CustomersFor Vendors Managed services can convert spikey CAPEX sales into long-term OPEX sales that are easier to forecast.
  23. 23. Create long-term managed services contracts. Offer premium services on top of basic packages for easy upselling opportunities. 23 Winning Play #3
  24. 24. George Humphrey Vice President Research and Advisory, Managed Services Meet the Expert
  25. 25. Make your first winning play today. Sources: TSIA Managed Services Benchmark TSIA 2017 Service Organization and Structure Survey  Talk to us about Managed Services