TRUSTe Privacy Services - Building a Business Based on Customer Trust with the TRUSTe Privacy Seal


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Because employment background-screening company Jungle Source depends on long-term trusted relationships with its customers, it engaged with TRUSTe early on as part of its initial Web site design.

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TRUSTe Privacy Services - Building a Business Based on Customer Trust with the TRUSTe Privacy Seal

  1. 1. t r u S te S u c c e S S S t o r y : JungLe Source, inc. building a business based on customer trust with the truSte Seal Si t uat i on Jungle Source™ was founded in 2007 by a consortium of employment and compliance specialists to fill a growing need to provide poten- tial employers with a richer, more personalized background screening service. With today’s heightened focus on safety, security, and legal concerns, companies are increasingly careful about each new hire – and pre-employment screening is more important than ever. Jungle Source offers a highly personalized approach, based on developing strong abou t t ru Ste partnerships with their customers. Understanding that the foundation TRUSTe Privacy Seals help consumers click with of their business hinged on the ability to build long-term, trusted rela- confidence by guiding them tionships with their customers, Jungle Source engaged with TRUSTe to trustworthy Web sites. early on as part of their initial Web site design. More than 2,400 Web sites rely on TRUSTe industry best practices to help them make cert i fi cation the right decisions about In November 2007, TRUSTe began the review of data collection and privacy and protecting use practices on the Jungle Source website. In December, Jungle confidential user information. Source completed certification of their Web site’s privacy statement, Many of the most trafficked and were granted authorization to post the TRUSTe Privacy Seal. Web sites are certified to TRUSTe’s leading practices including, Disney, eBay, r eSuLtS Facebook, Intuit, Microsoft Since becoming a certified TRUSTe Web Privacy seal holder, Jungle and Yahoo. Source has continued to grow and extend their client base. As part of their business process, Jungle Source now handles the personal To learn more about internet information for hundreds of customers each month. Presence of the privacy visit TRUSTe Click-to-Verify Seal provides customers with the assurance that any information that they provide is handled appropriately, and that their privacy is fully protected. Since customer satisfaction and personalized service provide the core of Jungle Source’s differentiated offering in a highly competitive marketplace, Jungle Source continues to extend their partnership with TRUSTe, and consider TRUSTe to be a core enabler to their business. Learn more about Jungle Source at “Jun g L e S o u r c e wo r kS to b u i L d tr u Ste d pa rt n erSh i p S wi t h o ur cuS- to m e rS. hav i n g t h e t r uSt e S e aL o n o u r web S ite LetS ou r cu Stomer S k n ow that w e u p h o L d th e h i g h e St Sta n da rdS i n t h e way we hand Le i n fo r mati o n p r ov i de d to u S aS pa rt o f th e b ackg ro u n d Screeni ng p r o c e SS .” b r o o k pa r k e r , J u n g L e S o u r c e p r e S i d e n t