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Boosted online conversions with the TRUSTe privacy seal


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In order to see what led consumers to complete auto refinance loan applications, financial services company eLOAN tested the location and visibility of the TRUSTe Web Privacy Seal on pages that either collected site-visitor information or "sold" the brand. The seal provided a 3-5% bump in application conversions and increased annual revenue derived from the applications by an estimated $1 million.

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Boosted online conversions with the TRUSTe privacy seal

  1. 1. t R u S te S u c c e S S S t o R y : eloan 3-5% increase in auto loan applications TRUSTe sealholder eLOAN conducted A/B testing with Offermatica, a leading online business optimization organization, to optimize their Auto Refinance Loan Application Web pages. The following factors were taken into consider- ation when deciding which elements and pages were to be tested; location and abou t t Ru Ste visibility of trust seals, points of information collection and pages that were TRUSTe helps consumers “selling” the brand. Different recipes were created and tested against each and businesses identify other to determine which elements led consumers to complete applications. trustworthy online organizations through its Web The TRUSTe Web Privacy Seal had a significant impact on conversions, increas- Privacy Seal, Email Privacy ing the value of privacy for eLOAN. Testing showed that: Seal and Trusted Download Programs. TRUSTe resolves • The TRUSTe logo alone provided a 3-5% bump in application thousands of individual conversions. privacy disputes every year. • Estimated increase of $1 million in revenue annually on Auto Refinance Loan Applications. contact u S TRUSTe Winning Application Page 55 2nd Street 2nd Floor San Francisco, CA 94105 415 520 3400 tel 415 520 3420 fax “aS a f inancial S eRvice S o R ganization, it i S extR emely impo Rtant to u S that ou R c uSto m eR S tRu St uS 1 0 0 % w i th th ei R i nfo Rm ati o n. by ta kin g eveRy m eaS u R e poSSib le to ea R n theiR tR u St a nd then diSplayin g t he t R uSt e Seal, w e have S een an inc R eaS e in ou R application conve RS ion S aS a R eSu lt. ” - te SS ko le cz e k , ch i ef p Ri vacy officeR , e-loa n