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List of Selected Short Stories for Student Assognment.

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Short stories

  1. 1. Selected Short Story SuggestionsThompson Rivers University LibraryESALThe following represents a partial list books in the library collection that may be of interestto you for this assignment. Please search the Library Catalogue for these books. Stories ofAuthor Title Description Interest Contemporary.Adichie, The Thing Around "Cell One," The Tensions betweenChimamanda Ngozi Your Neck Headstrong Historian" Nigerian and Nigerian- Americans. "Every Little Hurricane," Native American. "The Only Traffic Signal The Lone Ranger and Fictional portrait of the on the ReservationAlexie, Sherman Tonto Fistfight in characters, themes, and Doesnt Flash Red Heaven language of the Spokane Anymore" Indian Reservation. Native American. Conflicts of Indian The Toughest Indian "South by Southwest,"Alexie, Sherman heritage and traditions in the World "Assimilation" with the realities of the modern world. Canadian. Novel in stories of a womans lifeAtwood, Margaret Moral Disorder and loves. Moves around in time 1930s- 1980s. "In the Basement," Russian. Revolutionary "Awakening," "The SunBabel, Isaac Collected Stories Russia. Russian-Jewish of Italy," "My First conflicts. Goose" "There Will Come Soft Rains," "The Rocket," Fantasy fiction. ScienceBradbury, Ray Bradbury Stories "The Toynbee fiction Convector," "The Flying Machine"Borges, Jorge Luis Ficciones Spanish "The Library of Babel" Stories about loneliness, loss, the tragic banality "A Small, Good Thing,"Carver, Raymond Cathedral of everyday life, and "Fever" redemption. Where Im Calling "Where Im CallingCarver, Raymond From From" American. Early 20thCather, Willa Five stories century. character- driven Updated February 2012 1
  2. 2. Selected Short Story SuggestionsThompson Rivers University LibraryESAL "The Enormous Radio", "The Hartleys," "The Stories of John Sorrow of Gin,"Cheever, John American, modern Cheever "Reunion," "The Sutton Place Story" Russian social life. The Stories of Anton Explores humanChekhov, Anton Tchekov behavior and psychology. Late 1880s. American.Chopin, Kate The Awakening Role of women, early feminist. "Barbie-Q," "One Holy Woman Hollering America/Mexico. Latina.Cisneros, Sandra Night" Creek Magical realism. "White Nights" The Best Short Stories Psychological fiction.Dostoyevsky, Fyodor , “ The Dream of a of Dostoyevsky Russian. Ridiculous Man”Doyle, Sir Arthur The Adventures of British mystery.Conan Sherlock Holmes “A Party down at the African-AmericanEllison, Ralph Flying Home Square," "Flying Home", 1930s-1950s. “The Black Ball” "The Offshore Pirate," "The Curious Case of The Short Stories of F. Benjamin Button," "OneFitzgerald, F. Scott American. Jazz-age. Scott Fitzgerald Trip Abroad," "Babylon Revisited" "Maria dos Prazeres,""Bon Voyage,Garcia Marquez, Columbian. 1950s- Strange Pilgrims Mr. President," "I OnlyGabriel 1990s. Magic realism Came to Use the Phone" “The Terrible Short stories probe the The Collected tales of Vengeance”, “The DiaryNikolai Gogol mind of a man to reveal Nikolai Gogol of a Madman”, “ The his hidden motives. Overcoat” Compelling; Spare "The End of the Party,"Greene, Graham 21 Stories British. writing style. Character- "The Blue Film," "The driven. Destructors" The Best of Bret Harte "The Luck of RoaringHarte, Bret Western stories. Camp" Updated February 2012 2
  3. 3. Selected Short Story SuggestionsThompson Rivers University LibraryESAL "The Ministers Black Veil,""The Artist of theHawthorne, Hawthornes Short American. Mid 1800s Beautiful," "RappaccinisNathaniel Stories Daughter," "The Birthmark" "The Snows of The Short Stories of Kilimanjaro," "The ShortHemingway, Ernest Spanish Civil War Ernest Hemingway Happy Life of Francis Macamber" “Saratoga Rain”, “No Folk African-American. Place to Make Love”, “On The Short Stories ofHughes, Langston 1920s. Harlem the Road”, “Little Old Langston Hughes Renaissance Spy”, “Slave on the Block” "The Legend of Sleepy Hollow" and "Rip Van Winkle" have been The Legend of Sleepy called the first AmericanIrving, Washington Hollow and Other short stories, although Selections both are actually Americanized versions of German folktales. “Miss Gunton of Complete Stories, New York and Boston, Poughkeepsie”, "TheJames, Henry 1898-1910 early 20th century Velvet Glove", “Broken Wings”, “The Papers” Interpreter of "A Temporary Matter,"Lahiri, Jhumpa Indian-American stories Maladies "A Real Durwan" “Hema and Kaushik”, Unaccustomed American stories.Lahiri, Jhumpa "Unaccustomed Earth", EarthIndian Immigrant stories. “Going Ashore”” Searoad : chronicles of Pacific Northwest.LeGuin, Ursula Klatsand Psychological fiction “April in Paris”, The Winds Twelve Science Fiction. Fantasy “Winters King”, “VasterLeGuin, Ursula Quarters Fiction than empires and more slow” American. Stories about Klondike Gold Rush, Alaskan winters, “The White Silence”, TheLondon, Jack Northland Stories miners, immigrants, Some of the Wolf”, Mexican “Where the Trail Forks” Revolutionaries, and the mentally ill. Updated February 2012 3
  4. 4. Selected Short Story SuggestionsThompson Rivers University LibraryESAL Australian. Role of family, memory, exile, “Lone Pine”, “BlacksoilMalouf, David Dream Stuff: Stories and chance in the lives County”, “At Schindler’s” of ordinary people. New Zealand/Europe. "The Modern Soul," "A The Garden Party: and Psychological drama. Dill Pickle," "WeakMansfield, Katherine Other Stories Early 20th century. Heart." Coming-of-age stories Canadian. “Dimensions," “WenlockMunro, Alice Too Much Happiness Contemporary. Edge,” "Childs Play" Psychological, haunting. Fifteen stories about life in rural Ontario deal with adolescence, "Boys and Girls," "Red Dance of the Happy loneliness, brokenMunro, Alice. Dress" Shades hearts, an abandoned wife, family relations, blind dates, and an aspiring writer. A compilation of short fiction journeys from the Scotland of the authors own family The View From Castle heritage and a ship enMunro, Alice Rock route to the New World, to a family odyssey from Illinois to Canada and in and around Lake Huron. Tightly focused narratives charged with “Insomnia”, “The Ice Where is here?:Oates, Joyce Carol tension, menace, and Pick”, “Angry”, Stories the shock of the “Running” unexpected. Wildcat," "A Stroke of Good Fortune," "A Late Southern America. Encounter with theOConnor, Flannery The Complete Stories 1950s. Dark. Disturbing. Enemy," "Greenfleaf," "The Life You Save May Be Your Own" “Big Blonde”, “Advice to Darkly humorous. the Little Peyton Girl”,Parker, Dorothy The Complete Stories Witty. Commentary on “The Cradle of everyday life Civilization”, “Oh! Hes Charming!” Updated February 2012 4
  5. 5. Selected Short Story SuggestionsThompson Rivers University LibraryESAL “The Balloon-Hoax”, “Eleonora”, “Ligeia”, American.Poe, Edgar Allan Thirty-two Stories “The Murders in the Rue Horror/creepy. Morgue”, “The Purloined Letter” “Bowl”, “Testimony of the Donkey”, . “Family Fine Just the Way It Is: Downtrodden countryProulx, Annie Man,” “Ive Always Wyoming Stories folk Loved This Place,” “Swamp Mischief” "For Esme- With LoveSalinger, J.D. Nine Stories American. 1950s. and Squalor," "A Perfect Day for Bananafish" "The Murder," "TheSteinbeck, John The Long Valley American. 1930s-1960s. Chrysanthemums," "Flight" A collection of short fiction includes tales set in the authors native Pennsylvania, the New “My Fathers Tears”, England suburbs, and “The Accelerating My Fathers Tears andUpdike, John foreign countries, all Expansion of the Other Stories depicting different Universe”, “The facets of the American Laughter of the Gods” experience from the Depression through the aftermath of 9/11. American. Satire. Welcome to theVonnegut, Kurt Science Fiction. Darkly "All the Kings Horses" Monkey House Humerous. African-American. The Way Forward is Southern. Civil RightsWalker, Alice "To My Young Husband" with a Broken Heart Movement. Part memoir, part fiction American. Southern. "Death of a Traveling The Collected Stories Tranquil view of theWelty, Eudora Salesman" of Eudora Welty southern U.S.A. Small town life. Writing without “Housecleaning” by KSA direction : 10 1/2 Brazier-Tompkins, “30Various Authors - short stories by ways to die” by AshleyCanadian Canadian authors Little”, “The embalmers under 30 heart” by Sandy Updated February 2012 5
  6. 6. Selected Short Story SuggestionsThompson Rivers University LibraryESAL In Spirit by Paddy Forde The Ray-Gun: A Love Collected here are the Story by James Alan best recent works by Gardner Hugo Award winners Bubbles and Boxes by Spider Robinson, Julie E. Czerneda Robert J. Sawyer, and Shed Skin by Robert J. Distant early Robert Charles Wilson, SawyerVarious Authors – warnings : Canadas Hugo nominees Paddy Halo by Karl SchroederCanadian best science fiction Forde, James Alan The Eyes of God by Peter Gardner, Nalo Watts Hopkinson, and Peter You Don’t Know My Watts, and Aurora Heart by Spider Award winners Julie E. Robinson Czerneda and Karl A Raggy Dog, a Shaggy Schroeder Dog by Nalo Hopkinson The Cartesian Theatre by Robert Charles Wilson Authors: Wilson, Lisa. Zaagidiwin is an Ojibwe Hayden-Taylor, Drew. word that loosely Kolson, Bren. translates as love. The Dimaline, Cherie. authors tackled the Zaagidiwin is a many Toulouse, Colleen. issue of love in this splendoured thing : Daybutch, Damian. collection that draws onVarious Aboriginal love, laughter & Nowgabow, Julian. First Nations and MetisAuthors learning stories from Whitehead, Louis. traditions and brings Aboriginal writers Richmond-Saravia, these personal stories Michelle. of love and loss to Johnson, Nancy. literacy audiences. Sinclair, Thomas. Caution: mature themes Waubgeshig, Rice. and content. George, E. Priscilla. Updated February 2012 6