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ICF Conference 2012 - Fees


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The ICF Conference 2012 in Romania takes place on the 8th of March and stars international speakers Alan Seale and Andrea Lee.

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ICF Conference 2012 - Fees

  1. 1. ICF Conference 2012 A New Path Fees
  2. 2. ICF Conference 2012March 8 Find your new path Transform yourself
  3. 3. ICF Conference 2012March 8 Almost everything we want is outside our comfort zone.
  4. 4. ICF Conference 2012March 8 But these days we feel uncertain...
  5. 5. ICF Conference 2012March 8 We need spiritual guidance...
  6. 6. ICF Conference 2012March 8 And we work harder to develop a better lifestyle...
  7. 7. ICF Conference 2012March 8 Join the ICF Conference 2012 and... - discover transformation coaching - exercise innovative thinking With two praised international speakers: Alan Seale Andrea Lee
  8. 8. ICF Conference 2012March 8 Alan Seale - Alan is a Leadership and Transformation Coach - he is a teacher and lecturer in the US - he wrote seven books, with the last one titled: “Create A World That Works: Tools for Personal and Global Transformation” *praised author of 7 books:
  9. 9. ICF Conference 2012March 8 Andrea Lee -Andrea is an Entrepreneurial Futurist - She is the trusted source of coaching pioneer Thomas Leonards intellectual property, the architect behind the Pink Spoon Marketing craze and the founder of the International Coach Federation and International Association for Certified Coaches - she is the founder of, praised in a report done By Seth Godin and Fast company: BULL MARKET, 2004 - Companies that can help you make something happen
  10. 10. ICF Conference 2012March 8 So get a seat now
  11. 11. ICF Conference 2012March 8 Pricing VIP Package Premium Package Basic Package 1 day conference 1 day conference 1 day conference 1 workshop 1 workshop +VIP Dinner with the speakers 308 € 278 € 149 € *prices don’t include VAT
  12. 12. ICF Conference 2012March 8 Early Bird until Feb. 18 VIP Package Premium Package Basic Package 1 day conference 1 day conference 1 day conference 1 workshop 1 workshop +VIP Dinner with the speakers 258 € 228 € 129 € *prices don’t include VAT
  13. 13. ICF Conference 2012March 8 Bonuses: Buy VIP Package or Premium Package and you also get An 8 week online program from Alan Seale: “Manifestation Wheel” (valued at 197 €)
  14. 14. ICF Conference 2012March 8 Testimonials: Oana Ochiana HR Manager @ Coface Romania ” The conference has an international flare. I attended the last two editions and I appreciate that the speeches were also addressed to professionals, not only to coaches. Cristian Ionescu General Manager @ Coface Romania ” I loved the coaching lessons showcased at the conference, as I apply some coaching principles myself in my day to day activity.
  15. 15. ICF Conference 2012March 8 So, if you like your comfort today, don’t come.
  16. 16. ICF Conference 2012March 8 But, if you wanna transform yourself...
  17. 17. ICF Conference 2012March 8 Get a seat now!