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French learning with interesting books !


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How to learn french ? With books or records in french, with stories in french for children...

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French learning with interesting books !

  1. 1. ==== ====Please, see these links : http-// and ====Parles-tu franais?That is "do you speak French?" Learning the most romantic language in the world is not adaunting task. Think of what you want, and get it. You might be rushing from your bed, to thesubway, to your office, and back but believe me there is enough time to learn French."Trucs" pour apprendre le franais efficacement (Tips on How to Learn French Effectively)The subheading says it all. Here they are:oFrancophone Everything- The language that you want to learn should be incorporated in yourlifestyle. Label everything French in your house and in no time you will be learning new words.Make the kitchen, bedroom, laundry room as French as possible. Your brain will love it andlearning will be faster.oPopcorn Night with French Movies- Buy DVD or rent movies which are in French. Experimentwith the subtitles by turning them off so you will hear how musical the language is, or turn it on soyou get to understand some of the phrases. Some internationally acclaimed films in French areAmelie, Chocolate, and the Dreamlife of Angels.oTour France- the best method to learn the French language is by visiting the city of light.Immersing oneself to the culture and the people is definitely the fastest way to learn the language.In France, they speak French from cab drivers, to front desk personnel, waiters, everyone. Try toconverse in French and before you end your holiday you will somehow be familiar with the throatyvocals of the language. Oui(Yes)?oMake French Connections- if you dont have the budget to go to Paris, you can meet new Frenchfriends in you community. By meeting these people you will be able to practice the language. Youcan join wine testing events and restaurants which will allow you to immerse yourself in Frenchculture. There are also language exchange programs that you might find in your communityboards, university, or internet forums.oSing, Sing French- Check out CDs of French music and try to sing along with it. Try to beconscious of the pronunciation, accent, and pacing of words. Music media will let your brain easilyrecognize the foreign words.oLisez les livres franais (Read French Books)- It is time to borrow books from your local library orget some bargain from the second hand bookstore. Learning should not be expensive. Poetry,fiction, or the history of France will make you fall in love to French language.
  2. 2. oWatch French TV- with the hundreds of channels available on cable, satellite, or internet TV youwill learn French in no time. TV is a good avenue that you can mix with books and other audioresources in your quest to learn a foreign language.oFrench Phrases- Impress people by telling things using French. Je taime means I love you.Watch how your special someone will react to that. Short phrases can be a good approach tolearning the words, the pronunciation, the accent and the structure of a new language.Allez apprendre le franais. Why dont you look that up?The language machine is a leading company providing private language tuition across the UKsuch as French and Spanish Tuition.Article Source: ====Please, see these links : http-// and ====