The Art of the Upgrade: A TRG Masterclass for Blackbaud


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This presentation was made March 19, 2014 by TRG's VP of Strategic Communications Joanne Steller.
To develop donors and cultivate patron love that lasts, you have to start with a visitor’s first paid admission. In this webinar, learn from two decades of arts patron research what it takes to make donors—and keep them. With each ticket sale or donation transaction, you gain important information that can help you develop lasting relationships with your patrons. The patron loyalty experts at TRG Arts, a consulting firm, say the process of meeting patrons is like a love story. This one-hour webinar with TRG Arts will cover transactions that are turning points in your patron relationships and specific cultivation tactics that will help your donors fall in love with your organization. Grab your marketing, ticket office, and development colleagues to watch this informative webinar – because you all have a role to play in building donor relationships.

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The Art of the Upgrade: A TRG Masterclass for Blackbaud

  1. 1. 1 THE ART OF THE UPGRADE A TRG Arts Master Class for Blackbaud
  2. 2. The Art of the Upgrade A TRG Master Class for Blackbaud Hosted by Joanne Steller VP, Strategic Communications Copyright © 2014 TRG Arts All Rights Reserved
  3. 3. Vancouver Recital Society
  4. 4. What We Do Patron Results 1. Consulting Capacity building for sustainable growth 2. Data Services Aggregation, analysis, direct response counsel 3. Community Data Networks 35 million households
  5. 5. Loyalty A Love Story
  6. 6. Why Patron Loyalty? Increased Investment 1. Strong relationships = lasting revenue Increasing RFM (recency, frequency, $$$) 2. How? Upgrade Ask the patron to take the right next step 3. First: Data
  7. 7. Photo by Todd Huffman
  8. 8. What’s an upgrade? Action Next Step Buy a ticket Buy a small subscription or membership Renewing subscriber or member Buy another ticket Buy a full series subscription or larger membership Add on donation or events
  9. 9. Two critical turning points
  10. 10. LOYALTY TRENDS From Integrated Data 1. See patterns 2. Develop segmentation 3. Cultivate meaningfully
  11. 11. TRYER UPGRADE A second date Largest numbers Long-lapsed patrons New-to-file patrons • Second, multiple attendance • Same season • More retention + lower attrition = GROWTH • Must have: patron contact information LOVE OR LOSE THEM
  12. 12. 4 year retention study New buyers SRT achieved second date in same season TRIPLED retention rate Revenue kept growing. More on this case at
  13. 13. Seattle Rep Starting with the 2nd date Year 1 Offer: same-season ticket offer ONLY Nothing else. Year 2 Offer: 3 plays for $99 5 tickets that year Year 3 Offer: Subscribe! 6 tickets that year Year 4 Offer: Renew! First time renewal rate: 81%
  14. 14. Case Study: First Timer Cultivation Group: Four-Year Study
  15. 15. Case Study: First Timer Cultivation Group: Four-Year Study
  16. 16. Seattle Rep Case Key Points 1. Retention is a worthy discipline Requires focus 2. Asking for the second date THE right next step 3. Growth is incremental Monetizing engagement takes time
  17. 17. Next Step: Reactivate Message: “Welcome back” How? Treat them like a first timer and a valued patron. Next Step: Come back Message: “Welcome— thanks for joining us” How? Make the first time the best possible. Next Step: Come back again Message: “Thanks, and might you wish to _____?” How? Foster further engagement by making the ask
  18. 18. GET ENGAGED Upgrades to grow loyalty Focus: Harness the power of “AND” Include: All organizational assets • Multiple attendance AND • A range of activities • The more they buy, the more they buy • Engaged patrons stick
  19. 19. Add a donation Renew Flex to Full Renew & Upgrade
  20. 20. More on this case at 94% of subscribers now subscribe to full series Subscription revenue in 2013-14 has surpassed goal and has increased 20% in two years.
  21. 21. Single Ticket Buyers New Subscribers Renewing Subscribers Renewing Subscriber- Donors Per Patron Yield $53.84 $156.05 $341.51 $550.42 Cost of Sale 20% 25% 3% 3% Renewal Rates 23% 46% 69% 88% How valuable is loyalty? A performing arts example
  22. 22. More on this case at 453 Super Subscribers Gave $51,100 in Four Months 65% first timers, subscribers of 5 or fewer years, or patrons returning after lapsing. 70% no giving history.
  23. 23. UPGRADING Everyone’s job LOYAL PATRONS Marketing Box Office Development
  24. 24. More on this case at The Des Moines Performing Arts ticket office secured 380 donations totaling $3,887 for their education fund. 70% had no prior giving history. The Arena Stage box office has collected 2,834 gifts totaling $72,010 over 3 years. Ordway Center achieved their goal for box office giving halfway through the 2011–12 season. They generated 548 donations totaling $12,758, including one $1,000 gift
  25. 25. ART of the UPGRADE Every patron’s next step Make a plan for every patron type Focus first on biggest opportunities • Consider the whole picture • Choose efforts you can do best • Collaboration gets the best results • Learn to up-sell
  26. 26. The Art of the Upgrade A TRG Master Class for Blackbaud Copyright © 2013 TRG Arts All Rights Reserved Hosted by Joanne Steller VP, Strategic Communications
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