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Infographic: The sharing economy impacts core business models


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Infographic: The sharing economy impacts core business models —

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Infographic: The sharing economy impacts core business models

  1. 1. The Sharing Economy Systems The sharing economy is changing consumer consumption Product Service Redistribution Markets Collaborative Lifestyles The driver behind the collaborative economy P2P Technologies Desire for Community Environmental Concerns Internet becomes global Payment systems evolve Mobile devices and platform THEN Cost Consciousness Rise of social networking NOW STUFF Having too much stuff Share your stuff using Neighborgoods, Rentoid Organizing stacks of DVDs and CDs Create an account on Netflix, ITunes, Spotify, WIMP Buying a dress you will only wear once Rent clothing from Rent frock Repeat, 99 Dresses, Material Wrld Paying high gas & insurance cost Use Zipcar, Car2go, Lyft, Tamyca, Nachbarschafts auto, GreenRiders Booking expensive hotel rooms Book a stay using Airbnb, HouseTrip, 9Flats etc Exploring your interests alone Meet new people using Meetup Empty parking spot Find unused parking spaces using ParkingPanda, parkAtMyHouse, Parkshare etc Don’t have the time get chores and tasks done quickly and easily using services like TaskRabbit Unused boat with high cost Share a boat using GetMyBoat, Fun2Boat, Cruzin, Boatbound, Boatsetter etc Expensive bank loans Get a loan through Lending Club, Prosper Marketplace, Zopa etc ENTERTAINMENT FASHION TRANSPORTATION TRAVEL INTERESTS PARKING TASK BOAT BANKS TORBEN RICK - WWW.TORBENRICK.EU