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SEO & Social Media Marketing

  1. 1. SEO & Social Media
  2. 2. Keywords• Keywords and Key Phrases form the basis for optimizing any webpage for search engines• Each page in a website and social media page should be optimized for a key phrase• Keyword research is the process of determining which key phrases are most valuable, and yet still have a good chance of competing in the market niche of the business• It is time-consuming, but absolutely necessary
  3. 3. SEO• Search Engine Optimization starts with identifying keywords and the proper quantity and placement of keywords / phrases within the copy of the page• Proper markup of the webpage code is also very important • Usage of html heading tags • Usage of other html tags and attributes to take additional opportunities for adding longtail and indirect phrases • Standards based coding allows for good communication between the web page and the search engines
  4. 4. Social Media MarketingIn a search engine results page with 15 to 20 results, the goal is to take asmany of those spaces as possible• Using social media is an excellent way of accomplishing that• Each social media account is another opportunity to take a space
  5. 5. Facebook• Facebook Business Pages (sometimes called Fan Pages) are a great way to establish your brand• Pages can include posts, pictures and video, and links back to your website
  6. 6. Facebook Mini-sites• Facebook Mini-sites are a great way of presenting your website to people who may have never been to your primary site• Mini-sites can include contact forms, pictures and video
  7. 7. Facebook Company Pages• Facebook pages and mini-sites appear in search engine results
  8. 8. Google Plus Company Pages • Just as you can have a personal Google Plus page, you can also have a company page • This page should be optimized the same as you would a Facebook Company pageThis is done byusing keywords,images, video,events andregular postingto continuallycreate contentand backlinks toyour website
  9. 9. Google Plus Company Pages• These pages also appear in search engine results
  10. 10. Google Places Page• Setting up a Google Places Page helps your business to display in search engine results when a location or zip code is used in the search terms• This page should also be optimized for a key phrase• Adding information about your business, as well as pictures and video all help to give your business more ‘importance’• You can even post to this page
  11. 11. Google Places Page
  12. 12. Google Places Page• Search Engine Results
  13. 13. YouTube Channel• Another opportunity to continue your branding• Custom backgrounds to match your website may be added
  14. 14. Blogs• Blogs, either as part of your primary website, or as a separate entity are a good way to create backlinks to your site and create ongoing content• More content equals more opportunities to take another spot on the search engine results page• Blog entry subjects are not limited to direct brand information• Posts and articles about indirect subjects allow you to create much more content, which adds more pages that may be indexed by the search engines
  15. 15. • The blog post• The search engine result
  16. 16. Bringing it all together• On your website: Add links and widgets to social media pages• Invite visitors to share
  17. 17. Bringing it all together• Embed your twitter feed into your website• Tweet about your new pages and blog posts• Tweet about your Facebook Company Page posts• Tweet about your Google Plus Company Page posts• Tweet about your YouTube videos
  18. 18. Bringing it all together• Embed your YouTube Channel videos into your: • Website • Facebook Company Page • Google Plus Page • Then tweet about it!
  19. 19. From a blog post:Results – Page 1 – first 5 slots • The Anytown site page • The blog entry • The site home page and • The places page • Another blog page • The YouTube page
  20. 20. Just the beginning…• Each of the options shown above help to promote your brand and raise your website in the search engine rankings• There are lots of other social media types: • Pinterest • Stumbleupon • Tumblr Just to name a fewThe trick is just to get started…
  21. 21. Online Marketing Solutions Sam Richardson (727) 642-4776 Tami Richardson Consulting Services