Firefox: What do I need to know?


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Firefox: What do I need to know?

  1. 1. FIREFOX What do I need to know?
  2. 2. InstallingWhere to get it
  3. 3. Organize Your Life
  4. 4. BookmarksWhen you come across a site you would like tocome back to later, you can create a bookmark byclicking on the star at the right end of the addressbar.
  5. 5. Add Search Tags
  6. 6. App Tabs Make your often-used sites into icons that start automatically when you start Firefox. They live on the left side of the Tab Strip.Right-click on the tab you want to turn into an App Tab and select Pin as App Tabfrom the menu.Don‟t want it? Right-click on the App Tab and select „Unpin Tab‟.Notifications: If you have Gmail set as an App Tab, and you are using a differenttab when a new email is received, your Gmail tab will glow.The next time you open Firefox they will still be there.Links to other sites open in a new tab so you keep your App Tab.
  7. 7. Tab GroupsAlso known as PanoramaClick the List All Tabs button at the far right side of the Tab Strip > Tab Groups.Youll see thumbnail previews of all of your tabs in one group.To make a new group, drag one tab out of the group and then drag a second oneon top of it. A box will be drawn around them. Resize the boxes as you like.Click on the pencil to name the group.Done? Click on a tab to exit the view. That tab is now active and only the tabs inthat group will be visible.Once youve created your first group, the Tab Group button will be added to theright end of the Tab Strip.If youve closed a tab group by accident, you can click the Undo CloseGroup button to restore it before leaving the Panorama view.
  8. 8. Session RestoreSession Restore instantly brings back your windows and tabs, restoring text youentered and any in-progress downloads.If the browser has to restart after you install an add-on or software update, or ifFirefox or your computer unexpectedly closes, you can pick up where you left off,even down to the last word you typed.Details » can even set Firefox to always show your windows and tabs from yourprevious session each time you start Firefox.
  9. 9. Reopen Closed Tabs and WindowsIf you accidentally close a tab or window, you can reopen it in one click.Just view Recently Closed Tabs or Recently Closed Windows in the History menuand select the tab or window you‟d like to reopen.Or right-click on a tab and choose Undo Closed Tab.
  10. 10. Search your wayChoose your search engine from the preset dropdown list of search options orselect “manage search engines” to browse for many more search-related add-ons
  11. 11. Search by TagLabel a site with names or categories that are meaningful to you.For example, you can label both and with the“news” tag.When you enter “news” into the location bar, both sites will be shown as results.A single site can have multiple tags, and there‟s no limit to the number of tagsyou can create. You may not remember the exact name of a site, but with a tag,you‟ll be able to find it easily.
  12. 12. Search by History
  13. 13. Smart KeywordsSearch the Web in record time with smart keywords.You can assign keywords to search engines,Then enter your key and search words in the location bar.Assigning “books” to means you can type in a search like“books about home building” and zip right there, with no pausing on theAmazon home page.For example, suppose you search The Internet Movie Database (IMDB) on aregular basis. You can define a smart keyword , then to search IMDB forinformation on William Shatner, you would enter the following in the FirefoxLocation bar:imdb William Shatner
  14. 14. To create a smart keyword:Visit the page on the target website thathas the search field that you wouldnormally use to search the site.Right-click on the search field. Select Adda Keyword for this Search.... The Add Bookmark dialog appears. Enter an appropriate name for the bookmark (e.g. "The Internet Movie Database"). Create a keyword (e.g. "imdb"). Select the bookmark folder to contain the smart keyword. Click OK.
  15. 15. Search and FindThe find feature appears with a simple keystroke (CTRL + F).Search for a word or phrase on an open Web page.Highlight text before using the feature and the finder opens pre-filled with yourselection.Full ZoomWant to see captions and pictures in a larger size?Swoop in and see the details on web pages, zeroing in on what matters.CTRL and + to zoom in. CTRL and – to zoom out.The pages will scale equally, with all the elements of layout changing at the samelevel.
  16. 16. Security
  17. 17. Instant Web Site IDWant to be extra sure about a site‟s legitimacy before you make a purchase?Click on its favicon for an instant identity overview.Click again for more: how many times have you visited? Are your passwordssaved? Check up on suspicious sites, avoid Web forgeries and make sure a site iswhat it claims to be. Learn more.Anti-PhishingShop and do business safely on the Internet.Firefox gets a fresh update of forgery sites 48 times a day, so if you try to visit afraudulent site that‟s pretending to be someone you trust (like your bank), awarning message will stop you before any harm is done.
  18. 18. Anti-MalwareFirefox protects you from viruses, worms, trojan horses, and spyware deliveredover the Web. If you accidentally access an attack site, it will warn you away from the site andtell you why it isn‟t safe to use.Automatic UpdatesSo you always have the safest browser available.
  19. 19. Forget This SiteHaving second thoughts about having visited a certain site? Remove every traceof ever having been there! Details »How do I remove a single website from my history?At the top of the Firefox window, click the Firefox button, go over tothe History menu (For Windows XP: click the History menu) and select Show AllHistory to open the Library window.Search for the website you want to remove from your history by typing its name inthe Search History field in the top-right corner and then pressing Enter.
  20. 20. Then, in the search results, right-click on the site you want to remove, andselect Forget About This Site.All history items (browsing and download history, cookies, cache, activelogins, passwords, saved form data, exceptions for cookies, images, pop-ups) forthat site will be removed.
  21. 21. Mobile Firefox for your phone.The Awesome Screen learns your favorite sites so you can browse with little or notyping.Features like Sync, tabbed browsing and one-touch bookmarking make it easy.
  22. 22. Add-ons Easy Customization: Thousands of add-ons available
  23. 23. If you‟re into creating websites…Web Developer extension adds a menu and a toolbar to the browser to assist in developingand designing websites.Firebug‟s another website tool
  24. 24. FoxToPhone a website link to your phone with one click. Way cool.Awesome Screenshot a part of the page, or all of it – even the parts you can‟t see.
  25. 25. Cooliris photos and videos from the Web or your desktop. Effortlessly scroll aninfinite "3D Wall" of content from Facebook, Google, YouTube, Flickr, and more.Price Comparison for Firefox - WindowShopper 140 million products now available in every store in the U.S., UK andGermany.Click on a product image to Instantly compare prices, find deals, and see similaritems.Works on Amazon, eBay, Sears, Newegg, DealExtreme and Google Shopping
  26. 26. Thanks for stopping by!This has been an informational bit of fun presented bySam Richardson.Connect with me on LinkedIn view my website: