Sports Marketing Creativity Lecture


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Presentation for a lecture on creativity.

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  • Mother/baby (capacity to create the world) Transitional objects in potential space (teddy) Child/family Individual/society Potential space: play, creativity, pleasure. The aesthetic dimension within everyday pursuits – softens the reality principle ‘ originality on the basis of tradition’ No room for an intermediate area on production lines. Gothic Modernism ‘ The individual is losing significance’ Mies van de Rohe ‘ The real. The arch enemy of creativity’ Donald Winnicott
  • 98% shared DNA Creativity – central source of meaning: Language, values, artistic expression, science, understanding Living more fully when we are being creative
  • Choir – how good can a choir be? Collaboration Self-esteem Liverpool Institute
  • Born with fixed amount Evident in maths and use of words Measured through testing At heart of education system – IQ Binet – Stanford-Binet Terman: “ no amount of scholl instruction will make them efficient workers voters or capable voters in the true sense of the word” Eugenics SATs How are you intelligent? Linguistic, musical, mathematical, spacial, kinesthetic, interpersonal, intrapersonal Analytic, creative, practical Goleman: Emotional, social
  • Special people? Like reading or writing Special activities – ‘creative domains’ Either creative or not – fixed Applied imagination – rethink lives and capacities - dynamic ‘ Creativity ‘the process of having original ideas that have value’ Can be applied to anything It is a process – new ideas, judging which are right, using media, applying talents/skills Effortless/for its own sake/playing – open approach Left/right brain - physical processes - unconscious/intuition – Feelings ‘ If you change your mind, you can change your life’ William James
  • Domain – activities, disciplines Field – others that are engaged in it Finding your tribe ‘ If I saw further it was because I stood on the shoulders of giants’ Isaac Newton ‘ I had been I the dark and someone had turned on the main switch of a lightning conductor’ Bob Dylan
  • Environment Easier to enhance creativity by changing the conditions in the environment than by trying to make people think more creatively Just as the sound of a tree crashing in a forest is unheard if nobody is there to hear it, so creative ideas vanish unless there is a receptive audience to record and implement them. Not just creative spark of a genius - eureka! Culture/person/experts Masaru Ibuka, Sony To establish a place of work where engineers can feel the joy of technological innovation, be aware of their mission to society, and work to their heart’s content. Wrote Kindergarten is too late
  • Circles of influence Great Groups – greater than sum of parts - synergy Living/dead, near/far, historical Greece Silicon Valley – change jobs, keep parking space Bauhaus Sports teams Miles Davis – one take Diverse/dynamic/distinct Flickr
  • Clear goals (expectations and rules are discernible and goals are attainable and align appropriately with one's skill set and abilities). Moreover, the challenge level and skill level should both be high. [3] Concentrating , a high degree of concentration on a limited field of attention (a person engaged in the activity will have the opportunity to focus and to delve deeply into it). A loss of the feeling of self-consciousness , the merging of action and awareness. Distorted sense of time , one's subjective experience of time is altered. Direct and immediate feedback (successes and failures in the course of the activity are apparent, so that behavior can be adjusted as needed). Balance between ability level and challenge (the activity is neither too easy nor too difficult). A sense of personal control over the situation or activity. The activity is intrinsically rewarding , so there is an effortlessness of action. People become absorbed in their activity, and focus of awareness is narrowed down to the activity itself, action awareness merging . 110 bits max
  • Sports Marketing Creativity Lecture

    1. 1. Creativity Richard Berry
    2. 8. How Intelligent are You? 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10
    3. 9. How Creative are You? 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10
    4. 14. Exercise
    5. 15. RED
    6. 16. BLUE
    7. 17. GREEN
    8. 18. RED
    9. 19. WHITE
    10. 23. Project