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Leeds Met Logo

  1. 1. Developing a new logo for Leeds Metropolitan University Richard Berry Media Production Manager
  2. 2. “A world-class regional university, with world-wide horizons, using all our talents to the full.” University Mission Statement
  3. 3. History
  4. 11. “As with the Beijing 2008 Olympic logo (which adapts the Chinese characters to look like athletes), there might be some way of creating an image which looks like roses , when viewed in one way, and like people meeting , when viewed in another.” Professor Simon Lee 5/12/03
  5. 23. “ The rose symbolises the students around the world and the stem represents Leeds Met supporting them.” “ The white rose symbolises purity in how the university approaches education standards in the new millennium. The petals symbolise the variety of people integrated in Leeds Met – people of all races, colour, religion and cultures.” “ A unity of students from all over the world, hand in hand helping each other to achieve one dream and one vision for success. The logo also signifies how a bud blossoms into a beautiful flower and that is what and who we are – students of Leeds Met are the future generations.” “ The flower symbolises purity. The blossoming flower also symbolises the expanding university, reaching for the student and giving the best for its students.” “ The rose symbolises British education at its best. The stalk symbolises the support and dedication Leeds Met gives to the students, which are the petals of the rose. The petals (in the form of people in various poses) symbolise the students from various continents and backgrounds.” Leeds Met Malaysian Alumni Association, May 2004