9 central europe jts by C. Ebermann


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9 central europe jts by C. Ebermann

  1. 1. CENTRAL EUROPE PROGRAMME2007-2013CrossCulTour Workshop and Final EventBrussels, 7 September 2011 Cultural Heritage projects within the Central Europe Programme Christophe Ebermann JTS CENTRAL EUROPE PROGRAMME
  2. 2. TRANSNATIONALCOOPERATION 2007 - 2013 EU supports 13 European Transnational Cooperation Programmes •Northern Periphery •Baltic Sea •North West Europe •North Sea •Atlantic Coast •Alpine Space •Central Europe •South West Europe •Mediterranean •South East Europe •Caribbean Area •Açores-Madeira-Canarias •Indian Ocean Area
  3. 3. CENTRAL EUROPE PROGRAMME AREA8 EU countries1 third countrySurface:Around 1,050,000 km²Population:Around 148 million citizens4 Programme Priorities:InnovationAccessibilityEnvironmentCompetitiveness andattractiveness of citiesand regions Funds: ~230 Mio € ERDF
  4. 4. PROGRAMME GOALS ANDPRIORITIESOverall goalStrengthening territorial cohesion, promoting internal integration andenhancing the competitiveness of Central Europe.Priorities  Priority 1: Facilitating Innovation across Central Europe  Priority 2: Improving Accessibility of and within Central Europe  Priority 3: Using our Environment Responsibly  Priority 4: Enhancing Competitiveness and Attractiveness of Cities and Regions
  5. 5. PROGRAMME STATE OF PLAY 3 Calls for Proposals already launched, projects selected and approved for funding 94 projects approved  1st Call: 29 projects  2nd Call: 37 projects  3rd Call: 28 projects  Additional projects to come:  Restricted Call for Strategic projects: projects currently being contracted  4th call for Proposals currently open until the 14th of October 2011
  6. 6. PROJECT SIZE, DURATION ANDFUNDINGIndicative project size:1-5 million EUR total eligible budget (average 2 Mio EUR ERDF)Partnership:Partners from at least three countries needed (average partnership size:11 partners)Indicative project durationBetween 30 - 36 months (max 48 months)Co-financing ratesUp to 75%: Austria, Germany, ItalyUp to 85%: Czech Republic, Hungary, Poland, Slovakia, SloveniaUp to 75%: EU partners located outside the CENTRAL EUROPE areaTransnational cooperation projects with clear added value to theCENTRAL EUROPE cooperation area
  7. 7. PROGRAMME PRIORITIES &AREAS OF INTERVENTION Priority 4: Enhancing Competitiveness and Attractiveness of Cities and Regions – currently 22 projects  4.1 Developing polycentric settlement structures and territorial cooperation (7 projects)  4.2 Addressing the territorial effects of demographic and social change on urban and regional development (6 projects)  4.3 Capitalising on cultural resources for more attractive cities and regions (9 projects)
  8. 8. CULTURAL HERITAGE RELATEDPROJECTS Partnership & Project acronym and title Duration countries coveredCrossCulTou Cross Marketing Strategies for 12.2008 9 partners,r Culture and Tourism for more – 4 countries, Attractiveness and 11.2011 LP*: Germany Competitiveness for Cities and RegionsCUSTODES Cultural Sites and Tourism: 11.2008 7 partners, Development of European – 4 countries, Strategies 10.2011 LP*: ItalyDANUBE Nomination of the Central 10.2008 7 partners,LIMES European part of the Roman – 5 countries, Danube Limes within the 12.2011 LP*: Hungary international UNESCO World Heritage Framework “Frontiers of the Roman Empire”LP* = Country of project Lead Partner
  9. 9. CULTURAL HERITAGE RELATEDPROJECTS Partnership & Project acronym and title Duration countries coveredLISTEN TO Local Initiative STrENgthening: how 1.2009 9 partners,THE VOICE to build up a new TOurism in THE – 6 countries,OF VILLAGES Valleys and among the mOst vItal 2.2012 LP*: Italy CEntres OF rural VILLAGESCREATIVE Development and Promotion of 1.2010 11 partners,CITIES Creative Industry Potentials in – 5 countries, Central European Cities 12.2012 LP*: GermanySECOND From Industrial Use to Creative 1.2010 10 partners,CHANCE Impulse – 4 countries, 6.2013 LP*: GermanyLP* = Country of project Lead Partner
  10. 10. CULTURAL HERITAGE RELATEDPROJECTS Partnership & Project acronym and title Duration countries coveredCCC Cultural Capital Counts 5.2011 10 partners, - 6 countries, 4.2014 LP*: AustriaETNOFOLK Preservation and Enhancement of 5.2011 7 partners, Folk Culture Heritage in Central - 4 countries, Europe 4.2014 LP*: Czech RepublicTRADITIONAL Promoting traditional collection 5.2011 9 partners,AND WILD and use of wild plants to reduce - 4 countries, social and economic disparities in 4.2014 LP*: Hungary Central EuropeLP* = Country of project Lead Partner
  11. 11. CONCLUSIONSConclusions  Fostering the sustainable use of cultural resources and heritage is one of the goals supported by the Central Europe Programme  Transnational cooperation is perceived as a highly relevant approach for dealing with cultural heritage  Several exciting projects are already being supported: from cultural routes, to creative industries, to intangible cultural heritage etc.  The 4th and last Call for Proposals is currently open (until the 14.10.2011) including the Area of Intervention 4.3 focusing on cultural heritage
  12. 12. INFORMATION & SUPPORT• CENTRAL EUROPE Programme Joint Technical SecretariatMuseumstrasse 3/A/III A-1070 Vienna Phone: +43 1 4000 76130 Fax: +43 1 4000 9976141Email:christophe.ebermann@central2013.euInternet: www.central2013.eu
  13. 13. Thank you for your attention!