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A Framework for Influencer Marketing: 5-Step Action Plan & 9 Expert Tips


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Use this infographic as a quick reference guide to influencer marketing. The path to influencer marketing success always starts by defining your customer or audience and working backwards to figure out who these people engage with and trust. Next, you use an influencer discovery tool to identify the right influencers and extract insights that help you decide who to reach out to and how to get them involved in your brand stories. Finally, the influencer work that outperforms the rest always includes measurement and refining based on analytics. This infographic was co-produced by Traackr and LEWIS PR.

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A Framework for Influencer Marketing: 5-Step Action Plan & 9 Expert Tips

  1. 1. A Framework for Influencer Marketing 5-Step Action Plan & 9 Expert Tips 1. DEFINE 1 2 3. MON ITO R 5. MEASU RE 2. DISCO VER 3 4 4. TAKE A C TIO N 5 Define Your Online Audience Influencer marketing starts by first identifying your target customer and understanding who impacts how they discover, evaluate, decide and buy. Discover The Right Influencers Influence is contextual so you will need to find people who produce and share content that can impact your business or your buyer’s decision-making process. Monitor Influencers for Opportunities Listen to your influencers and monitor their content. Ask yourself: What topics do they write about? What do they share? What questions does their audience ask? Take Action & Engage Start building a relationship with simple actions (follow, share, link). Get to know them, build trust, then plan initiatives that will let you work together. Measure Your Results Keep track of the relationships you are building and how they translate into tangible events (visits, introductions, mentions, leads). Learn and iterate. What is influence? What is An Influencer? An influencer has the ability to change behaviors or impact purchase decisions in a given context. On the social web, influencers have earned an engaged audience by producing content on specific topics. Reach Relevance What is Influencer Marketing? Influencer marketing aims to harness the influence of key individuals on the social web to meet a business goal by building mutually beneficial relationships. Resonance 9 Expert Tips for Influencer Marketing Think Beyond Demographics Understand Their Community De-Emphasize Primary Reach Create Experiences Play the Long Game Tailor Your Strategy The value of your influencer relationships grows over time. Invest in earning trust and sustaining connections. Influencer marketing is not direct mail 2.0. Customize your approach based on the individual person. Fundamentally Human Provide High Value Strive for Relationships Mommy bloggers or tech bloggers won’t cut it. Look for influencers based on their interests and passions. Instead of pushing your news, create experiences for your influencers so they have something to react to and share. Influencers are not empty amplification vessels. Treat them well and focus on their unique passions, interests and personalities. An influencer is influential because they have built an audience. Help them serve their audience and you win. Far from pitching, find opportunities for your company to enrich the work of your influencers. This framework was coproduced by Traackr and LEWIS PR. Influencer marketing scales by building quality relationships with select people and reaching secondary audiences. When you build a relationship with an influencer you unlock their potential value. LEWIS PR is a global communications agency with deep specialization in social media and digital marketing. The influencer marketing practice at LEWIS PR is powered by Traackr's influencer discovery and analytics platform.