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"Confluence: The Intersection Of Content & Influencer Marketing" Traackr's Pierre-Loic at #LeanContent


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"Confluence: The Intersection Of Content & Influencer Marketing" Traackr's Pierre-Loic presentation from's #LeanContent event 1/14/15

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"Confluence: The Intersection Of Content & Influencer Marketing" Traackr's Pierre-Loic at #LeanContent

  1. 1. Traackr June 2014 A page with a short bit of very large text on it. Traackr Confluence: The Intersection Of Content & Influencer Marketing #LeanContent | @traackr | @pierreloic
  2. 2. Traackr Our StoryTraackr
  3. 3. Traackr Our Story
  4. 4. Traackr Our Story
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  7. 7. Traackr Our Story # People Everybody Else Influencers Advocates
  8. 8. Traackr Our Story Mass One To Many Affinity At Scale # People Everybody Else Influencers Advocates Reach Consideration Impact
  9. 9. TraackrTraackr Our Story
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  11. 11. TraackrTraackr Our Story
  12. 12. Traackr Traackr Today 5,000 200 🏢 18 🌎 1,600 🗪 150,000 4
  13. 13. Traackr June 2014 A page with a short bit of very large text on it. Traackr Confluence: The Intersection Of Content & Influencer Marketing #LeanContent | @traackr | @pierreloic
  14. 14. Traackr The Importance Of An Influencer Strategy For Content Marketing
  15. 15. Traackr Awareness Purchase ExperienceConsideration 📱🗪 ⌂ Marketers have lost control of the buying process and compete for the attention their buyers. The buying process is getting away from marketers. 📱🗪
  16. 16. Traackr Buyers are overwhelmed with data and information sources with limited ability to sift through the noise.
  17. 17. Traackr Buyers resort to selecting people they can trust as their proxy to meaningful information. Authoritative Content 51% Ads 22% Branded Content 27% Nielsen 2014 Customers trust:
  18. 18. Traackr For marketers to stay relevant to their buyers, they need the tools to impact authoritative content. Content is your weapon of choice in the attention war. Guillaume Decugis Incorporating influencers in your content facilitates reaching new audiences with brand messages that are credible and trusted. Lee Odden TopRank Marketing 📰 Content Influence
  19. 19. Traackr Content + Influence
  20. 20. Traackr 3% 90% of impact “Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful, committed citizens can change the world.” Margaret Mead
  21. 21. Traackr For buyers that small group = experts twitterrss bloggergoogleplus twitterrss bloggeryoutube twitterrss bloggeryoutube
  22. 22. Traackr Brands’ attempt to engage experts have failed. Pitch influencers #FAIL Buy influencers #FAIL Turn fans into influencers #FAIL
  23. 23. Traackr What’s next? Influence the influencers. Build meaningful relationships Meaning = Content (not fluff)
  24. 24. Traackr Establish Your Content With An Influencer Strategy
  25. 25. Traackr Establish your content with an influencer strategy 📅 ✒ Plan Collaborate to produce content. There are limitless ways to produce and share content with the help of your influencers. Create Listen to influencers to gain insights. You can learn a lot by simply listening to your audience and influencers. Your ability to light up the right nodes in the online community will make people pay attention to your content and your ideas. Influencers are these nodes. Distribute Measure the impact each type of content can have on a given business goal from awareness to lead generation to sales and advocacy. Measure
  26. 26. Traackr 📅 Plan Listen to your influencers to gain insights. Understand your audience Influencers show you how to engage with your target audience. Evaluate trends Influencers help you grasp trends, spot opportunities, and identify gaps. 💡 Get inspired Influencers’ content can give you ideas for your own content production. Keep up with top stories Influencers are always on top of what’s hot & clued in to what’s coming next.
  27. 27. Traackr ✒ Create Involve your influencers in your content creation. Curate Curate expert content and add your own value layer. 🔗 Reference Link to your influencers’ content from your article. Involve Involve your influencers in your own content creation. ⚙ Support Develop assets for your influencers to leverage. 📝 Co-create Co-create content with your influencers.
  28. 28. Traackr Distribute Light up the right nodes in the online community. 🎯 Talk to the right people Focus on influencers most relevant to the idea you’re trying to convey. # Use their hashtags Use hashtags they use when promoting your content. 🗪 Invite their commentary Engage them w/ a question re: your article (incl. those who don’t agree w/ you). Engage them in context Track RT influencer conversations on the topic to engage them in context. Find who influences the influencers Find connectors in the community who influence them & engage with them.
  29. 29. Traackr Measure Measure the impact content has on your business goals. 📏 Define success Settle on output vs. outcome metrics and tracking methodology. 📊 Track macro metrics & trending Track macro metrics even if you can’t assert causality (i.e. Google Analytics, CRM/Sales, Net Promoter). Make assumptions and measure trending. 👍 Track micro metrics Track micro metrics (i.e. referral traffic, trackable links, social shares) but also make assumptions as they’ll always represent a subset of reality. Keep tabs Keep notes of qualitative results you may want to quantify on next go around.
  30. 30. Traackr 5 Pillars To keep in mind Shift focus: People > Brands Listen & Adapt Make friends before you need them ☼ Context is paramount 🎁 Give Give Get
  31. 31. Traackr Examples
  32. 32. Traackr Thaanks!