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Anatomy of the Modern Sales Pro


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Published in: Sales
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Anatomy of the Modern Sales Pro

  1. 1. ANATOMY OF THE MODERN SALES PRO By Traackr eye lightbulb RSS CHAT HEART FOOTSTEPS hand WHAT HE LOOKS LIKE THOUGHT LEADER As a sales pro living & breathing his industry, he has an educated perspective on his space. He strives to share his views with his peers & engage in meaningful debates. For him, selling is about removing friction in the buying process to create an environment that makes it easy for prospects to buy from him. WHAT HE’S TAKING IN EMPATHETIC LISTENER He listens to social conversations about his market, brand, products, and competitors to identify the key topics, trends, and players and get a better understanding of his prospects and their interests. WHAT HE FOCUSES ON EYES ON THE PRIZE Relationships are his currency. He’s driven by hard cold metrics to measure his “return on relationships” with prospects, influencers, and customers. He tracks engagement not just activity. He’s looking at the outcome (i.e. engagement by prospects, lead referrals by influencers) and keeps testing and tuning. HOW HE COMMUNICATES KNOWLEDGE MEGAPHONE He strives to be a trusted source of knowledge. He finds serendipitous moments to engage with influencers in key conversations and add value. He listens for problems to solve and shares valuable content that his community of prospective buyers will find helpful in their buying process. WHAT HE CARES ABOUT PASSIONATE PROBLEM SOLVER He’s a problem solver at heart. He cares to help craft solutions to solve real life problems. He knows that when he does, his products and services will sell themselves. WHERE HE STANDS ONE FOOT IN SALES, ONE IN MARKETING He plays the role of a micro-marketer. He works well in the blending world of mktg and sales, and realizes that relationships are key to growing a business. WHAT TOOLS HE USES DISRUPTIVE TECH ENTHUSIAST He’s crafty, resourceful, and likes to get his hands dirty. He uses technology and social media to listen and engage, and he’s equipped to do business anytime, anywhere.