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Find Influencer Marketing Success with These IRL Principles


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Gain exclusive insight into finding influencer marketing success. Discover the one essential rule for creating online influence: what works in real life (IRL), works online.

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Find Influencer Marketing Success with These IRL Principles

  1. 1. TRAACKR Find Influencer Marketing Success with These IRL Principles
  2. 2. Here’s the dirty little secret of influencer marketing in one sentence… What works in real life (IRL), works online.
  3. 3. Could the secret to influencer marketing success be so obvious? Yes That’s why we invited top influencers to help you find greater success with influencer marketing. Here is what they had to say.
  4. 4. Senior Marketing Consultant Pam Didner "Brands usually don’t have much control over what influencers will share or communicate."
  5. 5. Chief Content Officer, MarketingProfs Ann Handley “The thing that inspires me most isn’t the brand: It’s the people who are part of the brand.”
  6. 6. CEO, TopRank Marketing Lee Odden “Shared values and goals are important as well as appreciation for the work.”
  7. 7. Creative Director, Cisco Systems Tim Washer “The best candidates will likely be those who can persuade leadership to champion bold ideas.”
  8. 8. Global Content Strategist, Dell Shelley Ryan “When deciding if and how to compensate influencers, the key is transparency and disclosure.”
  9. 9. Head of Global Social Media, Citrix Justin Levy “Influencers aren’t defined by Twitter followers. If they were, you could buy a social audience.”
  10. 10. Senior Director of Influencer Marketing, SAP Amisha Gandhi “When you offer a point-of-view from your customer’s peers, it can be incredibly powerful.”
  11. 11. Founder, Monumental Shift Andrew Davis “All you want to know is if the audience trusts your influencer.”
  12. 12. Ready to apply IRL principles to your influencer marketing? Gain more insights from 24 top brand marketers and influencers by downloading the full eBook, Influencer Marketing in Real Life. DOWNLOAD EBOOK