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10 Tips for Modern Marketers to Thrive


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By connecting people to people, the social web created an ecosystem for consumers, users, employees to talk to one another, exchange ideas, transact, and organize at a scale we have yet to grasp. In a word, it has humanized the web and paved the way for a more collaborative way of doing business between brands and people. In order to succeed in this post web 2.0 world, modern marketers have to become more than data crunching machines. They need to reinvent themselves and their organization to embrace a new era for marketing, ruled by the social customer. How can modern CMOs go about initiating this transformation? Here are a few pointers.

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10 Tips for Modern Marketers to Thrive

  2. 2. Listening, observing & empathizing with your customers will help you build products & experiences that meet their real needs & exceed their expectations. FOCUS ON YOUR CUSTOMERSFOCUS ON YOUR CUSTOMERS
  3. 3. Focus on people’s unique behaviors & needs. Developing marketing programs & user experiences should follow usage patterns & behaviors rather than customers’ socio-demographic profiles. RETHINK SEGMENTATIONRETHINK SEGMENTATION
  4. 4. Your customers are defining your brand, your product & your message. In this new context, your role as a marketer is to facilitate your brand rather than manage it. BECOME A BRAND FACILITATORBECOME A BRAND FACILITATOR
  5. 5. Your contribution to the online conversation has to be more valuable than simply relaying your message. To relate & connect with your customers you need to participate in conversations they’re interested in. JOIN BIGGER CONVERSATIONSJOIN BIGGER CONVERSATIONS
  6. 6. Find & cater to your influencers, nurture your advocates & build bridges with your detractors. Getting to know the people in your brand’s eco-system not only gives you more opportunities to disseminate your message; it helps you shape your marketing & product strategy. INVEST IN KEY RELATIONSHIPSINVEST IN KEY RELATIONSHIPS
  7. 7. In the social web, everyone is a spokesperson for your brand. Marketers, sales managers, customer service reps, partners & customers are all potential brand ambassadors. Taking down walls between functions helps you deliver a unified customer experience. BREAK DOWN SILOSBREAK DOWN SILOS
  8. 8. Marketers’ success now depends on their ability to build relationships with their key influencers. Getting their attention takes more than the analytical side of marketing that has prevailed this last decade. It calls on a marketer’s social & creative side. DEVELOP YOUR CREATIVE SIDEDEVELOP YOUR CREATIVE SIDE
  9. 9. People who embrace a brand often share interests, values & affinities. Brands can help them find each other, create & sponsor a place for them to meet & interact, but the community ought to own the group & the conversation, not the brand. SET THE STAGE & STEP ASIDESET THE STAGE & STEP ASIDE
  10. 10. Mass distribution of a message to an unqualified target creates more noise in an already noisy world. Focus on impact metrics instead & hone in on people & communities most likely to be interested in your category. FOCUS ON THE IMPACTFOCUS ON THE IMPACT
  11. 11. Don’t ask people to surrender their critical thinking, ask them to exercise it instead. In a world where people make decisions based on the opinions of people they trust, encouraging your marketing team to convince rather than persuade will pave the path to excellence. DON’T PERSUADE. CONVINCE!DON’T PERSUADE. CONVINCE!
  12. 12. Learn More About Influencer Marketing Learn More About Influencer Marketing download