Piemonte Cleantech Cluster


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A description of the Clean Technologies cluster in the Italian Piedmont region.

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Piemonte Cleantech Cluster

  1. 1. Piemonte Cleantech ClusterTowards a regional smartspecializationTRES Meeting,Torino,April 12th 2013Massimo DA VIA’Environment Park S.p.A.Science and Technology Park for the Environment - Torinowww.envipark.com
  2. 2. Regione PiemonteRegione Piemonte lays in the northwestern Italy, and Torino is the capitalcity.The Region accounts 4.450.000inhabitants (8% of national population),and accounts for 8,7% of national GDP(115 Bn Euros) and 10% of nationalexport.Piemonte is among most industrializedItalian regions, main sectors areautomotive and fine mechanics, agro-food, aerospace and textile.Manufacturing account around 30,000enterprises, mainly SMEs .Top known enterprises are FIAT, Alenia,Ferrero, Zegna, Martini&Rossi and manyothers.
  3. 3. Cleantech, not just renewables3It’s a large technology domain, supported by new business models, aiming to develop solutionsto global challenges and competitive both for investors and usersIt’s a worldwide used definition, even by Venture Capital and financial actorsIts portfolio is made of a large categories of technologies, products, services and process,targeted toProvide best performances at lower costsReduce environmental impactsPromote a responsible use of resources
  4. 4. Today: The green sector in PiedmontAccording to CEIP*analysis, in the region1.190 “clean” companiesare active, operatinginside water, air, energyand wastes sectors, witharound 35.000employees.Sector TopicsAir Manufacturing, distribution and installation of emissionfiltering systemsNoise noise insulation manufacturing and installationBiomass Biofuels, combustion and gasification systems, pellet stove,biogas, biomass handling and storageEnergyefficiencybuilding materials, windows and frames, insulation, HVAC,mechatronicHydro turbines manufacturing, plant revamping and managementPV manufacturers (assembly), integrators, special purposes(sailboat)solar manufacturers, integratorsWastes bio stabilization, waste to energy, management systemsWater industrial water treatement, water saving, recovery of sludgeBio materials bioplasticDepollution bio recovery, asbestos treatement, chrome treatement,monitoringOthers Wind turbines, wave power, hydrogen**CEIP, Update 2010
  5. 5. Today : Clean exportAround one third of thecompanies sell abroad,29% in EU states and14% in non Europeancountries. The Europeancontinent – mainly EU-15member states andEastern Europeancountries – is not the onlypromising area ofexpansion for Piemonteclean companies. NorthAfrican countries, SouthAmerica and China are infact becoming primarydestinations of Regionalenvironmental solutions.
  6. 6. Today: Clean ResearchOverall, in the last three years66% of the companies haveperformed R&D activities on newproducts and/or technologies.Around one company out of threehas stipulated agreements withother companies for developingnew technologies24% collaborate with researchcenters.21% have participated insideItalian and EU researchprogrammes
  7. 7. Today : Clean tech clustersAmongst the 12Innovation Poles , 5operates directly onclean techs (even ifenvironment is anhorizontal issues insideall clusters)They group around 420members (85% SMEs)and presently areinvolved inside 120R&D projects funded byRegional ERDF planMoreover, membersare involved insideseveral EU projectsCluster Coordinator topics #POLIGHT Environment Park sustainablebuilding, hydrogen156POLIBRE PST Tortona smart grids,photovoltaic,biofuels60POLO LAGOMAGGIOREPST Verbania components forRES60IBIS Consorzio IBIS bioplastic, biomaterials, greenchemistry31ENERMHY GESIN hydro, biomasses 113
  8. 8. Today : Cleantech clusters activities andinvestments«Clean» Poles: projects value and contributionPeriod Project values ContributionI 37.230.000 21.900.000II 18.637.220 10.491.292III 13.367.166 7.457.399Total 69.234.385 39.848.691All poles:share of clean projects on overall activitiesvalueShare of clean project on on-going projects• Cleantech represent animportant target of Regional R&Iprogramme investments• Clean activities characterizetargets of all regional Poles , asan horizontal issue• ERDF have allocated funds forcleantech innovationinfrastructures (Energy center,around 14 M euros) and onenergy and environmentalinvestments inside building andmanufacturing sectors (around150 M Euros)
  9. 9. Toward a Cleantech specialization9Large companiesAcademiesR&D and labsTech Transfer actorsSMEsEnterprise networksand Associations• Establishment of 5 Polesgeographically spread had the goal toraise up and organize dispersedcompetences, in particular SMEs’ones• Today this collaboration framework isan important asset for the evolution oflocal economy towards newtechnology and market targets• The launch of Cleantech SmartSpecialization requires to re-organizeexisting competences, clusteringaround a single entity the activity ofpoles and new actors of cleaninnovation• Whilst Poles activities were mainlyfocused on R&I , Smart specializationwill capitalize investments made andknowledge acquired towards a moreclose to market approach, with thegoal to develop a innovative verticalsector able to compete inside local,National and EU marketsEnd user/publicadministrationsesistentiesistentiExisting Clean techclustersPiemonteCleantechSmartSpecialization
  10. 10. Piemonte’s Cleantech conceptConsidering regionalindustrial scenario, highpotential to evolvetowards a strong newvertical sector able todevelop innovativesolutions for “clean”domainsAn horizontal impact on17 other sectors(mobility, agriculture,textile, manufacturingprocesses, building ..AirWaterWasteEnergyMaterialsPollutionResources
  11. 11. Strengths WeaknessStrong industrial environmentR&D Investments (1st Italian region for privateR&D investment)Membership inside EU platformsExport attitudeHigh Know How of academiesInitiative dispersed into several programmesIncomplete competences mappingLow involvement of big playersLack of synergies at local levelOpportunities ThreatsCapitalization of Poles experiencesRegional strategy for Smart SpecializationIncrease position and common identity atinternational levelEU initiatives: Horizon 2020, Smart Cities andCommunities, ERDFExport to international marketRegulation accomplishment (local, National, EU)EU, national and international competitionChallenges and opportunities
  12. 12. Strategy Cleantech – Horizon 202012Excellent scienceSupport to world classscientistsProvid eopportunities ofcareers for researchersDevelopment of emergingtechnologiesEuropean R&DinfrastructuresCompetitive industriesCreate jobplacesSupport innovation ,Support privateinvestment on R&DSupport SMEsparticipationKey enablingtechnologies (KET)Better societyReliable, clean andefficient energySustainable use ofresourcesPervasive innovationand social secutityFood safetySmart and soustainablemobility and transportStrong synergies withH2020 Targets
  13. 13. 13Governance Model : cleantech clusterTorinoTortonaLago MaggioreLocalization ClusterHub Sectors coveredHydrogen, EnergySaving, Green BuildingMarketsBiomasses,Bio fuels , PV,smart gridEnergy efficiency andcomponents for RESsystemsBuilding, domotics,mobilitySmart grids,agriculture, fuelsRES, energy savingVercelliHydro Hydro, systemintergationCleantechClusterPiemonteConfindustria VercelliValsesiaNovara Green chemistryConsorzio IBISNew Materials,chemistry, paintings …+ R&D and enterprises networks not yetformalizedTorino ENERGY CENTER*in corso di costituzioneNew energies Energy efficiency , newenergies, grids
  14. 14. 14Cleantech Piemonte – targetsCreate and improve«PiemonteCleantech»positioned atinternational levelAsset valorisation and Optimization of existing initiatives/project/resourcesAchieve a critical mass level of resources/skills/competences on keytechnology domainsIncrease innovation service portfolio for enterprisesAttract new players, involve large companies and innovative SMEsEnhance international cooperation on key technology targets and onR&D projectsCreate new opportunity for business and employmentBoost cluster capacities improving technology transfer, innovationprocesses, collaborative R&D and the share of IP and TechnologymanagementPosition the cluster inside the European context and enhancecollaboration with EU Cleantech clustersCreate new financial opportunities for DevelopmentLet excellences emerge, also organized into value chains , bycommunication and demonstration activities
  15. 15. Grazie,Questions?TRES Meeting,Torino,April 12th 2013Massimo DA VIA’Environment Park S.p.A.Science and Technology Park for the Environment - Torinowww.envipark.com