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Move project


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Move project

  1. 1. MoveBy: Mercy Me By: Taylor Prosser
  2. 2. LyricsVerse 1:Im not about to give up Gotta move gotta move to a different beatBecause I heard you say Gotta move gotta move to a different beatTheres gonna be brighter daysTheres gonna be brighter daysI wont stop, Ill keep my head upNo, Im not here to stayTheres gonna be brighter daysTheres gonna be brighter daysPre-Chorus:I just might bend but wont breakAs long as I can see your faceChorus:When life wont play alongAnd right keeps going wrongAnd I cant seem to find my wayI know where I am foundSo I wont let it drag me downOh, Ill keep dancing anywayPost-Chorus:Im gonna move (move)Im gonna move (move)Im gonna move [gonna move]Verse 2:Ivegot to hold it steadyKeep my head in the gameEverything is about to changeEverything is about to changeThis burdens getting heavyBut Im not about to caveEverythings about to changeTheres gonna be brighter daysBridge:No matter what may comeGottamove to a different drumNo matter what life brings
  3. 3. Musical Devices• End Rhyme• Slant Rhyme• Internal Rhyme• Alliteration• Assonance• Consonance• Onomatopoeia• Refrain/Chorus• Repetition
  4. 4. End Rhyme• Proof…. “Because I heard you say There’s gonna be brighter days.”• Explain…This is an end rhyme because in this line, the “ay” sound is repeated in the words “say” and “day” at the end of the lines.
  5. 5. Slant Rhyme• Proof…“I know where I am found So I won’t let it drag me down.”• ExplainThis is a slant rhyme because the “oun” sound is repeated in the words “found” and “down,” but the ending sounds of the word are slightly different. In other words, the words sort-of rhyme, but not exactly.
  6. 6. Consonance• Proof…“I just might bend but I won’t break”• Explain…This is a consonance because, in this line, the words “bend,” “but,” and “break” all start with the letter “b” and have the “b” sound.
  7. 7. Refrain (Chorus)• Proof…“When life won’t play along and right keeps going wrong and I can’t seem to find my way. I know where I am found So I won’t let it drag me down Oh, I’ll keep dancin’ anyways.”• Explain…This is chorus because these lines are repeated in this song between the lyrics.
  8. 8. Repetition• Proof…“I’m gonna move (move) I’m gonna move (move).”• Explain…This is repetition because the words “I’m gonna move” are repeated twice in a row.
  9. 9. Figurative Language• Simile• Metaphor• Personification• Idiom• Hyperbole• Symbolism
  10. 10. Metaphor• Proof…“I’ve got to hold it steady Keep my head in the game.”• Explain… This is a metaphor because it’s comparing life to concentrating in a game. It’s saying that even when life is hard, you have to concentrate and keep going, just like you would if you were loosing in a game.
  11. 11. Symbolism• Proof…“I’ll keep dancing anyways.”• Explain…In this line, the words “I’ll keep dancing anyways” symbolize that when life is hard, the author will keep his head up an stay happy and dance even though things are hard.
  12. 12. Idiom• Proof…“This hurt is getting heavy”• Explain…This is an idiom because hurt can’t really get heavy.
  13. 13. Imagery• Visual• Hearing• Taste• Touch• Smell
  14. 14. Hearing• Proof…“Because I heard you say”• Explain…This is hearing because the author is says he is hearing somebody say something.
  15. 15. Visual• Proof…“As long as I can see your face”• Explain…This is visual because the author says he can see somebody’s face.
  16. 16. Touch• Proof…“I’ve got to hold it steady”• Explain…This touch because the author is holding it steady, and to do that you have to be touching whatever “it” is.