Silver rest sleep shop luxury grand 14 inch memory foam mattress, queen size


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Silver rest sleep shop luxury grand 14 inch memory foam mattress, queen size

  1. 1. SilverRest Sleep Shop Luxury Grand 14-Inch MemoryFoam Mattress, Queen SizeProduct FeatureMade with high quality 5-pound visco elastic memory foam - quality easily compares to brand name mattressqResponds to your bodys temperature and contours to your bodys shapeqExtra comfort and responsiveness; four-way zipper coverqQueen size: 80-inch length by 60-inch width by 14-inch heightq10 year warranty and 120 day in-home guarantee.qRead moreqPrice :CheckPriceAverage Customer Rating4.3 out of 5Product DescriptionThis luxurious grand queen compares to the grandbed by tempur-pedic. Feel and perform the same or your money back- guaranteed. The luxurious grand queen is made of 6 inch 100-percent visco-elastic memory foam and 8 inch highpolyurethane base. Made with a high quality 5-pound density. with dual airflow keeps mattress temperature down. Thisgrand bed is a full 14-inch packed with seven layers of foam. Each layer is uniquely designed and positioned to providea plush sleep surface, durability and a total comfort experience. Three layers of pollyurethane foam, are covered by fourlayers of memory foam. The cover combines a satin like side fabric with a beautiful gold hightlighted stretch knit on top.The mattress is channel quilted with a gold braid around the perimeter completing the design. Responds to your bodystemperature and contours to your bodys shape. Compared to the grandbed by tempur-pedic mattress only. Pillow,foundation and bed frame not included. Queen size: 14 by 60 by 80 (inches) . We apologize for not being able to ship tohawaii, alaska and international countries. Read moreProduct Description
  2. 2. Memory foam can make all the differenceWelcome to the sleeping experience youve always dreamed of!With Silver Rest Sleep Products, a good nights sleep is never far�Who says every nights sleep cant be a good nights sleep? Silver Rest Sleep Products brings the comfort to you! With abroad and varied catalog that boasts the latest designs and technological innovations from the world of memory foammattresses, Silver Rest mattresses are designed to bring you maximum comfort at a minimal cost, so you sleepcomfortably throughout the night, every night...Unlike regular mattresses, memory foam mattresses are the ultimate in comfort - adjusting instantly to your bodyshape for complete and total rest and relaxation. The unique properties of memory foam ensure that the weight of yourwhole body is evenly distributed, eliminating the pressure points that cause stiffening and pain in the morning. Thesepressure points are also the main reason for tossing and turning during the night, as your body adjusts sleepingpositions to try and relieve the pressure. With memory foam that pressure buildup is avoided, meaning you can oftensleep the whole night through in the exact same position and wake up the next morning feeling fully rested andenergized.Memory foam, also known as visco-elastic foam, was first developed by NASA in the 1960s, and remains to this day amiracle material. The space-age material is completely resistant to micro-organisms and allergens, making memoryfoam one of the cleanest places anyone can be! And if you happen to suffer from sleeping disorders, insomnia,osteoporosis, neck or back problems, or other such ailments, a memory foam mattress is even more essential becauseit helps promote healthy blood circulation and nutrient distribution, making the healing process of injured andweakened body parts much more fast and efficient.Space-age visco-elastic materialMemory Foam Mattress FeaturesProduct CoverCovered with a soft, luxurious stretch knit fabricState of the Art Technology
  3. 3. Mattresses made with visco-elastic memory foam developed by NASA - naturally anti-microbial and hypoallergenicTotal Rest & RelaxationMemory foam adjusts instantly to your body shape for the most comfortable sleep experience* Please note that the images in this section depict various styles of Silver Rest memory foam mattresses, and themattress cover, color, and logo may vary depending on the product line; please see the Amazon product images at thevery top-left of the page for an accurate depiction of the mattress.Restful, healthy, revitalizing sleepMemory Foam Mattress BenefitsRestful Sleep"The biggest benefit of a memory foam mattress is that it allows the body to relax and completely rest."The biggest benefit of a memory foam mattress is that it allows the body to relax and be completely at rest. When usinga regular mattress, certain parts of the body absorb more pressure than the rest, which will inevitably lead to stiffeningand/or pain, as well as the need to constantly change position in the middle of sleep to relieve the pressure. Sometimes,it will be difficult to even get to another position in which the body will be comfortable. This buildup of pressure disruptsdeep sleep and therefore interrupts the natural resting process of the body.With the unique pliability of memory foam mattresses, the weight of the whole body is evenly distributed and receivesequal amount of pressure. Thus the stiffening and pain that most people get when sleeping in regular mattresses isoften eliminated by switching to a memory foam mattress. And since the person does not have to wake up to changetheir sleeping position and relieve the pressure buildups, people using memory foam mattresses will often wake up inthe position they first fell asleep in, feeling much more well rested and energized.Healthy Sleep"Made from space age materials created by NASA, which are resistant to micro-organisms and allergens"Another reason why many people dont sleep well is because the bed can sometimes contain organisms within it thatmake sleeping uncomfortable. However clean people assume their bed might be, there will always be micro-organismsbreeding within, and sometimes parasites also make the beds their nesting place. These unwanted visitors can oftencause certain parts of the body will itch, which will disturb sleep.Memory foam is made from space age materials though - materials which happen to be completely resistant tomicro-organisms and allergens. The materials used to make memory foam mattresses do not allow the growth ofbacteria on its surface, making memory foam one of the cleanest places anyone can be. Because it is clean, the bodywill have a more restful sleep without being disturbed by dust mites, bed bugs, and other allergens.
  4. 4. Silver Rest provides a wide selection of mattressesAdjusts instantly to your body shapeRecuperative Sleep"Most modern hospitals acknowledge the health benefits of using a memory foam mattress."Most modern hospitals acknowledge the health benefits of using a memory foam mattress, and utilize them for patientswho have suffered injury or who have problems with their bones. When sleeping in regular mattresses, the blood flowcan be hindered when the patient sleeps in a wrong position, leading to poor blood circulation and nutrient distributionin the body, and thus a slower rate of healing. Since memory foam distributes the weight evenly across the body, theblood supply will be able to flow better, allowing the healing process of injured body parts to be able to heal faster.People with neck and back problems, or those suffering from osteoporosis, will also find a memory foam mattressbeneficial to their health, as they wont have to endure the typical pain and stiffness that occurs after sleeping on aregular mattress. The memory foam mattress conforms to the bodys weight and provides it with a comfortable sleepingposition, so you can have a restful sleep without worrying about the inevitable sore back or neck when you wake up inthe morning.Revitalizing Sleep"Sleep is the power source that keeps your mind alert and calm; it is important to prioritize getting a good nightssleep."Health experts agree that people today need adequate rest more than ever; with the fast paced lifestyle that mostpeople lead, it is important to prioritize getting a good nights sleep, and for some people, especially those with sleepingdisorders, this can be a big problem. A memory foam mattress provides the opportunity to get the restful sleep youneed; a sleep that will revitalize your energies to prepare you to face the challenges for the next day; a sleep where youdont to feel pain when you wake up in the morning; a sleep where you dont toss and turn throughout the night; apeaceful and relaxing sleep that allows you to dream and aids in a healthier mental state.In his book Healthy Sleep Habits, Happy Child, Marc Weissbluth, MD, provides these insightful comments on thefunctions of sleep:"Sleep is the power source that keeps your mind alert and calm. Every night and at every nap, sleep recharges thebrains battery. Sleeping well increases brainpower just as weight lifting builds stronger muscles, because sleeping wellincreases your attention span and allows you to be physically relaxed and mentally alert at the same time. Then youare at your personal best."Soft or firm, big or small, Silver Rest Sleep Products has it allMattresses in all shapes, sizes, and designs - pick the one thats right for youSilver Rest offers a wide variety of mattresses to choose from, all of which come in multiple sizes and at a price thatwont break the bank� The Therapeutic mattress line features our classic best-selling visco-elastic memory foammulti-layered construction in either 10" or 12" thickness, with optional luxurious brown suede cover. The top-of-the-lineMonaco mattress features a similar design, but boasts a full 14" thickness for maximum comfort and luxuriance. Each ofthese mattresses contains a 2-layer convoluted airflow to help keep you, the sleeper, cool throughout the night;however for the ultimate in cool, comfortable sleep experiences, check out the brand new Cool Comfort line, whichfeatures state-of-the-art gel-infused memory foam - the newest innovation in memory foam technology in years!
  5. 5. Thousands of gel particles infused in the Cool Comfort memory foam create a more open but supportive sleep surfacethat conducts or pulls heat from the body while the open cells surrounding the gel allow the heat to escape. CoolComfort mattresses utilize this cutting edge gel bead technology along with the traditional convoluted airflow layer toensure the coolest sleep in the world of memory foam; so if you consider yourself a hot sleeper, Cool Comfort is amust-have! However if you just want to try the memory foam experience without the price of a brand new mattress,SilverRest offers a wide selection of super comfortable double-layered memory foam toppers that can give your currentmattress the feel of memory foam. Last but not least, Silver Rest can ensure that the whole family covered - even thelittle ones - by offering the Visco 4 Kids line of youth-oriented memory foam mattresses. 7" thick with a convolutedairflow layer as well as 2 inches of memory foam, the Visco 4 Kids mattress is available in Twin and Full sizes and in awhole host of colors. Make sure your kids are getting the rest they deserve with Visco 4 Kids. All of these product linesare available now from Amazon, so be sure to check them out and choose the perfect mattress to fit your needs.Monaco 14-Inch Memory Foam Mattress with Cool AirFlow, 7-Inch 5.3-Pound High-Density Memory Foam, Queen SizeThe luxurious SilverRest Monaco mattress is comparable to the Tempur-pedic Grandbed. The biggest difference is thatour Monaco mattress is offered at an incredible bargain - a luxury mattress that wont break the bank. This mattress ismade with 7-inches of 5.3-pound high-density memory foam on top of a 7-inch base layer made from our highly resilientsupport foam. This mattress will give you a luxuriously plush experience. Our extra thick 7-inch HD memory foam layerresponds to the unique shape of your body and will provide you with the custom comfort you desire, while the baselayer provides you with the support you need for a truly rejuvenating sleep experience. The supportive base layer alsoincorporates our Cool AirFlow technology that allows air to pass through the mattress, providing you with cool comfortall night long. This mattress has an extra soft feel. Includes 20-year warranty and 120 day in home guarantee. Madewith 100-percent visco-elastic memory foam. It retails for $5,000 and up. All items are new and shipped in originalpackaging. We make the highest quality products available on the market today with the best firmness retention foamin the industry. This mattress has been vacuum-sealed to simplify your setup and to save you money on shipping fees.Read moreYou May Also LikeDynastyMatttress 8" Queen Size Wood Box Foundation for memory foam, latex, and air mattressesSLEEP TITE by Malouf Mattress Protector - 100% Waterproof-Eliminates Dust Mites -15 Year WarrantySleep Tite by Malouf ENCASE Mattress Protector - Six-Sided Zipper Encasement - Helps Eliminate Bed Bugs - 100%Waterproof-Eliminates Dust Mites -15 Year WarrantyZ by Malouf MEMORY FOAM Molded Pillow with Luxurious Velour Washable Cover, QUEEN-HIGH LOFT-FIRMPragma Bed® Mattress Platform - Queen. No Box Spring needed. Ideal for memory foam, latex, and air mattresses.