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Tp startuplive - social buss - june 2012


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The unexploited business making opportunity to go social; make a profit for a cause; mine into new worlds. Presented in Startuplive Athens, Jun 2012

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Tp startuplive - social buss - june 2012

  1. 1. Game ChangersHow Individuals ReshapeBusiness MakingTASOS PAGAKISSTARTUPLIVE ATHENS II@tpagakis
  2. 2. networkedsociety
  3. 3. People, Knowledge,Devices & informationnetworked 4the growthof society,life &business
  4. 4. 5 tech revolutionsin 240 years IT & Telco Automobile, oil & mass production Steel & heavy engineering Steam, coal, iron & railways The industrial revolution Source: Professor Carlota Perez Universities of Cambridge, Tallinn and Sussex
  5. 5. From competition to collaboration COLLABORATIVE MARKETProducing individual Prosumer Platform provider Marketplace NETWORKED provider MARKET
  6. 6. The ladder of driversfor NEW production 4. MAKING MONEY 3. STATUS & IDEA CREATION 2. NETWORK BUILDING1. SELF-FULFILLMENT
  8. 8. THE REALITY ASWE KNEW IT, HASCHANGEDWe are living in a transition fromnon-sustainable world, to new models
  9. 9. No1 crisis factor:GREEK ‘MANA’
  11. 11. Non-Sustainable market and political modelsRelentlessly ask all Financial problems and rationalization of marketsWhy’s to help your Idea (investors)& competence growth Lack of creativity minds and enablers; cooperation still not that mainstreamWHY THIS Limited capacity for Ideas’CHANGE ? storytelling to engage people Massive movement of business idealists towards new business models – still in experimentation
  12. 12. Focus and dream for Remember why we Explore: for Greed, Voyeurism,the upcoming 10 years Curiositytransition period Range of powerful drives make up our distinctly human urge to explore. But do it in aWHAT DOES company, as partnersTHIS CHANGE Were competitive. Were greedy. We are both voyeursMEANS 4 ME? and exhibitionists. These are the values to use in your journey forward
  13. 13. Step-1: Fear is a friend you haven’t made yet – do it! Step-2: Find your expert partners; outsource and hand-Either through survival, over co-rightslogic, passion, empathy Step-3: Follow-through a projectdon’t forget : mgt and business plan Step-4: Find mentors you trust, but AVOID gurus, experts,PEOPLE WERE inspirational speakers; they are in search for their new audienceMEANT TO and will dilute your purposeCREATE Step-5: Conceptualize…a lot Step-6: Monitor, test, survey, reuse, adapt, test, survey Step-7: Untapped social stakeholders as co-owners
  14. 14. The American PsychologicalIf you really see the Association points out from a 10-years study that womenopportunity of Social mentors make all the differenceBusiness making : in the development path and competence raise. Disrupt the 80s, 90s pathTHEN TARGET marked by a persistent lack of women in leadership rolesSMART…. Such strong raw-models… are be hard to find
  15. 15. If you have a dreamroute, then you are fineWITHOUT THISGOVERNINGFORCE, YOUWON’T GO FAR
  16. 16. Go out of thecommoditized marketsSTAND OUT,YOUR IDEA &YOUR TEAM
  18. 18. …and….Focus onbeing AUNIQUE STORY,not JUSTinteresting
  19. 19. DREAM BIG,START SMALL…but at least start!
  20. 20. MEET Puck,12 year oldEntrepreneur
  21. 21. OPPORTUNITYAREASChange is the speed that Future invadesour life; embrace it, but be practical for it
  22. 22. Social business in Education Energy, Wastecommunities & B2B &Training services management & M2M businessSecurity & Service Applications, SaaS, Infotainment, business BaaS, PCaaS, EdaaS. entertainment Utilities, GovernmentVirtual school, virtual Land, bio, quality office, web-based products & platforms, distance Environmentalmonitoring systems management
  23. 23. EXTRAORDINARYTIMES, UNIQUEMEASURESForget philanthropy, government grants,or sponsorships. They are over!
  24. 24. Charities may engage inBe clear what to pursue social enterprise in order to generate funds, as per the op-shop modelGIVE BACK Any social enterprise, mainly NGOs, actively seeksVALUE TO THE philanthropy or government grants to sustainSOCIETY OR Social business is self- sufficient, in the long-term forCOMMUNITY common good which is financed and secured by profit
  25. 25. Nobel PrizeProfessormuhammadyunus
  26. 26. He defined and distinctfrom non-profit…SOCIALBUSINESSWITHCOMMERCIALACTIVITY
  27. 27. Socially minded entitiesWITH RETURNTO SOCIETYTHROUGHPROFIT
  28. 28. Educate & aggregate communities for a cause Don’t speak for your Idea,Which will be the key speak for them Business visibility as in aSUCCESS Social stock market Guide correctly new type ofINGREDIENTS social investors Bring Change & Sustainability Achieve certain measurable social and environmental goals as credentials
  29. 29. Grow schools withteachings 4 self-awareness &development withvolunteer students,staff, teachers.HUMANUTOPIA
  30. 30. Buying office supplieswhile contributing(11 years = 3.000.000 USD charitablecontributions and 13,000 B2B customers)
  31. 31. Social entrepreneursco-creation communityCHANGEMAKERS
  32. 32. When TOMS sells a pair of shoes, Friends of TOMS donate a pair to a person orBuying shoes helps community in needcauses & communities Cheap pricing Diversifies merchandise to clothing, eye glassesTOM SHOES 8th Apr 2011, more than 250,000 people across the globe went barefoot in support of TOMS One Day Without Shoes.
  33. 33. Select which Based in Lugano, Switzerlandstakeholders you unite Raises awareness on Social sustainable business with ain causes focus on Italy, Switzerland and central EuropeSOCIAL Interacts with universities, private sector, NGOs, doctors,BUSINESS media, private individuals and investors who believe that aEARTH world without poverty will be implemented through a new economic model
  34. 34. Creators of web content forMothers join the web niche audiencescommunity CafeMom, a web engaging community for momsCAFEMOM One of latest participants in YouTubes “Made For Web” channel initiative
  35. 35. Educate those who UN auspices, open call forcan’t do… global network of companies Contribute SaaS, PCaaS,CONNECT 2 volunteers, money with a sole focus on educationLEARN Only in under-developed areas like Millennium Villages
  36. 36. Don’t forget theDIGITALNATIVES
  37. 37. People will never buyWHAT you do, butWHY YOU DO IT
  38. 38. Your market isTHE WORLDOUTSIDEGREECE
  39. 39. Your own business here - Wealth gap - Social unrest - Conservatism New business models: Value creation: who can be your social measurable and important contributor and social impact your sustainable partner business brings