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Borrow My Brain on e-BusinessSocialWorld - June 21 2018


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I've raised a simple idea-concern at the e-Business & Social Media world conference 2018 in Athens, about "Performance": why Digital Performance metrics aren't agreed by all the Marketing Communications industry stakeholders? Educate. Certify. Benchmark. Bridge know-how gaps. Help Clients protect their interests from this new breed of "digital-we-do-it-all" clan of freelancers and agencies.

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Borrow My Brain on e-BusinessSocialWorld - June 21 2018

  2. 2. Corporate, PR, Marketing, Retail, Budgets, Acquisitions, Employees, Experiences, Stakeholders, Customers, Technology, Media, Online, Social, Conversion, and KPI’s the Brand
  3. 3. Consent for ad tracking Consent for personal data (GDPR) • Add this & thousands plugins/widgets • Many tracking of websites • Ad Tech companies • Ad exchange servers & DSP’s • Publishers • Adwords, Search (and paid) • Gmail ads, Maps, Youtube • Google network (cross-device targeting) • Programmatic Data leakage is also theft of your audience Media owners should ask for regulation
  4. 4. Likelihood to recommendLow High Likelihoodtore-purchase Low High “Hostages” Loyalists “Defectors” “Mercenaries” Marketers new scope