Countries And Nationalities Apresentacao


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Countries And Nationalities Apresentacao

  1. 1. Countries, capitalsandnationalities<br />
  2. 2. Countries<br />Russia<br />United States of America<br />Australia<br />Italy<br />Portugal<br />Mexico<br />France<br />Japan<br />China<br />Great Britain<br />South Africa<br />and ...<br />Germany<br />Canada<br />Spain<br />Brazil<br />
  3. 3. What nationality are you?<br />Nationalities<br />I’ m British.<br />I’ m Australian.<br />I’ m German.<br />I’ m Italian.<br />I’ m Chinese.<br />I’ m Mexican.<br />I’ m French.<br />I’ m Canadian.<br />I’ m Japanese.<br />I’ m American.<br />I’ m Russian.<br />I’ m Brazilian.<br />I’ m Portuguese.<br />I’ m Spanish.<br />I’ m South African.<br />
  4. 4. Countries, capitalsandnationalitiesIn our class there are students from all over the world! Listen to the dialogue attentively. Na nossaturmahá alunos de todo o mundo! Ouve o diálogo com atenção.<br />A differentclass!<br />Zoe: Sammy, look at our friends! We are all from different countries!<br />Sammy: Where are you from, Zoe?<br />Zoe: I&apos;m from London in England so I&apos;m English! What about you? Where are you from?<br />Sammy: I&apos;m not English! I&apos;m from New Delhi, in India. I&apos;m Indian.<br />Sammy: Where is Fiona from, Zoe?<br />Zoe: She is from Cape Town, in South Africa. She is South African.<br />Sammy: Do you know where he comes from?<br />Zoe: Tommy is from Toronto, in Canada. He is Canadian!<br />Sammy: Oh! And don&apos;t forget there&apos;s also Fábio. He is a new student from Lisbon, Portugal. He isPortuguese.<br />Zoe: Our class is so cool!<br />
  5. 5. Countries, capitalsandnationalitiesFill in the gaps and complete the sentences according to the text you have just heard.Completaos espaços de acordo com o textoqueouviste.<br />WhereisFionafrom? <br />Sheisfrom _____ _____ in ______ _______.<br />______ are _____ from, Zoe?<br />I´mfromEngland.<br />FIONA<br />ZOE<br />
  6. 6. Countries, capitalsandnationalities Put the items in the correct places.<br />a) ________________________ <br /> b)________________________<br /> c)_________________________<br />I´mFionaandI´mfrom Cape Town.<br />I&apos;m Sammy and I&apos;m from India.<br />I´m Zoe andI´mfromEngland.<br />
  7. 7. Countries, capitalsandnationalities<br />Listen To Zoe talking about countries and nationalities.<br />Zoe: You already know countries like England, India, Canada, South Africa and Portugal. But there are many others like Spain, Scotland, Ireland, Brazil, Italy, Germany, Australia, United States of America, Japan or China. And do you know how people from these countries are called? I mean, do you know how to refer to their nationalities?<br />Take a look at the following table:<br />-ish<br />EnglandEnglish<br />ScotlandScottish<br />SpainSpanish<br />IrelandIrish<br />-(i)an<br />IndiaIndian<br />Canada Canadian<br />SouthAfricaSouthAfrican<br />BrazilBrazilian<br />ItalyItalian<br />GermanyGerman<br />AustraliaAustralian<br />United States of America American<br />-ese<br />Portugal Portuguese<br />JapanJapanese<br />
  8. 8. Countries, capitalsandnationalities<br />SPEAK UP!<br />Zoe: I&apos;m from London in England, so I&apos;m English!<br />Sammy: And I&apos;m from New Delhi in India. I&apos;m Indian.<br />Zoe: She is from Cape Town in South Africa. She is South African.<br />Sammy: This boy here is Tommy.<br />Zoe: He comes from Toronto in Canada. He is Canadian.<br />
  9. 9. Countries, capitalsandnationalitiesDidyouknowthat?... Sabias que?...<br />English speaking countries – interesting facts<br />Didyouknowthat...<br />… a person of British nationality is a Briton?<br />… Canada is the second largest country in the world, after Russia?<br />... the name &quot;New Zealand&quot; is &quot;Aotearoaan&quot; in the Maori dialect and that it stands for &quot;the land<br />ofthewhitecloud&quot;?<br />… the USA has more than 280 million inhabitants?<br />… India is the second most populous country in the world?<br />THE END<br />
  10. 10. Seminário de Práticas: e – fólio Final TERESA SANTOS P803820<br />