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Reimagine Retail: Evolving Your In-store Experience


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Excerpts from TPN's Presentation at Future Stores East in Miami (February 2017).

Published in: Retail
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Reimagine Retail: Evolving Your In-store Experience

  1. 1. 1 Reimagine Retail: Evolving Your In-store Experience
  2. 2. The new retail realities There’s never been a better time to be in retail. While our industry may seem complex and challenging, the opportunities to reimagine how we 
 engage with targets are endless. As brands and retailers look to create messaging and experiences 
 in an ever-changing climate, it’s essential to stay nimble, and be open to adapting at all times.
  3. 3. UNPREDICTABLE UNFOCUSED UNCLEAR The customer journey is 
 unpredictable because there 
 are numerous channels influencing what happens within the four walls. Consumers come into stores 
 unfocused, so traditional tactics 
 aren’t as effective. They’re often 
 distracted by mobile devices. Many store formats are blending, 
 making it unclear what retailers are specializing in, or where to 
 go for certain products. Technology is accelerating change, and our targets are always moving.
  4. 4. Customer Experience 4 Environment Systems & OperationsAssociateCustomer Our customer-centric approach focuses on 4 aspects of retail, shopper and experience design. Utilize these guidelines to maximize the customer journey. The customer 
 is at the center 
 of the journey The associate 
 facilitates the journey The environment 
 hosts the journey The systems &
 operations make the 
 journey seamless
  5. 5. The
 New Shopper The Millennial Customer Always 
 distracted Value 
 Experience Authenticity over brand More informed than ever before More than 50% 
 of millennials use 
 mobile devices 
 while in-store to research an item prior to purchase. 72% of 
 millennials prefer 
 to spend more money 
 on experiences than 
 on material things. 89% of millennials 
 trust recommendations from friends and 
 family more than 
 claims by the brand. 63% of Millennials want to be the first to share news and information
  6. 6. EXPLORE Retailers need to develop an experience that is truly customer-centric Create an experience that allows customers to explore the space 
 vs. searching for a specific task. The customer should feel immersed in the overall experience in order to create a seamless journey. Retailers should carve out areas to engage the customer while they dwell. Social interaction should be encouraged to create a destination 
 as well as a functional store. It should always be easy to make 
 a purchase, and have it shipped 
 to its appropriate destination. The ability to adapt for future generations and additional customer experiences is paramount. IMMERSE DWELL SOCIALIZE BUY ADAPT
  7. 7. 12% shoppers ask opinions78% stay longer if they can envision a career path Associate of Though the role of the associate is changing, human touch will always be essential to the customer experience. We have a unique opportunity to elevate and empower store associates by arming them with marketing tools that leverage the latest technology to better assist shoppers, improve their experience and ultimately drive purchase and education.
  8. 8. Pop up & Pilot Stores: brands like Amazon 
 and Birchbox don’t have traditional bricks & mortar stores. Instead, they’ve adapted by utilizing pop-ups and pilot stores to 
 showcase merchandise Creations & Collaborations: 
 brands come together in 
 unlikely partnerships to 
 create unique experiences Environment Flagship Stores: large experiential 
 stores created for optimal customer 
 experience and engagement Evolving in-store experiences: 
 Traditional stores are updating their traditional tactics to elevate the customer experience. McDonalds utilizes digital menu boards & order takers. Rebecca Minkoff utilizes digital dressing mirrors
  9. 9. 31% of shoppers prefer self checkout Operations of customers are willing to share data if there is a benefit in store 56% All aspects of technology, operations and platforms should work together to provide a seamless shopping experience and deliver better on personalized experiences and opportunities in store
  10. 10. Integrate the technology 
 and systems Immerse in the environment Empower the associates Inspire the customer
  11. 11. 11 AboutTPNIt’s time to Reimagine Retail. We understand the shift in shopper behavior. Retail is a multi-channel environment and our targets often live in more than one at a time. Today, the brands that win create fully integrated experiences in and out 
 of store—because the buy can happen anywhere, any time.
  12. 12. Retail Marketing That Delivers Commerce with Imagination Shopper Marketing exists at the intersection of the brand, retailer and the target audience. Your shopper constantly moves in and out of four basic Retail Modes—consumer, shopper, buyer, and influencer. For us, shopper marketing 
 is the practice of deconstructing each shopper mode and using insights and creative solutions around shopper mindsets, behaviors and surroundings to trigger the buy. In addition to the role we play as Shopper Marketing AOR for leading CPG companies such as PepsiCo, BIMBO Bakeries and The Clorox Company, we played an instrumental role in building and establishing Shopper Marketing practices at both Safeway and The Hershey Company. Our capabilities include; insights development, strategy and activation to affect shopper preparation, exploration, education and selection before, during, and after a digital or physical transaction. We also specialize in key retailer proprietary strategy, programs and materials to address customer marketing, sales force, and associate and shopper activation. Our unique tools, diverse skill sets and agency commitment to thought leadership has propelled this discipline to be known as one of the 
 best in the industry. Sharon Love CEO, TPN
  13. 13. SELECTED CLIENTS Full Service Global Offices 0 SELECTED WORK SERVICES INCLUDE Consumer Marketing & Promotions Shopper Marketing Digital Marketing & Distributed Commerce Retail Technology & Innovation Brand Experience Design Convergence Years of Service 32 Employees 1 Front of offer pass Back of offer pass Stacked in-wallet 13 5
  14. 14. 14 For more information about this presentation or to discover how TPN can partner with your company, please contact us at the below. Tracy Faloon Chief of Client Integration Amy Lanzi Managing Director John Elliott Director, Business Development
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