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The Facebook Fan Formula


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Want to know the secret to getting more engagement to your Facebook Business Page by way of likes, shares and comments? It's a lot easier than you think!

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The Facebook Fan Formula

  2. 2. INSTANTLY GET MORE FACEBOOK FANS • Do you want to instantly get more Facebook fans? • Well, you are in luck as it really isn’t as hard as it seems • Read on to see how it works!
  3. 3. INSIGHTS Facebook insights are the key to finding out what content your fans like and don’t like. Here’s how to do it. • Go to your insights section of your Facebook page and scroll down to see which posts had the largest reach. (Reach is the number of unique people who have seen your post in the past 28 days) • Ask yourself the following questions about the post • Time of day posted • Type of update it was • The type of people who were talking about it • The day it was posted • Then take a look at your posts with the lowest reach and do the same
  4. 4. This includes their families Their hobbies Holidays and fun things like that DID YOU KNOW WHICH SUBJECT IS EVERYBODY’S FAVORITE?
  5. 5. PEOPLE LOVE TO TALK ABOUT THEMSELVES So, now you know what type of content your fans like to engage in and the best time to post. You also now know the subject most people like to engage in – themselves! This includes their family, friends and hobbies. Things that create emotion. More tips on popular posts- • Schedule your posts for when you get the most engagement • Ask questions such as “Do you think…?” “How do you feel about…?” “Would you…?” • People also love to save money – something to think about • People love talking about their kids and pets Posts we have found not to be so popular are- • Self promotion – a little every now and then is fine but not all the time • All upper case, ‘shouty’ style posts such as YOU MUST CHECK OUT OUR LATEST..’ • Posts that are dull i.e. just a link or a vague question and/or clichéd statements • Poorly timed posts
  6. 6. SO, HAVE YOU FIGURED OUT THE SECRET FACEBOOK POSTING FORMULA YET? DO MORE OF WHAT YOUR FANS DO LIKE AND LESS OF WHAT THEY DON’T LIKE – SIMPLE! The key is to create content that is engaging. You want people to be actively engaging with your posts in the way of ‘liking’, ‘sharing’ and ‘commenting’. This is how you attract your fans friends to your page and this ensures that you grow an organic fan base. If your fans are exposing your content to their friends by way of engaging it will create viral growth.
  7. 7. WOULD YOU LIKE TO KNOW MORE? We are To-Who, based in Northamptonshire. We work with businesses and individuals who are looking to create the right image, impression and impact. They want to do this to build up their social media network of potential clients, supporters and advocates. We’d love to chat to you for you to see how we can help your business! 0800 046 1815