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Workshop: Throw it over the fence


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An activity presented by Kaarst van Keijzerswaard

Published in: Technology
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Workshop: Throw it over the fence

  1. 1. TOPdesk on Tour Workshop: Throw it over the fence
  2. 2. TOPdesk on Tour
  3. 3. TOPdesk on Tour Instruction round 1 • Scenario of requestable services and products • Crew can summit 1 call per product/service at the Servicedesk • The Servicedesk resolves the call or puts it through to a supplier • Request will go from Monday till Wednesday • Delivery until Thursday • Daycounter will show day and time • Delivery time of all products and services is 1 day
  4. 4. TOPdesk on Tour 3..2..1.. Wait until Monday, please.
  5. 5. TOPdesk on Tour The first time • What did / didn’t went well? • What did we see • Results
  6. 6. TOPdesk on Tour Standard call card
  7. 7. TOPdesk on Tour Another round, another shot • Changes • What to do
  8. 8. TOPdesk on Tour 3..2..1.. Wait until Monday, please.
  9. 9. TOPdesk on Tour Evaluation • What went better? • What can be improved? • Results
  10. 10. TOPdesk on Tour It starts at the customer • What choices do I have? • What are the customers expectations? • When is the customer happy?
  11. 11. TOPdesk on Tour Servicedesk • Your menu: Product & Services • Behind the clockwork • Priority & Selection
  12. 12. TOPdesk on Tour Let your supplier excel • Outsourcing without • Service level agreements • Expertise
  13. 13. TOPdesk on Tour “It’s a wrap!”