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Workshop: Measuring customer satisfaction


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Are your customers happy? Workshop by Kugi Usmani

Published in: Technology
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Workshop: Measuring customer satisfaction

  1. 1. TOPdesk on Tour TOPdesk on Tour Measuring Customer Satisfaction
  2. 2. TOPdesk on Tour Kugi Consultant
  3. 3. TOPdesk on Tour
  4. 4. TOPdesk on Tour TOPdesk on Tour Are your users satisfied? How do you know?
  5. 5. TOPdesk on Tour Feedback Reports within Tickets • How many of you are currently using feedback reports? • How often are these reports generated?
  6. 6. TOPdesk on Tour TOPdesk on Tour Lets Build a Feedback Report
  7. 7. TOPdesk on Tour Feedback Report Steps • New>Report>Call/Ticket/Incident • Resolved Calls • Feedback>Feedback rating>Total • Group by Operator
  8. 8. TOPdesk on Tour Basic Feedback Process
  9. 9. TOPdesk on Tour Building a Feedback Process • Who: is in charge of the feedback submitted by customers? • What: do we do with the feedback once submitted? • Where: do we see new feedback? • When: should a response to a customer be sent out? • Why: are we measuring feedback? • How: do we handle inappropriate feedback?
  10. 10. TOPdesk on Tour TOPdesk on Tour Lets Map a Feedback Process
  11. 11. TOPdesk on Tour
  12. 12. TOPdesk on Tour Collecting and acting on feedback helps to build your partnership with customers.
  13. 13. TOPdesk on Tour
  14. 14. TOPdesk on Tour Periodic measurements • Send survey to all users on an annual basis • Use SERVQUAL model to design questions • Customers indicate dimensions that are most important to them Why this is important: This lets your department get to work improving the dimensions that are of the biggest benefit to the customer
  15. 15. TOPdesk on Tour TOPdesk on Tour Lets Build a SERVQUAL Survey
  16. 16. TOPdesk on Tour Continuous measurement • Measuring how service is experienced throughout the year • Example: A customer is asked for feedback immediately after receiving a service from your department – when a call is resolved, for instance • Customer Effort score: how much effort did it take to submit a ticket? Was it easy?
  17. 17. TOPdesk on Tour When to use which measurement method? Periodic • Overhaul of service department • Looking for a complete picture of the service from a customer’s perspective Continuous • Tweaking service delivery • Putting results to use throughout the year • Consistent reporting
  18. 18. TOPdesk on Tour Feedback Rating on Incidents Build a Feedback Process Customer Interviews and Surveys Continuous survey & improvement
  19. 19. TOPdesk on Tour TOPdesk on Tour Thank you for attending! Please join us for a delicious lunch in the Atrium