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TOPdesk Service Excellence Maturity Model


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Explore the Maturity Model with Suzanne van Dijk

Published in: Technology
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TOPdesk Service Excellence Maturity Model

  1. 1. TOPdesk on Tour TOPdesk on Tour TOPdesk Service Excellence Maturity Model
  2. 2. TOPdesk on Tour To provide you takeaways that help you increase the satisfaction of your (internal) customers by providing excellent services
  3. 3. TOPdesk on Tour Suzanne van Dijk Customer Success Manager team Education, TOPdesk
  4. 4. TOPdesk on Tour Content • Definition of the Service Excellence Maturity Model • Why a Service Excellence Maturity Model? • How does the model work? • Takeaways for using it in your organization
  5. 5. TOPdesk on Tour A framework to measure the health of service departments and give direction to improve the quality of their service delivery.
  6. 6. TOPdesk on Tour Customer experience Customer expectation minus “Service excellence is the ability of the provider to consistently meet and manage customer expectations” The quality of your service delivery is determined by your customer
  7. 7. TOPdesk on Tour World Economic Forum – The Race to keep up with Customer Expectations
  8. 8. TOPdesk on Tour
  9. 9. TOPdesk on Tour Customer Experience ? ? ? Personal life Professional life
  10. 10. TOPdesk on Tour Traditional Service Management • Single device • Controlled • Reactive • Internal business-focus • Cost-driven • Multiple devices • Open • Proactive • External business-focus • Value-driven Customer Experience Management
  11. 11. TOPdesk on Tour Shift to Succeed “(IT) Service departments must expand beyond the traditional role as a provider of technology and improve the customer experience by delivering experiences, applications and insights at speed — where, when and how the customer wants them.” Gartner: IT Operations Management 2020: Shift April 2017
  12. 12. TOPdesk on Tour Level 1: Cost-center Level 2: Controlled Service Delivery Level 4: Business Alignment Level 5: Business Partner Level 3: Customer- centric Mindset Business Focus Cost-driven Value-driven InternalExternal Service Excellence Maturity Model
  13. 13. TOPdesk on Tour Service Excellence Health Check CUSTOMER SUPPLIER TECHNOLOGY PROCESS LVL V LVL IV LVL III LVL I LVL II PEOPLE & CULTURE 5 dimensions • People & Culture • Technology • Supplier • Process • Customer Example
  14. 14. TOPdesk on Tour People & Culture Your employees make the difference • Know the values that determine your culture • Know who you are looking for (Culture fit before skill fit) • Mutual commitment
  15. 15. TOPdesk on Tour Technology • Identify the existing applications within your landscape that influence your service delivery • Integrate & automate or replace
  16. 16. TOPdesk on Tour Supplier • Determine the top 3 suppliers that influence your service delivery • Measure their performance on eXperience Level Agreements (XLA’s) instead of SLA’s.
  17. 17. TOPdesk on Tour Process • Define the top 10 processes that have the highest impact on customer experience • Proactively build your knowledge base by implementing Knowledge Centered Support • Embrace the agile philosophy to be able to live up to increasing demands of the customers
  18. 18. TOPdesk on Tour Customer Built-in the voice of your customer to optimize service delivery • Continuous customer satisfaction surveys • In-depth interviews • Customer sounding boards
  19. 19. TOPdesk on Tour VALUE
  20. 20. TOPdesk on Tour #ToTCanada
  21. 21. TOPdesk on Tour
  22. 22. TOPdesk on Tour TOPdesk on Tour Thank you for attending View this presentation online