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The two secrets to increasing the ROI of your knowledge initiatives - Steve Brand & Stephane Pinault - SEE 2018


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Fact: Most knowledge initiatives fail to achieve the return on the investment promised. In the first half of this session, Steve Brand will reveal the low-cost secrets to achieving sustainable Customer Success on the Web.

Evidence: Case Studies & Testimonials. The remainder of this session will be a presentation by Stéphane Pinault on the benefits realized by companies that have adopted the KCS practices and techniques.

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The two secrets to increasing the ROI of your knowledge initiatives - Steve Brand & Stephane Pinault - SEE 2018

  1. 1. Organize services #SEE18 The Two Secrets Steve Brand Stéphane Pinault
  2. 2. Organize services #SEE18 The Facts… Steve Brand
  3. 3. Organize services #SEE18 The Evidence…PTC Case Study Stéphane Pinault
  4. 4. 6 • Global Software Company, $1B+ Revenue • Design, Manufacture, Operate, and Service “Things” • Leading Industrial Innovation Platform and Solutions • Global Network of 400K+ Developers and 1K+ Partners
  5. 5. KCS FOUNDATION @ 600+ knowledge workers 20% new issue rate 24 FTE managing knowledge 44 Knowledge Domain Experts 118,000 public articles 201,000 total articles
  6. 6. Questions Online Knowledge Centered Service Dynamic Content in the Customer’s Workflow 2011 2016 155,000 108,000 139,000 615,000 10 % 469 %
  7. 7. 0.9 % deflection in Case Logger Questions 155,000 139,00010 %
  8. 8. 0.9 % deflection in Case Logger “Search” technology does not work well
  9. 9. A neural network that learns patterns of words and assigns vectors 5 Years of Case Descriptions Natural language Engineers’ Associations with Articles Customer description PTC Knowledge Article Home Grown Search “Dylan”
  10. 10. Dylan “Please help poor performance” Bing Translator into Klingon
  11. 11. 33% deflection w/Dylan 0.9 % Deflection pre/Dylan 29,000 Cases resolved 20% Cases reduction November 2016 January 2018 35% Dylan accuracy rate Initial success drove an online experience redesign Dylan
  12. 12. Machine Learning driving customer’s success User level knowledge recommendations Driving a new education content consumption model Digital voice of the customer to listen at scale Predicting Churn risks Guiding expansion opportunities Proactive / Predictive customer engagement
  13. 13. Organize services #SEE18 Wrap Up Steve Brand Stéphane Pinault
  14. 14. Organize services #SEE18 The KCS Practices Capture Structure Reuse Improve Solve LoopLeadership & Communication Performance Assessment Process Integration Content HealthEvolve Loop
  15. 15. Organize services #SEE18 KCS Opportunity Assessment KCS Foundations Workshop KCS Leadership KCS Design Workshop Adoption Roadmap Planning KCS Project Management
  16. 16. Organize services #SEE18 Thank You Steve Brand Stéphane Pinaultéphane-pinault-10366b1/