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SEE the Cloud: Marco Gianotten - De toekomst draait om emphatie, niet om cloud


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De cloud geeft een enorme boost aan de digitalisering. Dat mag zo zijn. Maar de nr. 1 competentie voor succes, wordt niet de cloud, maar empathie. Kijk dus verder dan de praktische uitdagingen en leer van Marco Gianotten: wat is experience design en waarom worden emotionele ontwerpeisen zo belangrijk? Hoe u straks het verschil maakt in digital, daar gaat het om.

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SEE the Cloud: Marco Gianotten - De toekomst draait om emphatie, niet om cloud

  1. 1. #SEETHECLOUD De toekomst draait om empathie, niet om cloud Marco Gianotten
  2. 2. #SEETHECLOUD Marco Gianotten Managing Director GIARTE Grondlegger XLA
  3. 3. Cloud Storm
  4. 4. Volatility VUCA Uncertainty Complexity Ambiguity
  5. 5. Beauty BE HIP Elegance Happiness Purpose Inclusion
  6. 6. Purpose
  7. 7. Mission What business are we in? Provides focus Purpose What impact do we strive for? Mobilizes and connects
  8. 8. Empowering people to stay a step ahead in life and in business
  9. 9. • Is a key ingredient for a strong, sustainable, scalable culture • Is the narrative for sense-making in disruptive markets • Propels people to buy into change; resisting short-term thinking • Encompasses long-term economic value and sustainable growth Purpose
  10. 10. Let’s disrupt ourselves
  11. 11. Old Mission Statement We are in the business of developing systems humans can't use New Statement Our purpose is to create a meaningful user experience
  12. 12. How to prevent being cool…
  13. 13. To the business the acronym SLA often stands for Secrets, Lies and Assumptions
  14. 14. It has nothing to do with the quality experienced by the user or performance in real business-life Up to 100Mbps? Latency smaller than 150ms? 95% Major Incidents resolved in < 4 hours? 90% Minor Changes < 5 workdays?
  15. 15. E TS © InsightDiscovery T What are your relationship colors today?
  16. 16. Strong-willed Competitive Sharp Demanding Enthusiast Dynamic Expressive Inspiring Objective Cautious Analytical Accurate Caring Harmoniously Patiently Considering
  17. 17. Today’s color mix © Giarte
  18. 18. Focus FlowCare Process
  19. 19. What’s reality?
  20. 20. …I want an output-based ecosystem, managing performance end-to-end… Can you be more specific?? Huh?
  21. 21. Above the wing Below the wing Flight delays due to IT
  22. 22. Xperience Level Agreements
  23. 23. Does it make sense? Can it be achieved? Is it useful? Business Viability Technical Feasibility User Desirability Design Thinking
  24. 24. MRI experience 80% of the kids need sedation because they are scared “Only 5% needs sedation” With a pirate ship…
  25. 25. Cleanliness? Promptness? Location? WAAwesome!
  26. 26. Satisfaction Doing what you’re supposed to do Experience Doing what really matters
  32. 32. Average resolution time User satisfaction Self-reliance opportunity Lost user productivity Ticket volume trend Resolution deviation
  33. 33. GOOD GREAT
  34. 34. Usability Reliability Functionality Emotional Design
  35. 35. Intuitive Behavior Reflection Expectations What’s Emotional Design? First Impression Look and Feel Desirability Functionality Performance Usability Self-image Recollection Social Sharing Strong believes what will happen next
  36. 36. Emotional Mapping Behavior Fast Simple Slow Awful Complex Overwhelming Crummy Functional Underperforming Intuitive Cool Beautiful Ugly Elegant Boring Tasteless Attractive Cheap Cute Expectations Optimistic Fearful Hopeful Indifferent Disappointed Confident Whatever Bullish Radical Reflection Hip Bitter Awesome Mediocre Recommended Hated Lovable Trusted Jealous
  37. 37. XLA METHOD CARDS XLA is a suite of method cards, workshops, contextual KPIs, measure tools and analytics
  38. 38.
  39. 39. Watoto
  40. 40. Net4kids
  41. 41. People will forget what you said, people will forget what you did, but people will never forget how you made them feel. Maya Angelou 1928 – 2014