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How to go XLA - Marco Gianotten - SEE 2018


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Nice and specific with XLA.

Xperience Level Agreement started as a countermovement in the fight against so-called ‘watermelon’ SLAs. These SLA’s result in green scorecards at first glance, while customers are red-faced with frustration on the inside. XLA has since grown into a widely supported methodology and ITSM solutions for measuring and working towards a proper experience. Marco takes you on a whirlwind tour of how to use XLA and focusses on those KPIs that really make a difference. Another special aspect of this day is the launch of XLA for TOPdesk. The future of service excellence? Feel is the new killer app!

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How to go XLA - Marco Gianotten - SEE 2018

  1. 1. Customer focus #SEE18 HOW TO GO XLA Marco Gianotten GIARTE
  2. 2. WARNING Operating System hasn’t been updated for at least 10,000 years. Please handle carefully in case of disruptive change! Brain disclaimer #SEE18
  3. 3. Bring touch into tech Anthropomorphism. Experiencing technology as if it’s somehow human Demographic time-bomb. Falling fertility, increasing longevity, shrinking workforce Emotional requirements. Feel is the new killer app: emotional AI, gamification #SEE18
  4. 4. We believe tech and touch are yin and yang: complementary forces, not opposing Xperience Level Agreements #SEE18
  5. 5. Enterprise IT vs. online gaming Globally over $390 billion is annually spent on Enterprise IT software. On gaming, consumers already spend over $100 billion per year (mobile, console, PC). In which industry are users really taken seriously? In which industry is emotion design ‘business as usual’? #SEE18
  6. 6. Viewpoint No YesjMenus #SEE18
  7. 7. Relevant Satisfaction AppealingjConfidence Can the user reach a level of mastery? Is the user happy with the application? Is the application attractive to the user? Is the application effective in supporting the user’s job? #SEE18
  8. 8. To the business the acronym SLA often stands for Secrets, Lies and Assumptions #SEE18
  9. 9. SLAs have nothing to do with the quality experienced by the user or performance in real business-life Up to 100Mbps? Latency smaller than 150ms? 95% Major Incidents resolved in < 4 hours? 90% Minor Changes < 5 workdays? #SEE18
  10. 10. Basically, SLAs are like watermelons #SEE18
  11. 11. What’s reality?
  12. 12. Impact First, Process Second #SEE18
  13. 13. …I want an output-based ecosystem, managing performance end-to-end… Can you be more specific?? Huh? #SEE18
  14. 14. Above the wing Below the wing Flight delays due to IT #SEE18
  15. 15. Making SAP KPIs experience driven Perfect Month Closure New Store Opening Perfect Replenishment No Hassle Stakeholder Satisfaction #SEE18
  16. 16. “Rail should touch people’s hearts.” Roger van Boxtel, CEO NS On Time On Budget On Xperience #SEE18
  17. 17. Emotions are biochemical algorithms #SEE18
  18. 18. Cleanliness? Promptness? Location? Awesome! #SEE18
  19. 19. Satisfaction Doing what you’re supposed to do Experience Doing what really matters #SEE18
  23. 23. Application Usage​ Application Happiness Landing Zones Hassle-free SupportRoot Remedies Employee EngagementWorkplace Performance​ Technology Rollouts #SEE18
  24. 24. Joy Sadness Anger Fear LoveOptimism Contempt Aggression Disproval Awe Submission Remorse #SEE18
  25. 25. WHY HOW WHAT Philosophy Movement Methodology #SEE18
  26. 26.  Part of the XLA family  ITSM solution  Tableau dashboards  Always benchmark  Secure & private  Modular business rules  Keep it simple #SEE18
  27. 27. #SEE18
  28. 28. “People will forget what you said, people will forget what you did, but people will never forget how you made them feel.” Maya Angelou 1928 – 2014
  29. 29. Customer focus #SEE18 HOW TO GO XLA Marco Gianotten GIARTE LinkedIn: Marco Gianotten